Chapter 25: The Speechless Liang Xingchen.

Five hours later, the 101st Mixed Fleet returned to Mars Base.

After disembarking from the ship, Liang Xingchen, who was already waiting at the dock, carried out a funeral ceremony for the dead.

"You did good!"

After the ceremony, Liang Xingchen patted Lin Fan on the shoulder and said.

"Now that there is 7 years of Armistice, have you considered how to spend it? After hearing the truce, Mr. Bai has been bugging me and asked that you should concentrate on research in the next few years!"

"Spare me, making me spend all day on research is like killing me."

Liang Xingchen looked at Lin Fan and just smiled.

He had expected such an answer.

"Let's go to the laboratory, Mr. Bai has already started to build the first Warp Engine, let's take a look!"

"Okay, it just so happens that I have something new, so I will also need to give it to Old Bai!"

"What is it?"

"You'll know in a moment, Commander!"

Liang Xingchen can only shake his head helplessly. He then walked to the laboratory with Lin Fan.

"Lin Fan, you are finally here. I heard from this kid, Liang Xingchen, that there will be a truce for several years. During this period, you should concentrate on research with us!"

"Old Bai, no one can guarantee that the Ochs Empire will stick with rhe agreement. I need to be on standby at any time!"


Bai Zixuan was furious, he felt that it was a waste of talent.

This kid (Lin Fan) is the greatest scientist in the entire Federation, but he is obsessed with war. It is simply...

"Old Bai, don't be angry, I have something good to show you!"

As Lin Fan said that, he handed over a memory card.

Bai Zixuan's eyelids twitched. This isn't the first time this happened.

When Lin Fan handed himself a memory card for the first time, it contained all the technical data for the Warp Engine, and for the second time, the memory card contained the data for Industrial Robots that were decades ahead of the federal government.

What will this third time be?

Bai Zixuan did not immediately take the memory card. He first washed his hands first, and after drying it, he returned to Lin Fan and took the memory card carefully.

Seeing his course actions, Liang Zixuan's eyes were wide. Bai Zixuan's attitude was simply...

Lin Fan also thought, 'Old Bai, aren't you too exaggerated?'

After Bai Zixuan took the memory card, he didn't even look at the two of them and just proceeded to cautiously insert it into his wristband and began to look at it!


A few minutes later, everyone was startled by Bai Zixuan's sudden laugh.

"Old Bai, are you okay?"

Liang Xingchen cautiously stepped forward and asked softly.

"Okay? No, this is something— something big! Do you know what Lin Fan gave me?"


"2 or 3 years later we will be able to compete with the Ochs Empire!"


This time it was Liang Xingchen's turn to be surprised.

Once again, everyone was shocked by another loud voice.

"What are you doing, do you want to deafen this old man's ears?"

"No, no, I'm just too shocked... But what exactly did Lin Fan give to you?"

"Listen well, it's the full data for an Energy Shield!"

After he finished speaking, Old Bai looked at Liang Xingchen triumphantly.

Liang Xingchen looked at Bai Zixuan's expression and was a little speechless. He said it so proudly, and yet he wasn't even the one who researched it...

But despite such thoughts, Liang Xingchen don't dare to actually say anything to Bai Zixuan, otherwise this guy would definitely not rest until he's dead.

Anyways, Energy shield... How can Liang Xingchen not know what this is? This is a technology that has always existed in the human imagination.

If it is really done, then the Federation's Warships will have an absolute advantage over the Warships of the Ochs Empire. Not to mention driving them out of the Solar System, they might even regain Proxima, Barnard and Tianyuan.

What the f_ck is going on with Lin Fan? Why is this kid getting more and more mysterious?

Ahh, forget it, he said it himself, everyone has their own secrets. Since they are on the same side and he is the son of the President, there's no need to fret too much.

"Old Bai, how sure are you to be able to build this thing?"

"How sure? Are you stupid? Didn't I just say that it is the full, the complete, set of data? As long as this information is correct, of course we can build it 100%!"

"Alright, it's my bad."

"Of course, it is your fault. For your information, the first prototype of the Warp Engine is expected to be manufactured next week. At that time, I am going to equip it on a Frigate for testing."

"No problem! Let me know when that happens, I will watch the test too!"

"Alright, now that there is the Energy Shield, we need more manpower!"

"Okay, I will contact the President and ask him to bring over the top talents in the entire Federation!"

"Right, that's the attitude, you can go now!"

Although Liang Xingchen has become accustomed to Bai Zixuan's temper, he is still quite speechless.

What does he mean by that's the attitude? He can go now?

Inadvertently, he saw Lin Fan smiling on the side and felt sullen.

"Alright, I'm leaving! Lin Fan, you come with me, I still have something to ask you."

"Yes, Commander!"

Lin Fan followed Liang Xingchen out of the laboratory. On the way, Liang Xingchen did not speak so Lin Fan only followed silently. It was only until the two arrived at the dock did Liang Xingchen finally speak.

"Lin Fan, Liang Xue called me on the way back, and asked me if you had amnesia."

"En, I know, Liang Xue told me something about me when I was 8 years old. I told her that I had amnesia ten years ago, and I have no memory of what happened before 9 years old!"

"No wonder! I did hear your father say about your amnesia, and it is said that they haven't found the cause!"

"Yes, but Commander can I ask, did I know Liang Xue when I was young?"

"You don't just know each other, but also... ahh, forget it, I shouldn't be the one speaking. If you want to know, go ask Liang Xue!"

"En, okay!"

"Oh by the way, because you defeated the Ochs Empire twice, the top dogs are considering giving you a promotion. If it passes, there should be an official notice in the next few days!"

"Yes, Commander!"

"Okay, I will leave first, have a good chat with Liang Xue!"


After Liang Xingchen left, Lin Fan returned to his office.

While sitting in his seat, Lin Fan thought of Liang Xue. If he doesn't figure out this matter, it would stick to him like piece of dried gum. He has to ask Liang Xue clearly.

Thinking of this, Lin Fan pressed the button on his desk!

"Liang Xue, come to my office!"

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