Chapter 46: Asteroid Belt War II (Part 9).

The 90,000 Warships of the Ochs Empire, at the command of Adam, swooped quickly towards the Human Fleet in front of them.

"Commander Adam, 10,000 Warships in the Human Fleet are retreating, and the remaining 5,000 Warships are in a defensive formation, they look like they are using them as shield for retreat!"

"Our Warships are faster than the humans, exterminate the Human Fleet in front of us as fast as possible, then chase after the 10,000 Warships that are fleeing!"


At this moment, Adam thought his guess was right. This was indeed a coincidental encounter, and it seemed that Liang Xingchen's momentum had also run out.

Since that was the case, he'll destroy the last human resistance in one fell swoop!

Therefore, Adam ordered all their Warships to press forward like a pack of hungry wolves.

The distance between the two sides got shorter and shorter, and the Human Fleet were about to enter the fire range.

"Commander, a Human Fleet suddenly appeared on the left side of our Fleet, the number is about 10,000 Warships!"

"Commander, there is also a Human Fleet on the right side, numbering about 10,000 Warships!"

"Commander, the retreating 10,000 human Warships have turned back!"

Listening to the report of his men, Adam was a bit confused, what is this situation? How did the enemy suddenly become 35,000 Warships!

Could it be that the humans have been hiding their strength just for this moment?

Adam looked at the tactical panel. In their front was 15,000 Warships, while the left and right have 10,000 Warships respectively that are approaching their position. The enemy will soon form a 3-way crossfire circle.

This situation is unpleasant no matter which way you look at it.

"Quick, before we enter their range, immediately turn our Fleet 180 degrees, and then go full speed to get out of the human encirclement!"

A few minutes later, before they entered the range of the humans, the Forbidden Guard's Third Legion completed its turn and fled at full speed.

However, not every type of Warship has the speed. Since they are fleeing at full speed, their Fleet's formation is in disarray, which is only slightly better than a rout.

In this regard, Adam did not care, as long as they get out of this three-sided encirclement, they can always reorganize their formation.
However, another accident happened again.

"Commander, there is a Human Fleet on the left front of our Fleet, the number is about 10,000!"

"Commander, a human fleet has also appeared on the right front of our Fleet, also about 10,000!"

"What? This can't be! When did the humans get so many fleets? In addition to the ones in the back, this is already about 55,000 Warships."

"Commander, the Human Fleets that appeared on the left and right front has opened crossfire on the front of our Fleet!"

"Never mind the casualties, continue to advance in a straight line and break out first!"

Looking at the tactical panel, in addition to this, the 35,000 Warships in their rear is also constantly giving chase, so Adam gritted his teeth and ordered.

At this time, they can not stop. If they stop, they will be finished. Once the 3 Fleets in their back catch up, they will have to face the entire 55,000 Warships from five directions of fire.

In that case, the Third Legion will definitely face total annihilation. Hence, it is better to push through and lose 30,000 to 40,000 Warships.

If it was as usual, Adam would have realized that the firepower in their left and right front was weaker than the strength that 10,000 Warships should be dishing out, it's not even half of it.

However, Doren's death and the sudden appearance of 55,000 human Warships completely disturbed his heart and he could no longer calmly judge the details of the battlefield.

Just like that, their 90,000 Warships faced the crossfire in 2 directions, and in a scattered formation, they fled quickly towards the vacant position in the center.

At this moment, inside the Flagship Uranus, Lin Fan was maintaining communication with Liang Xingchen.

"I really admire you kid, using Mechas to disguise as Warships is just amazing. Adam is probably confused right now."

"Well, the death of Doren, as well as the sudden appearance of Warships that exceeded the expected number certainly helped. Psychological warfare is also an important part of war!"

"But the number of Warships of the Ochs Empire is still too many, completely wiping them out is not quite realistic!"

"Commander, we don't need to completely wipe them out, we just need to destroy enough to scare them back to Jupiter."

"En, you're right, as long as we can take out half of his fleet this time, we've achieved our goal!"

"Commander, it's almost time for you to put on a show!"

"Okay, I'll do it when half of Adams' Fleet passes your ambush point."

"Alas, we have too few Warships, if we have 10,000 more, we could definitely destroy them all!"

"It's not easy for the Federation in these years and we can only build more than 2,000 Warships per year, fortunately, now with your industrial robots, building 10,000 Warships per year is no longer a problem. And it will only get better after that, for now, let's fight this war first!"

"Yes, Commander!"
While the two men were talking, Adam was gloomy!

"Commander Adam, 1/3 of the Fleet has already passed through the crossfire!"

"How many casualties are there so far?"

"About 7000 ships have been lost!"

Adam's heart was dripping with blood. Just like that, 7000 Warships are gone, and not even a single shot was fired from the main guns!

That's because the main guns can not turn 360 degrees, it's only up to 15 degrees with fine-tuning.

This is why when Warship attacks, they must face the enemy head-on.

But the situation right now clearly does not allow them to do so. The two Fleets on their left and right front are firing at themselves, and the only way they can do that is to pass quickly between them and then put some distance.

If they turn and attack any one of the Fleet, it will inevitably slow them down. Once slowed down, the ones chasing behind will bite their @sses.

That's why Adam can only quickly retreat while only using the secondary guns to return fire.

Ten minutes later, 2/3 of the Fleet had already passed through the crossfire of the enemy.

"What is the damage now?"

"Reporting to Commander-in-chief, about 15,000 Warships have been lost so far!"

15,000, it was much better than what he expected.

Adam had originally prepared to lose 30,000-40,000 Warships so he should have lost 20,000-30,000 by now. However, his subordinates only reported only 15,000 losses. This naturally surprised Adam. 

If the losses were so small, perhaps after breaking away from the encirclement and pulling away, they could turn their Fleet for another duel, after all, their Fleet still outnumbered the humans.

But why are the losses so small? With 20,000 ships attacking them, why is it only 15,000 ships that was taken down?

But before Adam could properly think about the reason, a change happened again.

"Commander Adam, another Human Fleet appeared in front of our Fleet, the number is about 5,000. They are arranged a thickened array, it seems that they want to block us!"

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