Chapter 24: No More Chance.

The current battlefield is very strange.

Normally, it is not difficult to deal with Lin Fan's move. In fact, there are even several methods to choose from.

For example, the Rebels could gather their Warships in the center.

But the problem is that the Rebel Fleet already lost their two Battlecruisers, and even with a large number of Cruisers, Destroyers and Frigates left, they still can't resist the firepower of the 101st Mixed Fleet's Battlecruisers, let alone fight back.

Another method is to actively separate their Fleet to the left and right and then divert the firepower of the 101st Mixed Fleet and try and breakthrough.

But there is also a problem here, that is, the temporarily formed Rebel Fleet does not have efficient fleet coordination, and there is no clever Commander to guide them.

They could also just speed through forward.

However, Lin Fan left a lot of space mines in the asteroids along the breakthrough path of the Rebels.

Basically, even if the Rebels broke through, they would need to tread a large minefield and in the process they would lose at least half of their Warships.

Moreover, the panic amongst the Rebels gave Lin Fan time to form a small semi-circle around the Rebels.

Although it is only a semi-circle, because the minefield in front prevents the Rebel Fleet from moving forward, the semi-circle is equivalent to a full circle.

There are only two options left for the Rebels.

Surrender or make a slow turn in place and attack.

But will the Rebel Fleet surrender? The captains are all loyal to the prince, so it is obviously impossible to surrender.

So there is only one choice left, and that is fight and deal as much battle damage to the 101st Mixed Fleet!

After seeing this choice of the Rebels, Lin Fan was happy.

For Lin Fan, he doesn't want these Rebels to surrender, otherwise how could he accomplish his System Task? Would he wait for a few years to start again? Or sneak out and fight despite violating the armistice of the two sides?

That is obviously impossible, so this Rebel Fleet is Lin Fan's last chance to complete his Task.

"Are the Carriers in place?"

"There are 15 seconds left."

"Alright, once that's finished, release all the drones from both sides, and then all the mechas will follow and attack!"

"The Carriers are now in place, drones will be released..."

"The drones has been released, and the mecha unit have also begun attack!"

The Rebel Fleet is faced with a choice.

Their Fleet has almost completed its turn, but the Carriers of the 101st Mixed Fleet have already been deployed on both sides of the encirclement.

So, should they stop and attack drones and mechas, or ignore the drones and mechas and continue to complete their turn and attack the Warships behind?

Originally, the best way is to release their own drones and mechas. But the Rebels had only ten Carriers. Just now, when the 101st Mixed Fleet broke through their center, they lost two. And when they lost five more, so now there are only three left.

Of course, no matter what the Rebel Fleet chooses, Lin Fan has a corresponding response.

Meanwhile, Lin Fan only had one word to comment on the current choice made by the Rebels at this moment.


Why are they stupid? Because the Rebels released 30,000 drones from their three Carriers, and divided them into two teams to intercept both sides.

And after completing their turn, they formed an assault formation to attack the Flagship of the 101st Mixed Fleet.

Obviously, the Rebels wants to kill Lin Fan's Flagship, even if their entire army is wiped out.

"Hehe, Commander Adam, it seems that they are willing to rush and kill you even if their entire army is wiped out. They are really persistent!"

Lin Fan looked at the tactical panel, smiled and said to himself.

"Give them way and let them pass in the middle, and then the converge back and change our encirclement from their front to the back."


Soon, a strange scene appeared. In conjunction with the assault of the Rebel Fleet, the middle of the 101 Mixed Fleet's encirclement suddenly retreated to the sides, while the ships that's on the side moved closer to the middle and connected.

So, what was originally a semi-circle on the front has now become a U-shaped formation on the back of the Rebels

Even the rebels were stunned by this sudden change. They wanted to tear through the encirclement but the enemy just let them pass and now the encirclement changed to a U-shaped behind them?

This is totally unexpected.

From their assault just now, there were only dozens of Warships left and most of them wounded. And now, they were juked again, there was no more chance.

No matter whether they change their mind and escape or continue to hunt down Lin Fan's flagship, there is no more chance.

Ten minutes later, as the last rebel Frigates was blown up, the battle came to an end!



[Task Completed]!

[Destroyed a total of 500 Ochs Empire Warships]!

[Obtained Energy Shield Technology]!

Hu! It's finally done.

With this new technology, a few years later after the armistice, they would have a greater chance to fight back.

"Adjutant, order the Fleet to clean the battlefield and search for the remains of our comrades! As for the battle damage data, report it to after it's calculated!"


While cleaning the battlefield, Lin Fan opened a communication channel in the lounge.

"Commander Adam, it's over, do you need us to send you back, or will you just make your people arrange a ship to pick you up?"

"Don't bother, the ship that came to pick me up has already set off."

"Okay, you can go, I will relay it to the Fleet!"

"Thank you so much!"

There is not much to talk about the both sides because everyone understood that once the Ninth Prince is returned a few years later, it will not end until one of the sides are destroyed.

"Commander, the preliminary battle damage report is out!"

"Read it!"

"We have destroyed a total of 348 Warships. Our losses were 2 Cruisers, 5 Destroyers, and 11 Frigates! The loss of the mecha unit was 2,184! The loss of personnel is estimated to be about 5,000. The specific data will depend on how many people are rescued by the mecha unit."

"18 Warships, 5,000 casualties! I'm still far away."

Inside the empty bridge, Lin Fan's sigh echoed. 

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