Chapter 22: Liang Xue's Secret.

In the hangar of the Battlecruiser, the crew were busy checking the mecha before the launch.

"Zhang Hu, is the mecha ready?"

Lin Fan, who had just changed his pilot suit and came to the hangar and asked loudly.

"Yes, Commander, it's ready!"

"Alright, get on a mech and follow me, let's rescue Adjutant Liang!"

"What? Commander, we can go, you can just stay..."

"Shut up and obey orders!"

Zhang Hu immediately became anxious when he heard that Lin Fan was going to lead the team out and rescue Liang Xue himself.

If something happened to the Commander, how bad would that be?

But just when he dissuaded the Commander, he was interrupted by Lin Fan.

But despite being ordered, Zhang Hu still hesitated.

"What, do you still want me to mount you on a mech? Why are you just standing there? Here's a nickname of mine that you probably don't know, 'The Strongest Pilot Of Mankind'!"

Lin Fan sat in a mecha and closed the cockpit.

Regarding what Lin Fan just said, he was not completely bullsh_tting. When he completed Task 3, his Mecha Piloting Ability has reached A, he can be regarded as one of the best if not the best in current human standards.

Not to mention, his attributes is incomparable to normal humans. After all, things like this will still have an affect on a pilot.

Take [Response] for example, the limit of ordinary human beings is 100, while Lin Fan's is 350.

In other words, even if there are other A-Ranked Pilots among humans, they will still be weaker than Lin Fan due to differences like this.

When Zhang Hu saw Lin Fan entering the cockpit, he finally reacted. The Commander had already gone up, what else can he do but it just follow?

He immediately assembled the other 9 pilots and get on their respective mechas.

Three minutes later, eleven mechas launched from the Battlecruiser and flew quickly towards the coordinates where Liang Xue was.

However, the Ochs Rebel Fleet that had retreated on the other side also received the signal as about 100 of them turned around and also flew towards Liang Xue.

Lin Fan looked at the tactical panel. It would take about 10 minutes for then to reach the place where Liang Xue was. However, the Ochs Rebel Fleet had already started moving and rushed in the direction of the 101st Mixed Fleet.

Who is Lin Fan? He is a human with a 24% Brain Development, let alone doing two things at one, even if it is three or four, it would not be a problem.

So while Lin Fan was piloting the mecha forward, he looked at the tactical panel in front of him and gave orders to the Fleet in an orderly manner.

Though the current location of the Fleet not so good. The location selected for the negotiation is a relatively empty place in the asteroid belt, and there is not much available environment.

But this doesn't mean that it's impossible to defend. Lin Fan noticed that the Ochs Rebels Fleet had a big problem.

First, they only have 2 Battlecruisers, 10 Carriers, 16 Cruisers, while the remaining 300 was composed of Destroyers and Frigates.

It is very likely that most of the Captains of the Battlecruisers are Adam's henchmen, hence the so-called First Prince can only infiltrate some small warships like Destroyers and Frigates.

Moreover, the Fleet's coordination is obviously very poor and even just by doing some small changes, they are messy.

But after Lin Fan thought about it. It's somewhat understandable, after all this is a Fleet that's just been assembled by the rebels.

"Use the Battlecruiser as the arrowhead and form an assault formation. Advance at maximum speed and break through their center."

"I will rendezvous with the Fleet on the way!"

"Remember, concentrate the firepower to get rid of the opponent's second Battlecruiser first."

"Understood! The voice of the tactician sounded from the communicator."

Immediately, the 101st Mixed Fleet began to regroup according to Lin Fan's orders. The Battlecruiser was at the forefront, the Carriers were in the middle, and the Cruisers, Destroyers and Frigates were around the Carriers protecting them.

It is expected that the Fleet will finish reorganizing in ten minutes.

A few minutes later, in the Escape Pod, Liang Xue was looking outside through the window.

Her heart turned cold because she saw a group of Ochs Warships flying towards her quickly. A laser was also gathering power.

Liang Xue knew that the Warship was about to shoot her, the Escape Pod would definitely not be able to bear such an attack.

At this time, the first thing Liang Xue thought of was Lin Fan. When they were still children, he said that wanted to marry her, but now that they are grown up, he didn't even know her.

She wondered if he would be sad after seeing her die... Will he remember who she is?

Thinking of this, Liang Xue smiled, she was ready to welcome death.

However, when she looked out the window, she did not see the laser directed at her, but instead she saw a green laser shooting from the left which penetrated the Warship.

Then a mecha appeared in front of her, occupying the view of the entire window.

"Who is it?"

Liang Xue couldn't help asking in her heart.

"Liang Xue, are you still alive?!"

"En, I'm still here, I see the mecha."

"Very well, bring your helmet out of the cabin and enter the cockpit!"


Lin Fan used himself to block the Escape Pod, while shooting 6 times in a row and destroying the 6 approaching Warships.

"Zhang Hu, you guys cover me, I will get Adjutant Liang out!"


Lin Fan immediately shouted when he saw the 10 mechas led by Zhang Hu coming over.

Zhang Hu also immediately made arrangements, leaving 2 mechas to protect Lin Fan while he took the other 7 mechas and flew towards the Warships that were approaching.

The mecha unit are at least B-Rank and they are specifically responsible for protecting the Flagship.

Even an ordinary mecha unit can handle 3 or 5 warships, not to mention the elites brought by Zhang Hu.

However, Zhang Hu was shocked when he saw Lin Fan's piloting just now.

First, Lin Fan accurately killed a Warship that was about to attack the Escape Pod And after approaching the Escape Pod, he shot another 6 times instantly and gave no time for the other 6 Warships.

Although Zhang Hu was an elite, he can't do perform such accurate shooting. At this moment, he now believes that what Lin Fan said before and him being 'The Strongest Pilot of Mankind'.

Seeing Liang Xue open the door of the Escape Pod and float out, Lin Fan turned around and opened the lid of the cockpit.

Although there is only one seat in the cockpit, it is still relatively spacious and there is no big problem with having another person inside.

Through the transparent helmet visor, Liang Xue saw a person who shouldn't be here, Lin Fan.

About ten seconds later, Lin Fan closed the cockpit, turned his head and looked around, and found that Liang Xue was in looking at him in a daze.

"Snap out of it, you don't have a safety belt to protect you so just grab unto me tightly, we are still in battle."

Liang Xue who finally reacted, straddled in front of Lin Fan and hugged him like an octopus from the front.

'Er... I did ask you to hold me tight, but your actions are a bit too...'

Lin Fan wanted to say this but it felt pretty good, so he'll just forget it for the time being.

"Zhang Hu, retreat! Otherwise, you will miss the Fleet!"

Lin Fan turned around and raised his laser gun and destroyed two Warships, then shouted to Zhang Hu.

"Yes! Commander, everyone retreat!"

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