Chapter 60: Two Tigers Meet.

Just like in the Kuiper belt where a bunch of bigwigs were watching the event with their blood boiling, the people of the Federation on Earth also watched in excitement.

Especially to the nerds that had inevitably painted the world white!

These were real Mech Battles and not just some animation!

According to real-time media reports, the ball game event being played that day hadn't even got one person in the stadium to watch.

Even the small number of people who bought tickets to see the game, was glued to the livestream instead of the actual ball game.


Likewise, the internet is also lively. Everyone was madly discussing the Federation Fleet Mech Competition.

"Zhang Hu is so powerful, he defeated his opponent in seconds!"

"Li Cangdou is very powerful too. And he's only 19 years old despite having the strength that could rival Zhang Hu!"

"Powerful? That kid took three minutes to win while Zhang Hu only did it in less than ten seconds!"

"Hey, the comment above, did you really look carefully? Their opponents are on different levels. Li Cangdou's opponent was definitely an elite-level pilot!"

"Stan Li Cangdou, ahh~ too handsome!"

"Stan Zhang Hu, Zhang Hu is the real man!"

Basically the internet has divided into two parties, Zhang Hu for men while Li Cangdou for women!


As for Lin Fan's judgment, the two's strengths are about the same. Just that Li Cangdou is indeed very handsome, only a little bit worse than Lin Fan, hence he is very popular among the female audience.

At the same time, since he is handsome and popular with the female audience, the men naturally sided at his rival! This was human nature.

The Mech Competition also suffered the attacks of the entire sports community, and many in the community also issued articles of criticism, but they were soon drowned in the tide of the masses of people. They can not even create a ripple!


Solar System, Kuiper Belt.

Two months have passed since the Mech Competition. The elimination rounds of all the groups in the early stages have been completed, and the top 32 in the individual competition and the top 8 in the squad competition have been decided.

Among the 32 pilots who entered the final round were 15 pilots from the First Fleet, 13 from the Fourth Fleet and 1 from the Federation Fleet Headquarters.

However, the most surprising thing was that the Military Academy had 3 cadets qualifying!

They are Li Cangdou, Zhang Zhiwei and Shatina. Except for Li Cangdou, the other two are 20 years old and will graduate this school year.

It is worth mentioning that these 3 people from the Academy were favored by the audience. They were called the Three Stars – the handsome, the beauty and the not so handsome. But despite the appearance of Zhang Zhiwei being slightly worse than Li Cangdou he had millions of supporters.


From today onwards, the Mech Competition will move on to the next stage. Of course, the pace of the competition will be much faster and easier for the pilots than the elimination rounds as each person has only one fight per day.


On the internet, someone has analyzed these finalists and even created a data sheet containing their abilities. 


For example, Li Canggu.

Physical Strength: 82 points, Reaction: 92 points, Toughness: 88 points, Control: 95 points, Tactics: 88 points, Attacking Ability: 85 points, Defensive Ability: 98 points

Overall Rating:

Strengths: First-class Mech Control, Fast Reaction, Excellent Attacking Ability, Excellent Tactical Development, and a master class Defensive Ability! Future potential is extremely huge!

Weaknesses: Insufficient mental tenacity. When fighting for a long time but unable to win against the opponent, his combat effectiveness will be reduced by 1-5%. According to the analysis, it should be because of his young age and his experience. He has not yet experienced the baptism of war. 


Another example is Zhang Hu.

Physical Strength: 95 points, Reaction: 88 points, Toughness: 95 points, Control: 88 points, Tactics: 92 points, Attacking Ability: 96 points, Defensive Ability: 88 points

Overall Evaluation:


Strengths: Physical Strength and Mental Tenacity are strong. A veteran who has been in battle for a long time. Tactical development is also very strong, Attacking and Defensive Ability is strong, though the Defensive Ability is relatively weaker than the former! Considering his age, his future is expected to go further, but his potential is not as good as Li Cangdou!

Weaknesses: Reaction and Control are relatively weak, not able to reach the first class, but since his other aspects are strong, he can effectively make up for the lack of this aspect.

Lin Fan was looking at the information and was slightly surprised.

There is indeed a lot of talent amongst the masses.

This data as well as the analysis report is not worse than the one in the Fleet, and in some aspects even better as it is much deeper and more accurate.


"Liang Xue, do we know who the person who made this data is? If possible, let him join the First Fleet and make him start as a staff officer! This type of ability should not go to waste.


"Understood, leave it to me!"


In the blink of an eye, it was the last fight of the final round of the individual competition. It was Zhang Hu versus Li Cangdou, the two people who were selected as the strongest pilots by the people. They were going to fight it out on the field today!

Speaking of which, a bunch of bigwigs came inside the Uranus again today. Though, with the Warp Engine, it will only take 17 seconds to get from Earth to the Kuiper Belt so there is no problem.

Yes, you heard it right, just 17 seconds, 585 times the speed of light! One can only speak 2 or 3 sentences before they arrive at their destination. This is the speed of human interstellar navigation right now!

Today, not only would there be the ultimate showdown between Zhang Hu, the strongest pilot in the Mech Unit, and Li Cang Dou, the future star pilot, but there's also Lin Fan's eight-on-one battle of the top 8 in the individual competition!

Therefore, the bigwigs immediately all came to watch.

Kuiper Belt, Individual Competition Area 32.

The starting points of the two Mechs were about 300,000 kilometers apart. The area was filled with asteroid and space debris and the environment was quite complex. If ordinary Mech pilots were here, they would have to be careful even moving forward, let alone fighting.

"Lin Fan, who do you think will win?"

Marshal Sanders asked Lin Fan, it was obvious that the most authoritative person here for Mech battles was Lin Fan.

"Well, both of them have their own strengths and weaknesses. Zhang Hu's problem is that his control and reaction is a bit weaker than Li Cangdou, but Li Cangdou also has his own problems. He is too young and has no real-world experience. He is psychologically and spiritually worse than Zhang Hu!"

"So it's not easy to tell who will be the winner?"

"No, there will be a winner, that is if Li Cangdou can not take down Zhang Hu in ten minutes, he will lose!"

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