Chapter 67: Recapturing Proxima (Part 1).

Proxima Star System, 4.22 light years from the Earth's Solar System.

Normally, it would take nearly 1.5 years to reach Proxima via the Star Path, but the First Fleet is equipped with Warp Engines so it would only take less than 3 days!

There is a Natural Life Planet and 10 Resource Planets in Proxima. Humans once immigrated more than a billion people to develop and obtain a large amount of resources from here as this Star System is much richer than the Solar System!

When the Federation's warships were all destroyed in Tianyuan IV at that time, the Earth needed the people and resources from Proxima to make more Warships that would be put into battle, so from the more than a billion, 100 million people were withdrawn.

The last message from the Second Fleet was a parting communication that the Star Path Defense Line had been breached and the remnants of the Fleet were surrounded. After that, there was no more news of the billion people in Proxima.

At this time, tens of millions of humans were working while simple space suits on a nearby Resource Planet. The strange thing was that the overseers that were holding electric whips were also humans.


"Bah~, these damn traitors!"

"Keep your voice down, you'll get a good beating if you're heard!"

"What are you afraid of, sooner or later the humans will fight back, and then none of these beasts will be able to escape!"

"Fight back? Stop dreaming, the human race has probably died out already!"

"Let me tell you, last time when a few Ochs came to visit, I overheard them say that an Fleet attacking the Earth was defeated. The human race has not yet died out, we can not lose hope!"

"Really? Ah~!!!"

One of the two was halfway through his sentence when he suddenly felt a sharp pain shot through his back.

"Shut up! Hurry up and get to work, move fast or you wouldn't be able to eat tonight!"

From behind him came an electric whip-wielding overseer. He was a human named Lance Sterling, and was the son of Horn Sterling.

At the same moment, outside the Planet, inside a huge space fortress.

A human was kneeling in front of an Ochs with a fawning face.

If Chris was here, he would have recognized this man as none other than Horn Sterling, the Commander of the Federation's Second Fleet who had framed him back then.

"Horn, the efficiency has been decreasing lately, the main camp's side is very dissatisfied!"

"Lord Lancer, the human slaves are dying a lot every day, currently, there's a serious shortage of manpower!"

"Does it have anything to do with me? I just want the results! If you can't finish today's target, then tomorrow you don't have to work as a supervisor, but as a slave!"

"Lord, please don't, don't, I will find a way to improve the efficiency!"

"Very well, I'm looking forward with the results!"

"Yes, thank you, Lord Lancer!"

Lancer was the Commander of the Eighth Fleet in the Third Legion of the Ochs Empire. In the Ochs Empire, a Fleet is composed of 10,000 Warships. There's a Fleet left in garrison in each of the three Star Systems.


Unfortunately, Adam was killed in the Third Asteroid Belt War when an energy bomb hit his ship's bridge. It was simply too late to pass on the information, so the Lancer today simply does not yet know of Adam's Fleet was completely destroyed.

Lancer waved his hand at Horn, who then crawled out. Yes, crawl. The Ochs has a rule that humans are not allowed to stand in front of them.

"Adjutant, how long until the Fleet of the Fourth Legion arrives?"

"The 5 Fleets of the Vanguard Fleet should arrive around these days. As for the 25 Fleets that will follow, they will arrive 9 years later."

"Well, let me know when they arrive, after all, they are going to the Solar System to help the Third Legion, so we should do our best to host then!"

"Yes, Commander!"


At the entrance of the Star Path in Proxima leading to Tianyuan IV, there were 1,000 ships of the Ochs Empire stationed here. They were responsible for guarding the Star Path.

Since the other end of the Star Path, Tianyuan IV, is currently also the territory of the Ochs Empire, the crew on these Warships were quite lax.

"Beep beep beep~ A large number of Warships were found, a large number of Warships were found!"

Suddenly, a mechanized warning rang out from within the Warship which was issued by the intelligent detector that could monitor the entrance of the Star Path.

"What's going on?!"

"Don't worry, it should be the Vanguard Fleet of the Fourth Legion arriving, didn't the Adjutant informed us yesterday, saying that they will arrive in the next few days?"

"Oh, right, I almost forgot. Good thing you reminded me, I was shocked for a second there."

But then, just as the crew relaxed, he suddenly saw through the window on the side of one of their Warships exploding.

He reacted and wanted to return to his post on the bridge, however, it was too late. The bridge was soon swallowed up by an explosion!

"Commander, the Fleet at the entrance of the Star Path has been wiped out, we have incurred no losses!"

"Good! The Nineteenth and Twentieth Fleets will stay and build a defense line, while the Ninth to Eighteenth Fleets will be responsible for the ten Resource Planets respectively. The first to Eighth Fleets will accompany our ships to attack the enemy's Fleets and fortresses in orbit around the Natural Life Planet! Move immediately!"


All the Sub-fleet Commanders acted according to the order. Except for the two Fleets that stayed behind, the rest of the Fleets began to make short warps towards their mission targets!

The First to Eighth Fleets followed the Uranus and warped towards the only Natural Life Planet.

[Wee… Woo... Wee…]!


The battle alarm suddenly sounded in the fortress where Lancer was!

"What's going on?"

"Reporting to the Commander, 8000 Warships suddenly appeared, we have sent a Fleet up to meet them!"

"How did they appear? How come they were only discovered now?"

"Commander, they just appeared suddenly!"

"Tell the Fleet to destroy them all!"


Under Lancer's order, the Ochs' 9,000 Warships met the Federation's First Fleet, and soon both sides engaged against each other.

However, a few minutes later, Lancer trembled all over because he saw that the enemy has... Energy Shields!

All of the enemy 8000 ships were equipped with Energy Shields, and all of them were Battlecruisers! 

Is this is a joke?

So when his Adjutant reported that they just suddenly appeared, could it be that the enemy are also using Warp Engines? 


Damn it, how could a Level 4 Civilization come here and attack us?

"Adjutant, send me a surrender signal immediately!"

"Commander, are you sure?"

The Adjutant froze! They haven't even fought for a few minutes, and the Commander us saying to surrender?

One should know that surrendering is not allowed in the military of the Ochs Empire.

"Of course I'm sure! Open your eyes wide and look, can't you see? Those are Energy Shields! This is a Level 4 Civilization, do you understand?! Besides, we're surrendering to a Level 4 Civilization, His Majesty will not blame us. On the contrary, if we anger a Level 4 Civilization, then His Majesty will definitely execute us in the most cruel way!"

Hearing Lancer's words, hie Adjutant was covered in cold sweat.


At the same time, the ten Fleets of the First Fleet that went to raid the Resource Planets arrived at their target orbits.

With that, 20,000 Mechs flew out from the 100 Mother Sky Carriers and swooped towards the Resource Planets to start their missions.

"Look guys, at the sky!"

"That's... That's the Federation's Mechs, the Federation Fleet fought back, finally!"

A crowd of humans who were working recognized the approaching Mechs. Their eyes moistened from the tears of joy.

It's been exactly sixteen years, and the Federation Fleet has finally fought back!

"Brothers, let's catch these spies together!"

With a loud cry from someone, all the humans pounced on the human traitors that were overseers!

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