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Chapter 23: Cut Through.

In the 101st Mixed Fleet Flagship, in the officer’s lounge.

Adam and Ed were sitting together while the personnel from both sides are standing behind them.

Adam was not idle, he was commanding his adjutant.

"Commander, the Rebel Fleet has begun to move and it is rushing towards the human Fleet, what shall we do?"

"You control the remaining Fleet and just watch there. Commander Lin Fan said he will take care of those rebels."

"This? Okay!"

"Commander Adam, you don't seem to worry at all that our Fleet will be defeated."

"Of course, I have confirmed from the look in Commander Lin Fan's eyes that he is by no means an ordinary person, and although the rebels have more than 300 warships, the composition of their ships is messy and there is no unified command. I believe that Commander Lin Fan will not spend much to defeat them."

"This is rare, you actually believe in us humans so much."

"Hehe, acknowledge those who should be acknowledged. Anyways, let's chat here for a while, we can tune in to the live broadcast of the battlefield courtesy of my Adjuntant!"


At the frontline of the 101 Mixed Fleet, 11 mechas of highest speeds were constantly shuttle through the complex asteroid groups.

As for the Warships chasing behind them, they were left in the dust a long time ago. After all, these 11 mechas are piloted by elites. Moreover, in this complex environment, shaking off Warships is easy.

"Okay, you can now loosen a bit, we have already gotten rid of them."

Lin Fan looked at Liang Xue who was sitting on his lap facing him and hugging him.

Although Lin Fan admitted that it was really comfortable to be held by a hot girl like this, but their posture was a bit shameful.

"You really don't remember what you said to me 11 years ago?"

Liang Xue's voice suddenly sounded in his ear. Lin Fan was stunned.

Did Liang Xue and him know each other before? 11 years ago?

Lin Fan smiled bitterly, he doesn't have any memory of that. After Lin Fan crossed, he didn't inherit the memory of the original owner of the body like in the novels.

That's why when Lin Fan had just crossed over ten years ago, he just said that he had amnesia and couldn't remember anything. Even if the doctor had checked him and said he's okay, Lin Fan didn’t stood by his reason and insisted that he had amnesia.

11 years ago, that was the year before he crossed over, no wonder he has no memory of Liang Xue?

"I'm sorry, but I don't know what you are talking about. Ten years ago, I accidentally injured my head and lost my memory completely, so I don't have any memory of what happened before 9 years old!"

Liang Xue raised her head that was previously buried on Lin Fan's shoulder, and she stared at Lin Fan in surprise.



"That means you didn't pretend that you didn't know me because of that vixen in the Military Academy?"

"Uh.... about my amnesia, I believe your father should know about this, so why about you ask him? And listening to your words, it looks like we knew each other when we were young?"

Lin Fan directly ignored the 'vixen in the Military Academy', he naturally knew that Liang Xue is talking about Emma.

But the important thing is what was the relationship between him and Liang Xue when they were young? What did she say?

Is it possible that the original owner of this body fell in love at the age of 8?

At the same moment, Liang Xue was in a daze, amnesia? Have I misunderstood him?

No, I need to check with father when I get back.

"Here we are!"

Liang Xue snapped out of her thoughts and looked in front after hearing what Lin Fan said.

She can see the 101st Mixed Fleet. It is flying from the right side, and they should just be able to rendezvous with it.

Of course, with the eleven elite pilots including Lin Fan, they would never miss it and they all returned to the Fleet smoothly.

"Well, I'm going to open the cockpit. Although it's comfortable to be held by you, let's pay attention to the outside. There are a lot of people in the hangar."

"I'm still not sure what you said is true or false, I will ask father when I go back."

Liang Xue snorted then let go of her hand holding Lin Fan and stood up.

But Lin Fan noticed that Liang Xue's face under the helmet blushed. This was the first time Lin Fan saw her like this. If it wasn't for the timing, he really wanted to take a photo.

After getting off the mech, Lin Fan didn't bother to change his clothes, so he ran towards the bridge in the pilot's suit while Liang Xue followed.

"Report the situation!"

Lin Fan yelled as soon as he entered the bridge, and walked quickly to his seat.

"Reporting, we will enter range in 1 minute."

"Alright, notify all Battlecruisers, the primary target is the opposing two Battlecruisers."


At this moment, Liang Xue was already standing by Lin Fan's side, she took over the words of the tactician and began to convey it according to Lin Fan's orders.

Private matters are private matters. She can just figure it out after they get back, for now she must perform her duties as an Adjuntant!

Lin Fan glanced at Liang Xue, but did not say anything. He quickly opened the captain's virtual tactical panel.

The two sides kept getting closer, and soon they would be within range.

"Start shooting!"

After some seconds, Lin Fan saw that they have entered range and gave the order.

At the same time, the Rebel Fleet also began to attack.

The difference of their attacks was that the 101 Mixed Fleet were focused. All 9 Battlecruisers targeted the 2 opposing Battlecruisers.

As for the Rebel Fleet, it's... scattered. Lin Fan instantly understood that the Rebels are likely to be commanded by an outsider (non-military).

And indeed, Lin Fan was right. The one who is currently commanding the Rebels is the confidant of the First Prince. Although he is good at engaging in conspiracies and tricks more than anyone else, his Fleet Commanding Abilities is really not good.

Since the Rebel Fleet only has 2 Battlecruisers, they had a serious shortage of firepower. Battlecruisers have thick defense, and the Frigates and Destroyers do not have much effect on them, there is damage, but still not too much.

The two sides were advancing towards each other while exchanging fire. After only 3 rounds of artillery, the two Battlecruisers of the Rebel had all been destroyed.

Then, like a sharp knife, the 101st Mixed Fleet cut through the middle of the Rebel Fleet's formation.

At this time, the Rebel Fleet lost a total of 2 Battlecruisers, 5 Cruisers, 18 Destroyers, 2 Carriers and 35 Frigates. On the other hand, the 101st Mixed Fleet only lost 1 Cruiser, 1 Destroyer, and 3 Frigates.

As for their Battlecruisers, although some were slightly damaged, that's the end of it, and it wouldn't affect the subsequent battle.

"Commander, we have penetrated the opponent's formation."

"Let the Fleet spread out on the left and right sides behind it, turn around."


At this moment, the Rebels were in chaos. Their Commander is dead and their Battlecruisers are gone.

The Rebels do not know what to do. While the Rebels hesitated, the 101st Mixed had already cut through the left and right and turned around, respectively spreading out on the left and right rear of the Rebels. They have formed an encirclement.

By the time the Rebels reacted and wanted to counterattack, it was already too late. 

"What a beautiful maneuver! It fully exploited the Achilles' heel of the Rebel Warships."

In the lounge, Adam couldn't help but praise.

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