Chapter 10: First Actual Combat.

The Federation has Industrial Robots, but it is relatively basic.

Although the efficiency is higher than that of manual labour, there are a lot of shortcomings such as high cost, low versatility, etc., which has caused it to be unable to promote on a large scale.

The Industrial Robot Technology given to Lin Fan by the system is different. Compared with human workers, the efficiency is increased by about 5 times on average, and it is flexible and precise.

More importantly, the overall price is low. For the material alone, it has also given relevant new formulas, which are definitely currently available to humans in large quantities and can be produced and used on large scale.

After Bai Zixuan finished reading, his eyes seemed to light up. He immediately contacted Liang Xingchen and asked to continue to increase his manpower.

After the scientific research team's affairs were settled, Liang Xue took Lin Fan to the commander's office.

"My office is nearby, you can call me if you need something!"

This is what Liang Xue said right after she leads him to his office. Then there is no more and Liang Xue has already gone out.

Lin Fan shook his head and looked around. There were a bedroom and bathroom, which is very good.

Why does he need to confirm the bedroom and bathroom first? Because what Lin Fan is going to do next may cause problems if he's without a bedroom and bathroom.

He closed the door of the office and took out the tube of Gene Enhancement Potion from the System Storage. It was sky blue and looked pretty. Lin Fan then drank it.

He remembers that when he read novels in his previous life, those who used Gene Enhancement Potion end up in either one of the two situations.

They suddenly feel sleepy, or they discharging toxins all over their body and they would give off a bad smell.

This is why Lin Fan checked whether the office has its own bedroom and bathroom.

He sat in the seat and closed his eyes. A few minutes later...

"Why am I not sleepy and my body also didn't excrete any toxins?"

"System, open the Properties Panel."

[Host: Lin Fan]

[Power: 350]

[Agility: 350]

[Response: 350]

[Physical Strength: 350]

[Spirit: 350]

[IQ: 380]

[Note: Normal people has attributes between 50-100]

[Lifespan: 500 years]

[Brain development: 20%]

[Command Abilities: Artillery Command (B), Evasive Command (C), Formation Command (A), Mecha Command (C)]

[Task 1: Destroy a total of 500 Ochs Empire warships. Current progress: 0/500. (Completion Reward: Energy Shield Technology)]

[Task 2: Raise rank to at least General. (Completion Reward: Primary Gene Enhancement Potion Technology)]

"My lifespan is 500 years, not bad, but there seems to be no change in body shape?"

Lin Fan took off his clothes and stood in front of a mirror, he looked at his body in confusion.

Alas, life is really full of wonders and whenever you don’t lock the door, something will inevitably happen!

At this time, the office door was suddenly opened. Lin Fan turned and looked over and found that it was Liang Xue.

Huh? Why is your face a little red?

Then the next second, Lin Fan realized something. He looked down and immediately put on a pair of shorts.

The atmosphere in the office suddenly became very embarrassing.

"This is a misunderstanding..."

"Sorry Commander, I don't know you have a habit of working naked."

After she said that, she took a step back and closed the door.


Several black lines instantly formed on Lin Fan's forehead.

He put on his clothes and returned to his seat. He pressed the communication button on the table.

"Lieutenant Liang, come to my office."

Ten seconds later, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in!"

Liang Xue opened the door and walked in. The blush on her face was gone, and she had changed back to that frozen face.

"Commander, what's the matter?"

"I think I must tell you seriously. It was a misunderstanding. I don't have that strange habit!"

"It doesn't matter whether the commander has that kind of habit or not, as long as it doesn't affect the mission, I don't care!"


Lin Fan feels that he is working with a block of ice. In comparison, Emma is cuter.

Just when the two didn't have any more topic to talk, Lin Fan's communicator rang and saw that it was Liang Xingchen. He immediately picked it up.


"Lin Fan, although you have just taken your position, there is an urgent task that requires the 101st Mixed Fleet to be dispatched immediately."

"Yes! Commander, please give the order!"

"The situation is like this. We have 30 resource-gathering ships that encountered the Ochs Empire fleet in the Asteroid Belt Area 279. They are currently hiding in an asteroid group and waiting for rescue. I have sent the specific information to your Tactical Brain (the wristband thingy). You can take a closer look at it on the way."

"Understood, the 101st Mixed Fleet will set off immediately."

"This is your first actual combat, be cautious!"

"Yes! Commander, please rest assured!"

After hanging up, Lin Fan glanced at Liang Xue, who nodded and immediately operated on her Tactical Brain.

Soon the entire base sounded a Level 1 Combat Alert.

Although it is maddening communicating with her, she is reliable when it comes to tasks.

The two then left the office and ran towards the dock.

The Flagship of the 101st Mixer Fleet was one of the battlecruisers, and the two soon boarded it.

After arriving at the bridge, the command team was already there. After Lin Fan looked around the entire bridge, he sat in the captain's position, while Liang Xue stood beside him.

"Adjutant, when is the fleet ready to depart?"

"Reporting, it is estimated that it will take another 17 seconds to start."

There is something about this woman, and she can scan all the reports of the warships in an instant. She can also estimate the results accurately to the second!

Lin Fan looked at Liang Xue and couldn't help but appreciate such talent!

"Commander, please focus on the task!"

"Sigh... your character is really bad... I have decided, I will correct your character after coming back this time!"

"Reporting, the fleet is ready to go, we can now depart!"

Liang Xue just ignored what Lin Fan said and gave a serious report!

"Alright, depart and head towards the Asteroid Belt Area 279 at full speed."


Lin Fan calculated the distance from their destination from here to be about 0.2AU. With the current fleet's maximum speed of 3000KM/S, it would take about 3 hours to arrive. He can only hope that the resource team can hold on for 3 hours without being discovered.

While the fleet was advancing Lin Fan was not idle. He was looking at the terrain data of Mining Area 279. As a Commander, understanding the combat terrain is a compulsory course before each battle.

This is an area with a lot of asteroids. A large fleet is completely unable to pass normally. Only a small fleet of no more than 200 warships can barely sail here.

The environment here is also extremely complicated. There are too many places to hide and if you rush in directly, it is easy to be ambushed by the enemy.

Lin Fan guessed that the opponent's main purpose must be to ambush the supporting fleet, not to destroy the 30 resource-gathering ships.

Because, if the other party’s purpose is the resource-gathering ships, there is no need to deploy so many warships. A small fleet of fewer than 10 ships is enough.

But Lin Fan saw in the mission report that it was mentioned in the signal for help that the opposing team had 200 warships!

"Hehe, baiting the mouse to catch the cat eyyy? Then let's play!"

"Adjutant, adjust the fleet's course, target asteroid belt Area 280!"

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