Chapter 26: Lin Fan and Liang Xue's Past.




"Come in!"

Liang Xue walked in, and a little panic could be clearly seen from her face.

Ever since the end of the battle, Liang Xue had remembered what she had done in the cockpit of Lin Fan's mecha, hence she had been avoiding Lin Fan somewhat intentionally.

She didn't expect to be called by him so soon. After all, this was a call order from her Commander and as his Adjutant she couldn't refuse. She was very flustered.

"Close the door!"

Lin Fan glanced at Liang Xue who had a slightly flustered face.

It was the first time Lin Fan saw this expression on her. Lin Fan even doubted whether he had a problem and if he's seeing things.

"Sit down!"

Seeing Liang Xue closing the door, Lin Fan pointed to the sofa in the office and said.

After sitting down, Liang Xue lowered her head slightly, not daring to look at Lin Fan. Her hands were on her legs and was fumbling about.

Lin Fan walked over and looked at Liang Xue's appearance with interest.

"You should have confirmed fron your father that I did not lie to you, right?"

"Yes, I asked on the way back!"

"Then can you tell me now, what did I say eleven years ago? After all, I have no memory before nine years old! It's not like I made a vow when I was 8 years old, right?"

Lin Fan, who originally wanted to make a joke to ease the atmosphere, suddenly found that Liang Xue raised her head and stared at him.

Liang Xue's eyes were clearly saying, 'you did.'


Lin Fan looked at Liang Xue's eyes and asked carefully.

Liang Xue nodded slightly.

'My God, I did? We made a vow at each other at the age of 8?'

Lin Fan held his head and feeling a headache.

'Wait... headache? Isn't this a beauty? Why would should I have a headache?'

His view of Liang Xue was not as bad as before. Since the last time he saw her smile on the bridge, he can't forget it and wanted to see it again.

At this moment, Lin Fan remembered the painting scene in the bridge and in the cockpit of the mecha...

Well, it seems that there is really no need for any headaches.

"Liang Xue, now that you know that I have no memory before the age of nine. If possible, can you tell me about the past?"

Lin Fan walked over and sat next to Liang Xue. He looked at her and said.

The latter nodded slightly and began to talk.

It was when Lin Fan was 8 years old. Lin Zhen was not yet the President of the Federation and Liang Xingchen was not yet a famous military legend. The two families were still living in a compound.

Little Lin Fan was always tailing Liang Xue who is 3 years older than him. Always saying that he will Liang Xue when he grows up. From the age of 5 till 8, he has always said this.

Liang Xue’s ice face was because of her mother’s death. She even had this ice face despite facing her father. Only in front of Lin Fan and hearing that he will make her his wife would a smile appear on her face.

It can be said that Lin Fan's childhood was spent with Liang Xue. In Liang Xue's heart, Lin Fan's status is even higher than that of her father.

After all, Liang Xingchen was already a Lieutenant General at that time and he had been leading the army all the time. Liang Xue would not see him several times a year. She was only being taken care of by a babysitter hired by Liang Xingchen at home.

When Lin Fan was 8 years old, Lin Zhen became the new president of the Federation. Therefore, Lin Fan's family could no longer live there and moved to the Presidential Palace.

At the time of parting, Lin Fan still did not forget to shout at Liang Xue that he will marry her when he grows up!

At that time, Liang Xue, who was 11 years old at the time, handed over her first kiss to Lin Fan in front of Lin Zhen, although it was as light as a feather and more like a peck.

"I'll wait for you!"

This is the last sentence Liang Xue said to Lin Fan.

A few weeks later, on his 9th birthday, Lin Fan accidentally fell off the stairs. When he got up again, he was no longer the Lin Fan that he was before.

At that time, the bodyguards of the Presidential Palace immediately sent Lin Fan to the infirmary. However, his body was repaired by the System a long time ago so the doctors naturally couldn't detect any injuries.

Lin Fan, who knew that he had traveled to another world but had not obtained the memory of the original owner of the body, has been saying that he has lost all his memories since that day.

However, Liang Xue has still been waiting for Lin Fan to come back and find her. After all, she cannot enter the Presidential Palace and see Lin Fan.

This waiting lasted for many years, until Liang Xue had just graduated from the Interstellar Military Academy and joined the Mars Base.

By chance, she helped Liang Xingchen send a batch of equipment to the Interstellar Military Academy and saw the man whom she had been thinking about it for many years standing at the door of the library.

Although this man is now grown up, Liang Xue still recognized him at a glance, but what she didn't know was that she was completely missing from the other's memory.

Liang Xue, who wanted to step forward and call him, found out that a Western girl who was not inferior to her in terms of looks had come out of the library, and then she witnessed a scene that broke her heart.

Lin Fan immediately followed the girl and walked next to her, laughing and talking all the way despite the girl ignoring him.

That time, Liang Xue returned to Mars Base with red eyes. It even shocked Liang Xingchen. However, no matter what Liang Xingchen asked, she did not speak.

In the end, Liang Xingchen could only ask from the people who accompanied him regarding the great change in Liang Xue's mood after she returned from the Interstellar Military Academy.

After verification, Liang Xingchen discovered a name and that was Lin Fan, a freshman who just enrolled in this year. After a few days of investigation, he learned that Lin Fan was around Emma Campbell all day long.

He knew what Lin Fan and Liang Xue's relationship were when they were still young, he also knew about Lin Fan's memory loss. So with all of that, how can he still not know why his daughter has became like this?

But what can he do? Come asking to Lin Fan to give an explanation? What would it do to a person with amnesia?

In the end, Liang Xingchen left the matter as it is. But, he began to pay attention to Lin Fan's situation in the Academy.

Two years later, Lin Fan graduated early and followed Liang Xingchen to Mars Base.

At this time, Liang Xingchen still wanted to help his daughter. Maybe after the two would come in contact again, Lin Fan might restore his memory? And even if he wouldn't, Lin Fan would at least see that isn't his daughter not worse than that Campbell girl and spark a new relationship?

This is what Liang Xingchen thought at the time, hence he arranged Liang Xue as Lin Fan's adjutant.

It's a pity that things have just worsened. When Lin Fan and Liang Xue met again after more than ten years, Lin Fan still didn't remember Liang Xue, which made Liang Xue's heart even colder.

It was not until Liang Xue saw Lin Fan piloting a mecha to rescue her personally that she got emotionally out of control in the cockpit of the mecha. That's why she asked Lin Fan why he pretended not to know her and why he had forgotten his vow to her.

"I'm really... sorry, I lost my memory ten years ago because of an injury... I'm sorry."

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