Chapter 47: Asteroid Belt War II (Finale).

Adam was in deep thought.

Just how much power had the humans hidden? Their current number of Warships add up to about 60,000 Warships, right?

However, this should be the last of the humans' power, otherwise the Fleet that suddenly popped out in front of then should've been more than 5000 ships! After all, if they have 10,000, 20,000 Warships, the humans can definitely wipe them out.

Nonetheless, even though it is only 5,000Warships, their casualties will still increase.

"Notify the Fleet, the 5000 Warships ahead should be the last strength of the humans, break through!"


Soon, the forefront of the Adam's Fleet barged into the 5000 Warships Array. But unexpectedly, the expected duel to the death didn't happen, instead they easily tore a hole in the other human's array.

"Quickly, we have broken through the opponent's array, the rest of the Fleet immediately follow!"

Although Adam had some doubts on how they broke through easily, there was currently no time to think. Adam immediately ordered the rest of the Fleet to follow and rush out from this opening they've made.

At the same time, inside the bridge of Flagship Uranus.

"Commander, your acting is too good!"

"But then again, if you want to trick Adam, you have to be good!"

As it turns out, Adam's Fleet didn't easily break Liang Xingchen's 5000 Warship Array, but instead Liang Xingchen purposely made them breakthrough by gradually separating the 5000 Warship Array into 2 parts. Hence, it looked like Adam really made an opening!

If this were at some other time, Adam might have realized something was wrong, but at this time, his Third Legion was fleeing frantically. Adam does not have time to think about it!

After Liang Xingchen's 5000 Warships Array separated to the left and right, they turned towards the Adam's Fleet that was passing in the middle and fired.

Lin Fan and the 4000+ Warships (the ones that were originally at the left and right front of Adam's Fleet) that's under Jiang Hai's command turned and merged together as they bite the tail of Adam's Fleet from behind!

But why did Lin Fan and Jiang Hai each have only 4,000 Warships instead of 10,000 Warships? Obviously the remaining number of Warships were camouflaged Mechas, just like Lin Fan's first simulated battle with Liang Xingchen.

The initial 3 Fleets, which totals to about 35,000 Warships, were also camouflaged Mechas. The only real Warships on the battlefield were only about 14,000 Warships, commanded by Lin Fan, Jiang Hai and Liang Xingchen.

At this moment, the humans formed a three-sided attack.

It wasn't until half an hour later that Adam's Fleet finally broke away from the human encirclement at full speed and scurried away.

"Report immediately, how much is the damage?"

"Commander Adam, our battle damage has now exceeded 40,000 Warships, and half of the remaining 40,000+ Warships are damaged!"

As Adam listened to the report from his men, his heart bled.

Nearly half of their Warships were gone, even among their remaining Warships, about 20,000 Warships suffered damage and can not exert 100% of their capabilities!

Adam looked at the tactical panel and saw the 60,000 human Warships combined and were chasing them.

How should they fight this?


Is this their fate? Liang Xingchen is indeed his nemesis.

Adam sighed and couldn't help but think so.

"Order the Fleet to return to Jupiter Base!"


After giving the order, Adam sat back down in his position.

He wanted to take the Third Fleet and find a way out but couldn't find anything that would work.

Alas, he got nothing else but to accompany his men and face His Majesty's punishment!

The Fourth Fleet have a symbolic chase after they gave up.

If they continued chasing and Adam's Fleet suddenly turned around and kamikaze, that would be disastrous!

Hence they are just chasing for show as to force them back and make them retreat. The results of the battle is already significant enough. With less than 1,000 Warships lost, they managed to take out more than 40,000 enemy Warships!

This battle loss ratio has reached 1:40 which dwarfs the previous Asteroid Belt War that only has 1:10 ratio and made Liang Xingchen a Military Legend.

After stopping their pursuit, the Fourth Fleet turned back to the battlefield and carried out rescue work. Surprisingly, they managed to save a lot of people.

This was probably because Adam's Fleet had been forced to only use secondary weapons to return fire which limited their firepower.

That's why most of the damaged Warships were only paralyzed by the fight and was not destroyed. Hence, many people are still alive!

After cleaning the battlefield, the Fourth Fleet embarked on a journey back to Mars Base!


Earth, Federation's Presidential Palace!

At this moment, Lin Zhen, Ed and the rest of his staff were waiting anxiously in the conference room.

"Has the battle report from the frontline not come yet? It's been several days!"
[Knock... Knock... Knock...]

No sooner after Ed said those words, knocks sounded from the door!

"Come in!"

"Reporting, the battle report from the Fourth Fleet has been received!"

"Read it quickly!"

As soon as Lin Zhen heard that it was the battle report from the Fourth Fleet, he immediately stood up and shouted. The others also looked nervously at the visitor!

"On February 7, the main force of the Fourth Fleet encountered the Vanguard Fleet of the Ochs Empire in Asteroid Belt Area 016 and engaged in a fierce battle! In accordance to the strategy planned by Rear Admiral Lin Fan, with a loss of less than 5,000 Warships, they have destroyed 30,000 Warships of the opponents."

(T/N: It appears that I have mistranslated Lin Fan's rank in the previous chapters, he's currently only a Rear Admiral which is one rank below Vice Admiral. I'm sorry for the mistake.)

"On February 9, the Fourth Fleet penetrated deep into the Asteroid Belt, and in accordance to the strategy proposed by Rear Admiral Lin Fan, they set up multiple ambushes on the route of Adam's Fleet and in the end destroyed 43,000 enemy Warships in exchange for a loss of 1,000 Warships. They then forced the remainder of Adam's Fleet back to Jupiter!"

"Currently, the Fourth Fleet is on its way back to Mars Base."

For a moment, everyone in the conference room was confused! Where was the expected desperate situation? Where was the expected desperate battle?

Why does this battle report sound so strange? Especially the ambush towards Adam's Fleet of 90,000 Warships. The battle damage ratio is 1:43? How did this divine battle come about?

"Is there a detailed account of the war?"


The colonel who delivered the battle report immediately took a memory card and put it into the Optical Brain in the conference room. Then, the virtual projection device immediately projected the memory card's contents which was the entire battle process!

"What the... what kind of freak is this Rear Admiral Lin Fan? He only used 14,000 Warships and disguised the rest of 60,000 Warships to set up multiple ambushes and scaring Adam into running?"

Even the thought of this sounded too exaggerated.

Not to mention this official being shocked, even Lin Fan's Father Lin Zhen was shocked. Likewise, on his side, the Federation Fleet Commander-in-chief and Vice Commander were equally frozen.

If this is not a divine battle, then what is?!

While everyone was still in shock, Ed spoke up!

"I propose that Lin Fan's rank be raised to Vice Admiral, and that he take should take command of our soon-to-be-reorganized First Fleet!"

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