Chapter 68: Recapturing Proxima (Part 2).

Orion's Arm Branch, in the Proxima Star System – Resource Planet No.7.


Mechs were constantly ejecting from the Mother Sky Carrier formation of the 15th Sub-fleet. Commander Chu Zihang's voice rang in everyone's ears.

"Attention all pilots, attention all pilots! The detection shows that there are no large heavy weapons above the surface of the planet. There are more than 30 million humans, they are our compatriots who were left behind. Protecting their safety is your highest priority!"


The pilots were shocked.

After all, the news that there were two billion human beings stranded in three Star Systems and them possibly surviving was never made public by the Federation.


In the mass' perception, those 2 billion humans had all been killed.

Hence, hearing that there are more than 30 million humans on the Resource Planet below means that there are still a large number of humans surviving. This is just one Resource Planet, there may even be hundreds of millions of people in the whole Star System!

These are fellow human beings, and as the Commander said, protecting them is the highest priority.

The same situation was happening on all ten Resource Planets. According to the data summarized to the Uranus, there were more than 400 million human beings in the ten Resource Planets alone, not counting those on the Natural Life Planet. Otherwise, the number would've reached more than 500 million.

A few minutes later, on all the Resource Planets' orbits, the Mechs began to descend!

On the orbit of Resource Planet No.7, 20,000 Mechs and hundreds of Assault Planes quickly burst into the planet's atmosphere. On the surface of the planet, it looked like there were more than 20,000 meteors falling from the sky!

In the work area, Luo Fei suddenly fell to the ground. He could not hold on any longer, he was fatigued. He laid on the ground while panting heavily with his eyes staring at the sky.

Suddenly, he saw something and rubbed his eyes to look again. Then, he clearly saw tens of thousands of fireballs falling from the sky at high speed.

"Has doomsday come? Well, this is good, being alive is much more painful than death anyways!"

Luo Fei was only in his early 20s when he came here. Now, he is almost 40 years old. He has been here for 16 years, he can no longer hold on!

"Hey, you, over there! Who told you to lie on the ground? Get up and work! Do you not want to eat dinner?"

Lance bellowed and came over with his whip!

"One day, the humans will fight back, then each and every one of you traitors will not regret your choices!"

"Oh? Well, I don't know if the humans will fight back, but I do know that you're going to die now!"

Lance said and was ready to wave the electric whip. However, just as he raised his hand, he suddenly found that Luo Fei was looking at the sky with a shocked face. He subconsciously raised his head and followed the direction of Luo Fei's gaze.

There were 20,000 fireballs falling in the sky, and at this time, Mechs were scurrying out from these fireballs. As their altitude continues to decrease, the humans on the ground can clearly see what they were!

"Those are… Mechs?"

Luo Fei uncertainly muttered to himself. It had been a long time since the last time he saw a Mech. Not to mention that what he saw was the first generation of the Federation's Storm Mech which has a large difference in today's Storm II Mechs.



In the sky, amidst the descent of the Mechs, the Commander was frowning on what he saw on the ground.

He saw human beings, each wearing a simple space suit, and had ankle cuffs on their feet. In addition, there were also some humans with whips or light weapons in their hands!

The humans with whips or light weapons obviously wore much better space suits, and from time to time, the whips in their hands would strike towards other humans!

The Commander immediately understood something!

"Attention all Mechs, attention all Mechs, all the people in this Resource Planet are humans. Immediately suppress the humans holding weapons! Make sure you do not accidentally injure the humans with ankle cuffs on their feet, I repeat..."

Hearing the words of the Commander, the others also understood the situation as they looked at those humans holding weapons. Their eyes flashed anger and repulsion, and they all controlled their respective Mechs to suppress these people!

Lance stared at Luo Fei's eyes. He was not impressed. He was only in his early 20s and had never seen a human Mech before, so he just thought that these Mechs were new pieces of equipment from the Ochs Empire.

That was until a Mech landed in front of him and Luo Fei. Lance, who was just about to run up and say hello, noticed that the Mech had aimed the weapon in its hand at him which immediately scared the sh_t out of him!

"First warning, drop the weapon in your hand or I will open fire!"

The loud voice that rang out from inside the Mech through the loudspeaker stunned everyone.

Luo Fei, who was just a few meters away, finally saw the markings on the Mech's shell as well as its writing.

It was the markings of the Federation Fleet, and the row of words below it read the Federation First Fleet.

"It's really the Federation Fleet! The humans are fighting back!"

Luo Fei's mood at this moment was beyond the comprehension of ordinary people. He was living in desperation for a whole sixteen years and finally, the light of day had arrived!


During his stay, he does not know how many people left (committed su_cide) because they couldn't hold on anymore. 


At this time, an assault plane also landed on the side of the Mech. After the hatch opened, 200 heavily armed human soldiers quickly rushed down and began to control the scene.

The Commander of the 17th Sub-fleet, Chu Zihang, was looking at the images sent back from the Mechs inside the Bridge!

"Commander, we need a lot of food here as well as medical personnel!"

"I got it, proceed with the deployment of supplies right away! You guys will be stationed on the planet and take care of our compatriots, as well as keep an eye on those traitors!"


"Adjutant, report the situation here to the Commander, we need a lot of supplies!"


The same situation was happening within all ten Sub-fleet in their respective assigned Resource Planet. For a while, Lin Fan was constantly receiving requests for a large amount of supplies to be deployed.

"Liang Xue, first deploy some of the supplies over, then immediately contact the main base and have them arrange for supply ships to deliver resources as well as medical personnel over!"


Along with the mass production of the Snow Leopard Battlecruisers as well as the Mother Sky Carriers on Earth, hundreds of Bull Supply Ships, equipped with Warp Engines, were also produced. It could transport a large amount of supplies to Proxima in a few days.

At the same moment, on the side of the Ochs Empire Fleet.

Under Lancer's orders, the Adjutant sent a surrender signal to the First Fleet, yet Lin Fan, who had received reports from the other Sub-fleet about the Resource Planets, was not ready to just accept their surrender.

"Ignore the other side's surrender and continue the attack! As for obtaining information, you only need to leave that fortress since the top dogs of Ochs Empire should all be inside."

"Commander, is it not a violation of the treaty?"

"What are you thinking? Those treaties on Earth only apply to humans. Is there any treaty that says what needs to be done to aliens?"

"Uh, no, there is none!"

"Then that's it, just leave the fortress, and destroy all the Warships!"


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