Chapter 74: Secret Mission.

Three months after Tianyuan IV was recaptured by the Federation, news finally reached the ears of Emperor Ramiro (of the Ochs Empire).

"Your Majesty, a message came from the defenders of Tianyuan IV. It says that Tianyuan IV had been breached by the humans and the Commander had killed himself! Also, since the humans have reached Tianyuan IV, it means that Barnard as well as Proxima are likely to have been overrun as well!"

"What? That's impossible! Don't humans only have 20,000 or 30,000 Warships?"

"Your Majesty, Adam's 200,000 Warships were also defeated by humans. We can no longer underestimate them! We must be prepared!"

Ross was really worried, knowing that six of the eight Legions of the Empire were currently engaged with the Kabat Empire.

As for the remaining two Legions, one is the Third Legion that has been destroyed in the Solar System.

There is also the Fourth Legion that had just withdrawn from the Kabat Empire's frontline, but it would take them about 9 years to arrive in the Solar System.

If Rao is also broken through, there will be no resistance to the more than ten Star Systems behind it, whose garrison is only 5,000-10,000 Warships in size.

If all of them fall, it will shake the foundation of the Empire, so how can Ross not be anxious?

"Order the garrison of all the surrounding Star Systems to assemble at Rao and seal off the Star Path! At the same time, help me contact the Kabat Empire, I can cede three Star Systems to them and agree to a truce. If not, then we will fight to the death!"

"Okay, they should agree with this!"

"After the truce, leave two Legions to guard the defensive line, while four Legions will go to the human's side. In addition to the Fourth Legion that's already on the way, we have nearly 2 million Warships. I do not believe that we can not destroy the humans!"

"Yes, Your Majesty, I will go now!"

After saying that, Ross immediately left. He was ready to contact the Kabat Empire. Since the Ochs Empire does not have the Federation's Quantum Communication Technology, communication is very time-consuming. To reach an agreement, it will take them at least 2 or 3 years.

In addition to the matters regarding the Kabat Empire, Ross also gave orders to 14 Star Systems within 12 Light Years behind Tianyuan IV, asking all defenders to assemble at Rao.

Ross calculated that within 5 years, 90,000 Warships could be assembled, and with the 50,000 Warships stationed in Rao, the total number could reach 140,000.

With 140,000 Warships defending in Rao, it should be possible to hold out until the Fourth Legion arrives, even other subsequent Legions.

As long as they can hold Rao for 15 years, nearly 2 million Warships will be fully in place, and then it will not be a problem to mow through the humans.


Tianyuan IV, Star Path's defense line, inside the Uranus.

Lin Fan, who was training in his room, was interrupted by an unexpected call.

"Uncle Ed, what can I do for you?"

Lin Fan was very surprised by this private call from Ed.

What was this daughter controller and his future father-in-law up to again?

"It's like this, didn't you capture an Ochs Empire Commander named Lancer in Proxima? We've been interrogating him, and a few months down the line we're finally getting results!"

"En, I know this guy, what kind of information did you obtain?"

Being able to obtain information from the Ochs Empire's Commander made Lin Fan a little surprised.

After all, these guys are all tight-lipped, it's a very difficult thing to get them to talk. Lin Fan guessed that they have used unconventional means to obtain such information.

"The information we got this time is very important. First of all, the Star Path of Tianyuan IV, which leads to a Star System called Rao, currently has 50,000 Warships in their garrison; there are no big Legions around! In other words, there shouldn't be a large number of Ochs Empire Fleets attacking Tianyuan IV within the next ten years."

"Second, the main Legions of the Ochs Empire are currently concentrated on their border and are at war with the Kabat Empire. Kabat Empire is also a Level 3 Civilization that is not weaker than the Ochs Empire."

"Therefore, we have decided to send your First Fleet to the Kabat Empire on a top secret mission!"

Lin Fan looked at Ed on the screen and formed guesses on what the mission was.

Either Ed was asking himself to seek cooperation with the Kabat Empire and together they would destroy the Ochs Empire...

Or they are going to fool the Kabat Empire into fighting an all out war with the Ochs Empire!

In fact, Lin Fan's guess was accurate, this was what Lin Zhen and Ed were thinking.

"We want your First Fleet to pose as a Level 4 Civilization and fool the Kabat Empire so that they will fight the Ochs Empire to the death!"

'As expected,' Lin Fan silently said in his mind.

"Understood, I'll take this mission!"

"Okay, but this time it's a top secret mission, the Federation won't give an official order."


"In addition, we will also explain this to Liang Xingchen's side. He will pretend that your First Fleet has not left! As for the coordinates of the Imperial capital of the Kabat Empire, we have also obtained them from the captive and will pass them to you later!"


"Understood, but I need to request something to convince them!"

"Speak of it."

"I need a batch of Energy Shield devices; the more, the better. Of course, the devices must have back doors built in! A Level 4 Civilization wants a Level 3 Civilization to work for them, naturally we have to give some pay, right?"

"You're thinking the same as your old man! Don't worry, we still have more than 10,000 Energy Shield devices in the inventory. After we implant the back doors, we will ship them to Tianyuan IV. You will leave after accepting this batch of equipment!"


After hanging up, the first thing Lin Fan did was to take out the Star Map that was the reward by the System and looked at the coordinates of the Kabat Empire to see if they were correct.

After all, he couldn't trust the captive's confession without reservation, he still needed to confirm it himself to be safe.

After comparing the coordinates, he found that there was no problem, and Lin Fan became curious.

What exactly was the method used to crack open Lancer's mouth? It couldn't be that the human drugs for extracting confessions also had an effect on the Ochs people, could it?

A week later, 200 Bull-class Supply Ships arrived at Tianyuan IV's Star Path defense line.

These Supply Ships carried a total of 10,000 Energy Shield devices, and they would follow Lin Fan's First Fleet to the Kabat Empire.

After everything was ready, Lin Fan left the defense line with his Fleet and the 200 Supply Ships under the pretext of training. Liang Xingchen, who had already known this, naturally wouldn't say anything.

After moving away from the radar monitoring range of the defense line, the Fleet came to an airspace far away from the Star Path defense line.

After explaining the contents of the mission to the Sub-fleet Commanders, the coordinates were passed on to them.

Ten minutes later, as the void shrank violently, the First Fleet, along with 200 Supply Ships, warped at Lin Fan's command!

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