Chapter 55: Recapturing The Solar System.

Solar System, Asteroid Belt Area 039, Federation Fleet Front.

"Commander, a message from Commander Lin via Secret Line #3!"

"Pass it through!"

"Our Fleet has broken through the enemy's Middle Fleet, Adam's Flagship has also been confirmed to be destroyed. Execute plan number 3!"

"Good, Jiang Hai, how much longer is the enemy Fleet expected to arrive at the range of fire?"

"Reporting, 152 seconds!"

"That's enough, order the Fleet to deploy horizontally according to plan number 3."


Speaking of which, the destruction of the Middle Fleet made the formation of the Third Legion become an inverted V. Correspondingly, Liang Xingchen had arranged his Fleet into a single line.

In the eyes of the normal Commanders, this action of Liang Xingchen was absolutely foolish, anyone would know that the conical formation like that of their enemy could easily tear a huge opening and separate his fleet!

152 seconds later, both sides opened fire. The Third Legion showed no sign of slowing down, still advancing at a speed of nearly 4,000 kilometers per second. Clearly they want to crash into the Federation's Fleets, simply a desperate fight.

"Jiang Hai, cooperate with the enemy upon impact, make the Fleet spread out to both sides! Remember to act as if we are actually forced by them!"


Three minutes later, the conehead portion of the Third Legion slammed into the center of Liang Xingchen's defense line, and the middle fleet collapsed at the first touch, scattering to both sides, and the entire formation was torn open leaving a huge gap.

It was a pity that Adam was not there anymore, otherwise this acting would definitely have been seen through.

"Well played, now follow the established route of plan number three and have the divided fleet spread out vertically on each of its two sides!"


Not long after the Third Legion tore a hole in the Federation fleet's defense line and broke through, the Warships at their front exploded one after another.

Only then did the temporary Commander of the Third Legion react to the fact that a super large minefield had been arranged behind the human fleet!

If they continue, they will blow up a large part of themselves!

The temporary Commander immediately gave the order to stop advancing, but after stopping he was shocked to find that his Fleet had been completely surrounded.

Now Lin Fan and Liang Xingchen had converged and together formed a square encirclement, of which three sides were Lin Fan's Fleet and Liang Xingchen's Fleet that was separated into two parts, while the fourth side was the minefield.

Without giving the Third Legion any chance to turn, Lin Fan and Liang Xingchen launched an all-out attack. The back, and left and right sides of the Third Legion were attacked separately, and a large number of Warships were destroyed by the second.

This formation was designed by Lin Fan from the beginning. It was very simple, he used Liang Xingchen and all the old battleships as bait to attract Adam's Fleet!

While the Third Legion would look for a breakthrough, Lin Fan, who was 2AU away, led all the new types of Warships to warp directly over and conduct a start their harvest.

Although the Third Legion had been encouraged by Adam to become a daring Fleet and they bravely broke through, however, after the loss of Adam, this daring Fleet exposed a fatal weakness.

That is, after they broke through, they didn't know what to do. They also don't have a capable enough Commander like Adam to command adjustments.


At this moment, coupled with the four-sided encircling formation, the determination of the Third Legion instantly changed into despair!

The Third Legion was in complete chaos just like what Lin Fan had expected. Except for the scattered return fire, most of their Warships were continuously being slaughtered by the Federation Fleets in three directions.

Especially Lin Fan's Fleet. With 6,000 Snow Leopards, they simply bombarded the Third Legion into oblivion.

Twenty minutes later, the last Warship of the Third Legion got destroyed and the signal of victory on the human's side in the Third Asteroid Belt War!

Of course, Lin Fan and Liang Xingchen would not go back to the Mars Base yet. Because after cleaning up the battlefield, they would go straight to the Ochs Empire's Jupiter Base.

Two days later.

The First and Fourth Fleet arrived at Jupiter with a total of 29,800 Warships.

Though, even in the entire Jupiter Base, there was not much resistance.

It was only after a large number of Mechs that attacked and took control of the Starports.


It turns out that in Adam's attack this time, he took all the people and Warships, even those injured/damaged.

After controlling the Jupiter Base, Liang Xingchen led the Fourth Fleet and the old Warships of the First Fleet to clean up the mess at Jupiter.

Lin Fan, on the other hand, took the 5600 new Warships of the First Fleet and headed straight for Saturn, using the speed advantage of the Warp Engines to take out the outposts of the Third Legion on Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

The garrison in these bases is not much, not more than 1,000 Warships. 


After completing the suppression of the three planets, Lin Fan brought his Fleet to the Kuiper Belt.

The two entrances to the Solar System's Star Paths were here, leading to Proxima and Barnard respectively.

According to the previous discussion between Lin Fan and Liang Xingchen, he needed to station himself here for ten months until the First Fleet changed to the refitting mission of the new type of Warships before changing the defense.

While Lin Fan was busy establishing a defense line at the entrance of the Star Path, a huge Fleet was slowly sailing out through the Star Path in the Tepi Star System 22 light years away.

This Fleet consisted of 300,000 Warships, the full-fledged Fourth Legion, which had been ordered to change defenses from the Kabat Empire's front several years ago.

"Commander Isa, we just received the latest news from the Empire, the Ninth Prince has died!"

"Hmm? How come?"

"The news said that the Ninth Prince was killed in the Solar System, and His Majesty also ordered the execution of the entire Third Legion, but thanks to the advice of Minister Ross, it turned out that only Commander Adam was executed."

"Adam was executed?"

Isa stared incredulously, his friendship with Adam was very good. So to suddenly hear that his good friend was executed by His Majesty was shocking!

"How much further are we from the Solar System?"

"There are still 22 light years of straight line distance, 28 light years of Star Parth journey, it is expected to take almost more than 9 years."

"OK, no delays on the way, arrive as fast as you can! I want to personally avenge Adam!"

"Yes, Commander!"

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