Chapter 59: Mech Monster Li Cangdao.

January 5th, Year 60 of the Federal Calendar.

The first Mech Competition of the Federation Fleet began. Lin Fan did not expect the people who came to the opening ceremony.

In addition to Liang Xingchen, there's also Commander-in-Chief Sanders, Federation Vice President Ed, Academy Dean Li Fulai, and a large group of high ranking military and political Officials came; the podium housed frighteningly high-level people.


It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the First Fleet and the Fourth Fleet, the cadets of the Federation Fleet Lunar Headquarters and the Interstellar Military Academy were also added to the final competition.

Though these 2 places only sent a small number of their most elite pilots, and only participated in the individual competition and squad competition. As for the legion competition, only the First Fleet and the Fourth Fleet participated.

"Lin Fan, this is our first meeting, correct?"

Marshal Sanders came in front of Lin Fan and greeted him amiably.

"Yes, Marshal Sanders, you are the anchor of the Federation Fleet and have always been the person I admire the most!"

Lin Fan's words were not flattery, he truly admired this Old Marshal.

Sanders' military career can be said to have spanned the history of the entire Federation starting from at the age of 16! Now, at 88 years old, he has a military career of 82 years, longer than the history of the Federation.

In particular, the Old Marshal in front of him was once the first Commander of the First Fleet, and was also the Commander who led the Fleet to capture Proxima as well as Barnard back then.

Only after Sanders took Barnard did he return to the Lunar Headquarters due to his promotion as Commander-in-chief, and therefore did not participate in the subsequent battle against the Ochs Empire.

There is even a saying in the Federation to this day, that, if it was Sanders who commanded the Fleet, the result would have been changed. Even if the human race is still defeated, they would not have been defeated so quickly and badly!

Another thing that few people know of is that Liang Xingchen's skills were all taught by Sanders. To say the least, Liang Xingchen is considered Sanders' disciple.

"Haha, you jest. Speaking of which, I have to thank you!"

"Thank me?"

"Of course! As a veteran with more than 70 years of experience, I have witnessed the history of the Federation! I have witnessed both its glories and declines. I thought I wouldn't have much time left, but because of your Gene Enhancement Medicine, I have at least a hundred years of life left. I will be able to continue to witness the new rise of the Federation! So, shouldn't I thank you?"

"Marshal, don't worry, in the future, with the further development of Gene Enhancement Medicine, human life expectancy will continue to grow. Marshal will not only be able to witness the re-emergence of the Federation Fleet, but also to witness human domination of the Orion Branch Arm, domination of this Galaxy, and even eventually domination of this entire Universe!"

"Good, good, good! I am relieved that the Federation Fleet has youths like you!"

After hearing Lin Fan's grand words, Sanders' eyes widened. He did not even think of such an ambition. Dominate the entire Universe...!

But then he thought of what Lin Fan had achieved in the past few years. Whether it was the ability to develop technology or the ability to command, it could be said that he is a monster even in the entire history of mankind.

Perhaps the Federation, with Lin Fan, could one day really achieve the point of domination of the Universe. Thinking of this, Sanders' heart bore greater expectation and could not help but shout good thrice in a row!

After the chat with Sanders, the first Mech Competition of the Federal Fleet officially began.

In this competition, there were more than 380,000 people participating in the individual competition, more than 8,000 squads participating in the squad competition, and the First and Fourth Fleets participating in the legion competition.

Due to the large number of participants, even though the schedule of the competition was scheduled for three months, it was still very tight.

The squad elimination tournament, in particular, was conducted at a fairly fast pace, with more than 10 matches being held every day!


In the Kuiper Belt, the staff had long ago divided 40 venues for the individual competition and squad competition.

Within each venue of the individual elimination, it was subdivided into 100 smaller areas, so that each group could have 100 individual elimination matches at the same time!

A group of bigwigs came inside the Uranus to watch the battles.

"Lin Fan, this Zhang Hu is the captain of the Mech Squadron on your ship, right?!"

Liang Xingchen said as he pointed to an area in the virtual projection where an individual elimination match was taking place.

One of the Mechs took less than 10 seconds to defeat its opponent, causing Liang Xingchen's eyes to light up. Only after looking at the names of the two people battling on the screen did he remember that one of them seemed to be the captain of the Mech Squadron on Lin Fan's Uranus.

"That's right, that's him!"

Lin Fan replied with a smile.

Lin Fan was not surprised by Zhang Hu's performance. After all, this guy was the one who would spar with Lin Fan a few times almost every day.

Although he would always be massacred by Lin Fan.

So far their total battles is 1705. Zhang Hu also has 1705 losses. Nonetheless, his strength is steadily improving and according to Lin Fan's estimation, Zhang Hu's strength can now be classified to the System's A+ Rank, which can be considered the strongest group of human pilots.


"This kid over here isn't bad either, looking at his profile, he's only 19 years old. He's even younger than Lin Fan, and he is still a student at the Academy!"

Sanders pointed to another part of the screen with some excitement. 


Although the win was not as fast as Zhang Hu's, after Lin Fan's judgment, this cadet pilot should be about the same as Zhang Hu at A+ Rank. It was only because of his opponent being an A Rank elite Pilot that made his battle a little longer than Zhang Hu's.


"Not bad, this little guy is named Li Cangdou. Although not as comprehensive as Lin Fan, focusing on the field of Mech alone, he should be no less than Lin Fan in terms of being a monster!"

Li Fulai said with a smug face, after all, this is a participant of his academy. His face is naturally shining along this star!

"Lin Fan, what do you think?"

Liang Xingchen looked at Li Fulai's smug look and asked Lin Fan.

After all, in terms of Mech Piloting, Lin Fan is the strongest of everyone here!

"He's not bad indeed, about the same strength as Zhang Hu. The important part is that he's only 19 years old, and to have such strength before being baptized in actual combat, he can be a monster!"

"How about if he's compared with the current you?"

"He should already be able to hold 2, 3 minutes in my hands!"

"Pfft, kid, are your Mech skills that strong? How come I didn't know?"

Li Fulai was shocked by Lin Fan's words and looked at him incredulously.

He was aware of Lin Fan's scientific strength and his command ability, but Lin Fan's Mech Piloting ability was just as demonic? He doesn't know this one!

"Dean, Lin Fan is known as the strongest Mech Pilot, do you really think it's just the Federation's gimmicky hype?"

"Isn't it?"

This time, the others were thunderstruck by Li Fulai, how dare he think so?

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