Chapter 57: Terrifying Effects Of The Trailer.

Lin Fan looked around and was quite satisfied by their reactions!

"Of course I'm serious, don't worry, even if eight of those little buggers teamed up, they are not my match!"

"Alright, the staff side will plan it out!"

"Liang Xue, help me contact the Presidential Palace. Tell the old man that I will transmit a live signal to him so that he can arrange for the media channels to broadcast it!"

"Commander, why would you broadcast it? It's not good to be open to the public regarding the competition within our Fleet!"

"You guys, don't you realize a problem? The Federation wants to rebuild the four Fleets. The shortage is not Warships nor Warship crews, nor civilians or logistics! The shortage is in Mech Pilots and the gap is extremely large! You have to understand that Mech Pilot as a profession has the highest percentage of casualties in the Fleet. Hence the population is reluctant to be a Mech Pilot when they join the military! That's the status quo, and I'm going to change that!"

"I understand now. By showing the competition to the public, this will set off a Mech frenzy throughout the Federation. And since the only way to drive a mighty Mech is to become a Mech Pilot..."

When Will heard Lin Fan's words, his eyes lit up. This was a wonderful idea, how on Earth did his own young Commander come up with it?

"That's right, this is what I'm aiming for! So Liang Xue, when you contact my old man, tell him about this intention as well!"

"I understand!"

"Will, you should discuss with the Fourth Fleet, and borrow their 100 Mother Sky Carriers for a short period of time. We still have a large number of pilots in the First Fleet back at Mars Base, we can't leave them out!"

"Yes, Commander!"

"Alright, the staff department will make the plan for the whole Mech Competition within a week, the meeting is adjourned!"

The next day, at Earth's Presidential Palace, Lin Zhen, Ed, and a group of staff members gathered in the conference room.

"What does everyone think of this plan of Lin Fan's?"

Lin Zhen looked at everyone who had finished reading the report and asked.

"I think it's feasible, the Federation Fleet's biggest problem at the moment is indeed as Lin Fan said, there's a serious lack of Mech Pilots. The people generally think that being a Mech Pilot is too risky, hence the number of people who want to become one is seriously insufficient every year!"

Marshal Sanders, the Commander-in-chief of the Federal Fleet, said with an excited face.

The problem regarding Mech Pilots has always been a great headache for the Federal Fleet, especially since the Federal Fleet needs one million Mech Pilots for a full formation!

However, the number of people who join the army every year to become Mech Pilots is less than 100,000, which makes the Federal Fleet feel a headache.

Not to mention the casualties during battles, even the first batch of Mechs after the reconstruction of the four Fleets is not enough and still far!

With Lin Fan's proposed plan, it will probably create a wave of Mech Pilots in the Federation. If anyone dares to disagree with the plan, then this 80-year-old marshal will definitely greet that person with his fists and prove that his old bones are still as lively as ever!

"Indeed, I have also heard the problem of Mech Pilots. Rebuilding the four major Fleets, in terms of the current number of Pilots, we can only meet 30%. The problem is serious! Therefore, I strongly agree with this suggestion of Lin Fan!"

Ed also spoke in support, yesterday his daughter had contacted him.

Not that he can refuse his daughter!


Looking at the Vice President and the old Marshal taking a stand in support, and the fact that this plan is really a great help to the Federation, the other staff naturally have no reason to oppose. Saying otherwise is just offending many people.

So, everyone voted unanimously by a show of hands!

That night, the President's Office announced a news to the whole Federation.

The Federation Fleet will hold a grand Mech competition, the strongest Mech Pilots from the entire Federation Fleet will gather together. It will be broadcasted live!

The Federation also released a special trailer sent by Lin Fan, starring Lin Fan and the 300 Elite Pilots on board the Uranus displaying a dazzling battle in the Kuiper Belt.

Once the trailer was released, it directly blinded the eyes of the entire Federation.

Watching the hundreds of Mechs weaving and battling at high speed through the many planetary debris in the Kuiper Belt made everyone's blood boil.

The entire Federation was abuzz with excitement!

"What the–  are Mech battles always this spectacular?"

"This kind of competition is really exciting, much more exciting than those sports games! I'll definitely watch it!"

"This scene makes me want to join the army and join the Mech Unit!"

"Ah, no, I have to go to the recruiting office to sign up now!"


"Oiii, the comment above me, are you even physically up to par with the requirements? Mech Pilots have high requirements for reaction and speed!"

"I've already signed up, there is a recruiting office just downstairs from my house. The recruitment does not look at physical quality. It seems that as long as you join, the Federation has a way to improve your physical quality."

"Hmm? This exist? Could it be that a Gene Enhancement Medicine has been developed?"

"It is possible, otherwise why would they not look at the physical quality when recruiting?"

Various comments and remarks immediately filled the Internet, it was very lively.

The next morning, the Federation staff found something that shocked them beyond measure.

In all the recruiting offices, there were long lines and at some points, the queues were even several blocks long.

Then, three days later, something that made the old Marshal Sanders both happy and painful appeared.

In just three days, more than 5 million people have signed up to join the Federation Fleet's Mech Unit through various recruiting offices.

This was just because of a trailer for the Mech competition...

When the real competition starts, after the live broadcast, how many people will sign up ah?!

Not to mention then, even the current 5 million people are enough for the Federation to rebuild the four Fleets and still have a surplus of more than 2 million people.

Old Marshal Sanders did not really know whether to laugh or cry.

Laugh because of joy as the Federation Fleet's biggest problem has been solved in just three days' time.

Cry because of pain as there are many people that cannot be assigned into the army. And the recruitment office queue is still growing longer! As for how many people will sign up in the end, it is estimated that there will be more than 30 million people!

If even 5 million people can not be assigned, what more if there are 30 million people? That's like taking the old Sanders' life!

In desperation, Sanders had no choice but to send down an order!

"The current round of Mech Pilot recruitment is over!"

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