Chapter 54: The Elegy of Adam.

Solar System, Asteroid Belt Area 039.

Adam's 48,000 Warships were rushing towards the human fleet in a conical formation at a high speed!

"How long until we enter firing range?"

"About 5 minutes, Commander!"

"Good, it's already too late for Liang Xingchen to run even if he wants to. Inform all Warships to remain in formation after entering firing range. Advance while firing, and ram directly into the human's array!"


At this time, not far behind Adam's Fleet. The empty void shrank violently and exactly 6,701 Warships appeared out of nowhere.

Immediately afterwards, the Warships activated their Warp Engine and charged towards Adam's Middle Fleet!

"Commander, a human fleet has suddenly appeared behind us, numbering 6,701. They are charging towards us, and... And..."

"And what? Tell me already!"

Adams was also anxious, what the hell is this situation? How did these Warships appear?

Moreover, the position of their appearance is like a sharp knife stabbing at their weakest link!

Since Adam's Fleet is in a conical formation, it is impossible to rescue the Middle Fleet.

"Additional report, among the 6,701 Warships, the smallest are Battlecruisers!"

"How is this possible, could it be that the humans have concentrated all their main Warships here? But how exactly did they appear?"

"Quickly order all Warships in the Middle Fleet to disperse, while letting the Carriers urgently release warplanes and meet the enemy pursuing from the rear!"


However, not giving Adam much time to react, this human sneak attack fleet had already opened fire!

When the 6,701 Warships concentrated together and opened fire, the scene was simply shocking to everyone. The aura of destruction cut through the void and enveloped the area where Adam was!

In just one wave of attack, more than 1,000 Warships of Adams' Fleet got destroyed!

At this time, warplanes had already ejected, desperately trying to intercept the human fleet in the rear.

Since Lin Fan himself leapt over less than 100,000 kilometers behind Adam, the warplanes ejected from the Carrier arrived in front of Lin Fan's Fleet in less than a minute!

However, Lin Fan was not worried about this. As far as those armaments of the warplanes were concerned, they could not pose any threat to the shields.

Although Lin Fan was not worried, Adam was and he soon saw a scene that shocked him to the core.

The human Warships have raised a light blue Energy Shield and the laser beams shot by the warplanes were all blocked. It did not even make the shields ripple.

Isn't this Energy Shield?

Adam was aware of such technology, after all, the Emperor's Fleet composed of 5,000 Warships that were all purchased from the Orion's Arm's branch from the only Level 4 civilization – the Barbary Empire – had Energy Shields.

Though the Energy Shields used on the human Warships are a little different from those of the Barbary Empire.

The shield color of the Warships bought by the Ochs Empire was red, while the human Warships were blue.

Since they have such technology, could it be that the reason why the humans suddenly appeared behind them is because of Warp Engines?

This speculation took Adam by surprise. Since the Energy Shield has appeared, then a Warp Engine of the same level does not seem to be much of a stretch!

The most critical thing is that the style of the human Warships is completely different from the Barbary Empire. So they couldn't have possibly bought them from the Barbary Empire. But in the whole Orion's Arm branch, other than the Barbary Empire, no other civilization has Energy Shields and Warp Engine Technology!

Then the question arises, where exactly did the human Warships come from? Did humans build them themselves?

If so, then the Ochs Empire is in real danger!

After decades of war, the Ochs Empire forced the humans back into the solar System. But now, it is about to change. Adam can imagine what will happen to the Ochs Empire when humans master advance technologies that is sufficient to dominate the entire Orion's Arm branch!

"Commander, they can't be stopped, the warplanes are completely unable to do any damage to them, they are simply being slaughtered, that should be the legendary Energy Shield, right?"

"That's right, that is indeed the Energy Shield, not only that, the reason why this human fleet suddenly appeared behind us should be because these Warships are equipped with Warp Engines!"

"What? Warp Engines? Isn't this the same technology as Energy Shields which is only available in the legendary Level Four Civilizations? Haven't humans just become a Level 3 Civilization?"

"Maybe our Ochs Empire has provoked the wrong Civilization! The empire will soon experience suffering!"

"This... What can we do? It's completely impossible to fight!"

Adam looked at the tactical screen, lights representing their Warships were disappearing at an extremely fast speed.

The front of the terrifying human fleet in the rear had also broken into Adam's array.

Numerous Rapid-fire Electromagnetic Catapult Cannons were frantically attacking them and their warplanes were being shot down in huge swaths!

Some of the warplanes even rammed head-on into the human Warships as soon as they found the opportunity, but still to no avail.

Adam, with a slightly desperate expression, looked at his adjutant! 


"There is no more chance! Help me connect to all the Warships, I want to make a final broadcast!"

"Yes, Commander!"

The adjutant looked at Adam with a complicated face. It was the first time he had seen his Commander show an expression of despair.

Even when Adams was defeated twice in the Asteroid Belt, he had never shown such an expression on his face.

At this time, all the Warships in front of the conical formation were made aware of the attack on the rear. They immediately contacted their immediate superiors to see if they should turn back to rescue.

While the Fleet was in chaos, a fleet-wide radio was turned on, and Adam's characteristic mellow voice sounded.

"Comrades, it seems that my path will end here after all. I am supposed to be the sinner His Majesty wanted to execute, and I should have been executed directly, but now I can die in battle! I am very satisfied!"

"But you are different, you still have a chance to live, so do not look back, do not hesitate just push through straight ahead! Tear apart the human fleet in front of you then go to their home planet and destroy everything!"

Adams knew that it was impossible even if he defeated the fleet in front of him, he would never be able to escape from this horrifying fleet behind him.

But for the sake of the Empire, if he can eliminate even a point of the human's power, then that would be his last contribution to the Empire.

He's sorry to the soldiers who have been following him for decades, and at the end of the day, he has to make up a white lie about their deaths! Adams could not help but think so.

"May the God of Star guide you before..."

Adam's words were not finished yet and the broadcast was cut off!

In the rear, the Warship that Adam was aboard was hit by an ion cannon on the bridge.

No one on the bridge survived!

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