Chapter 69: Recapturing Proxima (Part 3).

Inside the fortress of the Ochs Empire, Lancer was currently in a state of anxiety.

"Has the signal to surrender been sent out?"

"Commander, it's been sent 3 times!"

"Damn it~, then why is the other side still attacking? If this continues, in less than 10 minutes, our Fleet will be completely wiped out!"

Lancer didn't understand why the other side didn't accept the communication request from his side, not even the surrender signal!

But he had no choice and could only watch his Fleet being wiped out bit by bit.

What else can he do? With the enemy's Energy Shields, his Fleet's attacks wouldn't deal any damage!

Although against the Level 4 Civilization's Warships, a few dozen sets of bombardment works, their Fleet would already be destroyed before they could destroy a dozen of the enemy. 

In the end, they can not win. Instead they would just anger a Level 4 Civilization, which will ultimately lead to the destruction of the Ochs Empire.

Lancer obviously dare not do so. He could only command his Fleet to symbolically counterattack, while continuing to have his Adjutant send communication requests and surrender signals to the other side!

Lin Fan obviously didn't know what they were thinking.

Their battle tactic made Lin Fan speechless. He feels like sending a random student here was enough to deal with these guys!


More than ten minutes later, when the last Ochs Empire Warship was destroyed, the First Fleet surrounded the fortress!

"Commander, the other side has sent a communication request again!"

"Well, it's okay now, pick it up!"


A few seconds later, Lancer's figure was projected inside the bridge, only to see his eyes fiercely widen as he looked at Lin Fan with an incredulous expression!

"You're human?"

"That's right, I'm a human, Commander of the Federation's First Fleet, Lin Fan!"

"That's impossible, Commander Adam should have blocked you within the Solar System!"

"Adam? I took him out more than six months ago, and the Fleet in his hands has been completely wiped out!"

Lin Fan's words were like thunder ringing in Lancer's ears. He was frozen.

This was impossible!

"Alright, I'll give you two choices, surrender or die!"

Lancer was silent, if a Level 4 Civilization had said that to him, he would have surrendered immediately, but this were humans!

Although he didn't know how they got the Energy Shield Technology, if he dares to surrender, there is no way back for him. In the future, His Majesty will definitely not spare him!

Even if they escape, their loved ones will be implicated. After all, the Emperor of the Ochs Empire is ruling with terror, and this terror has penetrated into everyone's heart.

"It seems that you are not willing to surrender...?"

"The soldiers of the Ochs Empire will not surrender!"

"Then I won't force you!"

"Liang Xue, order the Close Guard Mech Squadron to move out. Also, have the Mech Legion of the First Fleet and the assault planes move out together, and secure the fortress! Remember to not destroy too much, we can still use this fortress."


As soon as the order was given, the units started to move. The Fleet locked their weapon systems on the fortress and used the secondary cannons to destroy them. The Close Guard Mechs on the Uranus led the way, followed by the Mech Legion on the Mother Sky Carriers of the first Sub-fleet and the assault planes. They broke through in one of the ports of the fortress.

"Commander, a Warship has been spotted leaving behind the fortress!"

"Hmm, trying to escape?"

"Commander, something is strange, our side detected that it was a Federation Warship... Commander, the Commander of the First Sub-fleet, Rear Admiral Chris, requested communication!"

"Put it through!"

The communication was quickly picked up, and what appeared in front of Lin Fan was an indignant Chris.

"Chris, what's going on?"

"Commander, that Warship that was preparing to flee from behind the fortress, I recognize it! That 20001 number on the hull, I'll never forget it, that's Horn Sterling's seat, it's the Flagship of the Second Fleet!"

"Are you sure?"

"I'm quite sure, Commander, we can't let him get away!"

"Don't worry, do you think he can escape with our Warp Engines? Since it's an old acquaintance of yours, I'll leave it in your hands, the First Sub-Fleet! But if it really is Horn Sterling, I hope you don't get carried away by hatred, we still need to capture him alive and send him to a court martial, understand?"

"Commander! Don't worry, I will bring him back!"

"En, then go ahead!"


At the same moment, the nineteenth and twentieth Fleets that were guarding the exit of the Star Path in Tianyuan IV.


"Donnie, we are really unlucky, look at the Commander's side, he's taken away 10,000 Warships, while we don't have anything to do here!"

"Stop complaining Eric, there's no telling when a large Fleet will suddenly appear in the Star Path. It is necessary to keep some of the Fleet here!"


"I understand, but it's just that our luck is bad... Why does it have to be us two? Wait, what is that... Eric, I'll be damned, you're such a jinx!"

Just as the two Sub-fleet Commanders were chatting, a large number of Fleets started sailing out of the Star Path exit one after another.

"What the hell?! Start attacking, god knows how many more Fleets are behind them. Do not let them gather, we are only 2000 ships!"

"Do you still need you to say this?!"

The two Sub-fleets immediately built a crossfire towards the Star Path, and the first wave of attacks blew up more than 200 of the incoming Warships.

Meanwhile, the Vanguard Fleet of the Fourth Legion was very confused at this moment.

What is this situation? How come they were attacked as soon as they arrived, isn't this the territory of the Ochs Empire?

Though, with their good military quality, they were only confused for 3 or 4 seconds before they started to counterattack in an orderly manner!

But only 4,000 Warships were assembled so they could not produce any substantial threat to the two Sub-fleets on the defensive line. Nonetheless, on the Federation's side, Donnie and Eric were anxious.

After 3 waves of attacks, the enemy not only did not reduce their number, but instead became more numerous and now more than 6,000 ships!

There was a steady stream of Warships coming out of the Star Path, the pressure on the two was just getting bigger and bigger!

30 AU away, in the Uranus!

"Commander, the Close Guard Mech Squadron reports that progress is going well, only one more minute to break through to the other side's command center!"


"Commander, a distress signal is coming from the Star Path defense line in the Tianyuan IV's side!"

"Hmm? What's going on?"

"Reporting to the Commander, a large number of Ochs Empire's Warships are coming from the Star Path. There are already 10,000 Warships gathered, and they are still more coming from behind, it should be a large Fleet."

"First order the Nineteenth, Twentieth Sub-fleet to fall back, do not die in the defense line! The energy shield is not forever unbreakable! Also order the ninth to eighteenth Sub-fleets to assemble!"


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