Chapter 58: Lin Fan's Name Resounding Throughout the Federation!

After the Old Marshal gave an order, sounds akin to the wails of ghosts filled the Federation.

After all, the number of people lined up outside all the recruiting offices added up to no less than 10 million people!

Luckily, the recruiting offices repeatedly assured that this is not the only recruitment, and will continue to recruit more people in the future. To which gradually suppressed the chaotic scene!

Regardless of what happened on Earth, Will brought Lin Fan an interesting message at this moment.

"Commander, I have contacted Commander Liang's side, there's no problem. However, the recent news about the mecha competition on Earth is on fire. The intensity of the event will be no less than any big time sports competition! So..."

"So Commander Liang wants the Fourth Fleet's Mech Pilot to compete as well, is that right?"

"Yes, Commander guessed right, that's what Commander Liang meant. He said that not all of the Fleet have to come, they will just choose 10,000 Mech Pilots to come to our side."

"That's no problem. By the way, seeing that you're holding the document in your hand, is the grand competition proposal ready?"

"Yes, Commander, please look at it!"

Will handed over the documents in his hand. This was the program made by the staff department plus him, the chief of staff, for four whole days.

Will himself felt that this program was perfect.

"En, I'll read it!"

After receiving the proposal he began reading it. With his 30% Brain Development, it is easy to do so.

On average, he only needs to read a page for 2 or 3 seconds. So for the whole 100 pages of the proposal, Lin Fan only spent less than 2 minutes to turn to the last page!

Will's heart shook seeing this.

Why is the Commander turning the pages fast? Is it not to his liking? Is it a mess?

After reading the proposal, Lin Fan didn't bother about the terrified Will in front of his desk, and just carefully thought about Will's proposal.

On the whole, he was satisfied with it. The plan was very detailed and took all aspects into consideration.

First, the competition will be divided into three parts.

The first part is the individual competition, in this part, all participating pilots can sign up. It is divided into 32 groups in the form of elimination rounds to determine the final top 32. The top 32 pilots will then be put in a round robin format, the final ranking will be by points, and the strongest eight will be selected.

The second part is the squad competition, pilots can participate in their own teams, each team has 10 people, it is divided into 8 groups. The final 8 teams will be chosen in the form of elimination rounds, and it will be followed by a round robin format to determine the strongest team.

The third part is a legion competition, which was a proposal by Emma after Liang Xingchen indicated that he would send 10,000 Mech Pilots to participate. With this, 10,000 Mech Pilots would be organized by the First Fleet and Fourth Fleet each and then participate in a massive confrontation in the form of a legion war.

Regarding the rewards of the competition; in the individual competition, the strongest 8 pilots would be qualified to pilot a new type of Mech.

The strongest team in the squad competition will be retained after the competition, making it an independent squad and giving it the qualification to name its own squad.

As for the legion competition, their legion will be given the title of the strongest Mech Legion. Whether the First or Fourth Fleet will form an independent Mech Legion with these 10,000 pilots is a matter for the winning Fleet to decide.

Finally, the whole competition is designed to last for 3 months.


Will looked at Lin Fan, who was silent in front of him. Honestly, he panicked in his heart.

Commander, how is it, please say it already!

Besides, you only read it in less than 2 minutes, are you sure you've finished reading?

"Okay, let's go with this plan, you can start planning the venue!"

"Yes, Commander!"

Finally... Will breathed a sigh of relief. This scared the hell out of him.


A week later, the 100 Mother Sky Carriers of the Fourth Fleet transported the 300,000 First Fleet pilots as well as 10,000 Fourth Fleet pilots. At the same time, they also sent hundreds of media personnel from Earth as well as a large amount of professional media equipment.

As for why 100 Mother Sky Carriers can transport more than 300,000 pilots at a time, the reason lies in the fact that only people were transported, not Mechs.

As for the Mechs to be used for the competition, the First Fleet had prepared 100,000 Mechs for the exclusive use of the competition, and all participants would draw lots and use the communal Mechs they had drawn to ensure fairness.

Everything was going on in an orderly manner, and the time of the Mech Competition was set in ten days, that is, January 5, Year 60 of the Federation Calendar.

On Earth, the atmosphere was getting more and more heated these days through the constant hype of the Federation, and there were all kinds of discussions on the internet that never stopped.

Just when the atmosphere was about to reach its peak, the Federation released some information about the First Fleet to the public.

The Fourth Fleet and its commander, Liang Xingchen.

The people of the Federation have long been familiar with this, but regarding the reconstructed First Fleet, no one really knows.


The First Fleet Commander's information was made public on the official website of the Federal Fleet, which shocked the Federation.


Lin Fan, a 20-year-old Vice Admiral was the First Fleet Commander! Such news made the Federation explode.

Is this is a joke? A 20-year-old Vice Admiral, a Commander of a whole Fleet?

The Federation immediately saw the uproar and continued to add wood to the fire. They publicized more information about Lin Fan, this time, everyone was dumbfounded!

Lin Fan is hailed as a once-in-a-thousand-years military genius with a command ability that only Liang Xingchen can compare!

He is the most outstanding scientist of mankind, the developer of Artificial Gravity Device, the 2nd Generation Industrial Robots, Warp Engine, Energy Shield, Nuclear Fusion Reactor and other technologies!  

He is strongest human Mech Pilot, and will fight the eight strongest pilots in this competition in a one-on-eight battle!

The internet was not calm at all. Is the Federation really introducing a real person that exists? And not someone's imaginary character?

These introductions is too exaggerated, it's simply too absurd!


But some people say, if all this is true, then humans really gave birth to a terrifying existence!

Subsequently, the media immediately interviewed Marshal Sanders and Fourth Fleet Commander Liang Xingchen, and finally obtained the unanimous confirmation from both of them that all the information was true and not even half false.

Once the content of the interview was released, the people were shocked to the core.

Meanwhile, Lin Fan, who was far away in the Kuiper Belt, did not know that his name had already resounded throughout the Federation!

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