Chapter 56: Boredom.

Three days had passed since the Third Asteroid Belt War.

At this time, Lin Fan had already constructed the defense line of the 2 Star Paths.



[Ultimate Assessment Task for the Novice State (First Stage) Completed: Drive the Ochs Empire out of the Solar System]!



[The Host completed the Task far earlier than the given Task Time Limit]!

[Obtained Hidden Reward]!

[Obtained Personal Ability: Warship Piloting – Initial Rank B]!



[Releasing Ultimate Assessment Task for the Novice State (Second Stage): Overthrow the Ochs Empire. Task Time Limit: 10 Years! (No reward for this Task, the Host needs to complete all three Stages of the Ultimate Assessment Task of the Novice State before obtaining the reward. Completion Reward: System upgrade to the official version)]!

The first stage of the Ultimate Assessment Task for the Novice State is finally completed, but the second stage is to destroy the entire Ochs Empire! What will the System want me to do in the third stage then? Unify the Orion's Branch Arm?!

Lin Fan couldn't help but feel a headache. Who has ever seen such an exaggerated Novice State Assessment Task?

"System, open the Attribute Panel, let me take a look!"

[Host: Lin Fan]

[Strength: 350]

[Agility: 350]

[Reflex: 350]

[Stamina: 350]

[Mind: 350]

[Intelligence: 380]

(Note: Normal people's attributes are 50-100)

[Lifespan: 500 Years]

[Brain Development: 30%]

[Command Abilities: Artillery Command (A), Evasive Command (A), Formation Command (S), mech command (A)]

[Personal Abilities: Mech Piloting (S), Warship Piloting (B)]

[System Storage: None]


[Ultimate Assessment Task for the Novice State (Second Stage): Overthrow the Ochs Empire. Task Time Limit: 10 Years! (No reward for this Task, the Host needs to complete all three Stages of the Ultimate Assessment Task of the Novice State before obtaining the reward. Completion Reward: System upgrade to the official version)]!

Lin Fan looked at his Command Abilities. Not much difference from before, mainly because it is too difficult to upgrade after Rank A.

For the Formation Command to reach the current rank, Lin Fan spent nearly a year. First, in the Military Academy, he compiled a complete set of textbooks. Then, he helped the Fleet compile a textbook for the Thousand Array Formation.


In addition to that, in order to compose the Thousand Array Formation, Lin Fan had conducted thousands of training sessions related to formations in the System in the past year.

Only then did he reach the System's Rank S standard. This just shows the difficulty of the promotion.

As for the S to the SS Rank?

Sorry, he doesn't even think about it for now.

Lin Fan used the reward of the System Task, Personal Ability Enhancement Card, to upgrade his Mech Piloting to Rank S, and after that he also carried out a full ten days of Mech Piloting training in the System.

But what was the result? His Mech Piloting ability only gained 0.3%!

This super exaggerated upgrade difficulty made Lin Fan speechless.

Hence, Lin Fan decided to spend the next few years first upgrading all his Command Abilities to Rank S. As for the new Personal Ability Reward, Warship Piloting, Lin Fan is speechless, why would he learn this?!


Is this the same as the show in his previous life where the Warship Pilot had to pilot a Mech, leaving the Commander pilot the Warship? 

Totally bullshit!


Well, since the beginning, the System has never given an ability that isn't meaningful, so regardless of bullshit, if he has time he'll upgrade it to Rank A!

Putting aside the System, Lin Fan is now considering another thing.

Honestly, it's boring to be stationed here, there's not even a Starport.

Before the people sent by the Base Camp arrive here and build the Starport Group, he can only stay in the Warship. It is really boring. He must do something, but what to do in this environment?

Come to think of it, he heard Bai Zixuan say before that a batch of new Mechs are being manufactured, and their combat power is much stronger than the mass-produced type currently used by the Fleet.

Well, this can be used ah!

Thinking of this, he pressed the communication button on the table.

"Liang Xue, inform the staff. There will be a meeting in the conference room in ten minutes, you also come along!"

"Yes, Commander!"

After ending the order, Lin Fan continued to refine the details of the plan in his head and headed to the conference room within the Uranus.

"En, now that everyone is here, let's get right to it!"

When Lin Fan walked into the conference room, he saw that Adjutant Liang Xue, Chief of Staff Will, and all 9 Staff Officers had already arrived.

"As you all know, we need to be stationed on the Star Path defense line for ten months, and there is no Starport to rest during this period unlike the Mars base where there is Mars City where the staff can go down and relax. This situation cannot go on for a long time!"

"What does Commander have in mind?"

Will knew that since Lin Fan had already summoned them over, he must have already had an idea.

This meeting should also be to put together the details, as well as the specifics.

"Indeed, I have an idea, I want to hold a Mech Competition! Under our existing conditions, is there anything to compete that can be more sensational than Mech battles?"

"En, the Commander is right. If the Mech battles are carried out in a competitive way, it is absolutely unparalleled in terms of motivation and entertainment. It can even be said that if there is such a game on the Earth, no one will watch football!"

"But what about the venue? We don’t have the materials to build a dedicated competition venue right now!"


"Do not worry about this, Will, did you forget where we are right now?"

"The Kuiper Belt?"

It was at this time that Will understood Lin Fan's meaning.

The Fleet is currently in the Kuiper belt that's a natural Mech Arena!

The environment here is more complex than the asteroid belt and quite unfriendly to Warships, but to Mechs, this is simply a natural battlefield made for them!

"That's right, the Kuiper Belt! And I am going to set a reward for the victor, that is, the new type of Mechs that's being produced by Old Bai!"

"Well, if these are used as rewards, I think those people in the Mech Unit will definitely go crazy!"

"Haha, that's the effect we want!"

"Then, can I make a suggestion?"

A nice-sounding female voice suddenly sounded in the conference room. Everyone turned their heads and found that it was Emma who was sitting behind Will. She was raising her little hand.

Lin Fan looked at Emma's somewhat slightly nervous smiling face and smiled at her!

"Of course!"

"It's like this, recently there have been rumors in the Fleet that the Commander is the number one human Mech Pilot! Of course, this is still very much debated within the Fleet. So I wonder if we can add a link at the end of this Mech Competition where the winner can have the power to challenge the Commander!"

"How about it, our dear Mech Pilot Commander, do you have confidence?"

Liang Xue, on the other hand, said softly to Lin Fan with a sneer on the side.

How can Lin Fan reject this?


"How about this, when the staff designs the competition, the final eight strongest pilots will be decided, and then in the final match, I will meet their challenges one-on-eight!"

"Commander, one versus eight? Are you serious?"

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