Chapter 44: Asteroid Belt War II (Part 7).

On the main battlefield, 2 new Fleets joined the fray.

Although the number of Warships of these 2 new Fleets was very small compared to the Fourth Fleet and the Ochs Empire Fleet, but through Liang Xingchen's layout, the Ochs Empire Fleet is currently in a state where it is completely unable to move around and can only keep moving around in a circle.

So when these 2 Fleets arrived, they revealed their deadly fangs.

"Reporting, the Fleet is now in position, the Ochs Empire's fleet will enter our range of fire in 1 minute."

"Very well, when they enter the range, fire immediately. Convey this order to the Fleet on the other side as well!"


After Lin Fan gave the order, he continued to look at the virtual tactical panel. The two Support Fleets A and B were currently located on the left and right sides of Formation, so the Fourth Fleet and the Ochs Empire Empire would take turns in passing in front of the two Support Fleets and would expose their flanks.

When the Ochs Empire Fleet pass, it will be time for the Support Fleets to open fire.

One minute later.


After the main force of the Fourth Fleet passed, Lin Fan decisively gave the order to open fire at the upcoming Ochs Empire Fleet. 
The Flank was a very vulnerable area, hence the Warships led by Lin Fan not only had a high hit rate, but also had a considerable number of kill count!

On the other side, when the main fleet of the Ochs Empire entered their range of fire, Support Fleet B also delivered heavy attacks from the flank, dealing heavy damage!

Ten minutes later, the Ochs Empire Fleet was finally out of the Support Fleets' range. Nonetheless, the battle damage left Cody somewhat devastated.

"Commander, in that round of attack, the Main Fleet lost 4800 Warships while the Sub-fleet lost 3200. If this continues, we will be finished in 3 to 4 rounds."

"At this point, we can only fight. In the next time we pass those 2 Fleets' range immediately turn the Fleet towards their direction. As long as we are fast enough and break into its array, we can avoid being flanked by the human fleet at our rear."

At this moment, Cody is ready to take a chance, because if not now and they continue to maintain their current Formation, then they would get destroyed 3 to 4 turns later, not to mention turn the rides around.

Of course, the risk of this fight is large. If they did not break into the Support Fleet in time, their exposed backs would be welcome for the stabbings of the human Fleet in their rear.
The Fleet in their rear is not numbered 2,000 ships like the Support Fleets but nearly 10,000 ships. Once they fail to break through and their flank is exposed, in a very short time, it will lead to the defeat of the entire Fleet.

But does Cody have a choice? No, there was no choice but to fight.

Ten minutes later, seeing that they were about to enter the range of the Support Fleets, Cody gritted his teeth and gave the order.

"Maintain speed, turn to the right in an arc, and begin the assault, target the human Support Fleet."


The Ochs Empire Fleet immediately began to turn to the right, cutting an arc in the void towards the human Support Fleet.

"Reporting, the Ochs Empire Fleet started to turn, they should be trying to break into our array."

"Well that's as expected, the enemy will definitely want to risk it all. But since they are turning like this, they don't have time to form an assault formation, so they still need to maintain a single array. Meaning the only Warships that can fire are the ones at the front which is less than 10% of their total number."

"Should we make all the Fleets close together in the middle to increase the thickness of our Formation and prevent the other side from breaking through?"

"No, if we do that, we also won't be left with Warships that can fire, and even if we can block the opponent's surprise entry, our loss will be great."

"So what should we do?"

"Adjust the Fleet Formation, arrange 1400 Warships in the middle array, and 500 Warships on the left and right sides respectively in an inverted zigzag distribution and forming a 3-directional crossfire network against the enemy's front Warships! Inform Fleet B of this tactic as well."


At this moment, the front in Cody's Fleet had already circled around and aimed at the human Support Fleet.

"Commander, the human Support Fleet has changed formation!"

"Not good!"

Cody looked at the screen and was also alarmed.

The human Support Fleet had separated into 3 divisions, of which the largest division was located in the front of their own Fleet, while two smaller divisions were on the left and right.
It was obvious that the humans did not want to thicken their formation and clump together in order to stop their breakthrough, but instead is intent on using the maximum crossfire to do so.
If the humans thickened their formation, Cody would not be worried, after all, if they did that then the Warships that could fire would be less and they just bulldoze through.
But the other side did not choose to thicken the formation, but arranged a three-directional crossfire. He severely miscalculated.

Currently, they are in a tight formation, and only about 500 Warships can fire, so how can they withstand the opponent's 2400 Warships' crossfire?

Should they stop and form an assault formation before continuing on advancing? That's impossible. This was a battle of time and speed. Once they stopped, the human Fleet in their rear will immediately bite their flanks and by then they would be finished.

It seems that the only way to escape is to charge hard, as much as possible, and rely on the asteroid belt's terrain and wait for Lord Adam's Support Fleet to arrive!

Cody, who had made up his mind, immediately ordered the Fleet not to care about casualties and just make a desperate charge.

Meanwhile, inside the flagship of the Fourth Fleet.

"This kid Lin Fan is really something, if it were me, I would probably just thicken the formation and expend some casualties in exchange for delaying the opponent!"

Liang Xingchen looked at Lin Fan's change of formation and couldn't help but sigh, this kid's tactics were always so brainy, just like the one he once showed at the graduation exam, which made himself suffer a big loss at that time.

"Adjutant, tell the front half of the Fleet to head to Area 045 and attack from the right side rear of the enemy, while the rear half of the Fleet will head to Area 020; about 10 million kilometers forward before turning in Area 090 and attack the other enemy's tail. We will cooperate with Lin Fan and come into a three-sided encirclement, also inform the first to fifth Sub-fleet to do the same."


Jiang Hai couldn't help but admire Lin Fan at this moment, this kid was just 20 years old but he planned such things so beautifully. 

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