Chapter 21: Where Is Liang Xue?

"Commander, a large number of warships suddenly rushed out of the opposing Fleet. They are flying towards the space station!"

Liang Xue's anxious voice suddenly sounded from Lin Fan's communicator.

"Don't panic, how many opponents are there? Can they be intercepted? How much time is left?"

"We are unable to intercept, the space station is separated from the fleet and the opponent, we cannot attack. The number of the opponent is more than 5,000. It is expected that the space station will enter their range in 10 minutes."

"Dispatch all the mecha units!"


"Commander Adam, aren't you going to give an explanation?"

After ending the call, Lin Fan looked at Adam.

"How do you know who I am?"

"It's not important, what is important is what are you going to do?"

"I have never given such an order!"


Lin Fan looked at Adam’s expression, but he didn’t seen to be lying. What was going on?

"This is Adam, what happened to the ships?"

"Commander, I don't know, we are still investigating it. One-third of our warships suddenly got out of our control!"

"Shoot them!"

"We can't, Commander. They are in between the Fleet and the negotiation point. If we attack, it is very likely that the negotiation space station will also be destroyed."


"Be careful, commander!"


One of the Ochs negotiator suddenly took out a laser gun and pulled the trigger at Adam. Everything happened in a blink of an eye.

Fortunately another negotiator saw this and he immediately pushed Adams away. He was the one shot by the laser and died instantly.

Fortunately, this small laser gun does not have enough power to penetrate the outer wall of the space station.

Adam got up from the ground and glared at the armed negotiator.

"Wade, what are you doing?"

"Sorry Commander, but the existence of the Ninth Prince will disrupt the Empire. For the First Prince, the Ninth Prince must die, we can't let you reach any agreement with the humans!"

"So you're saying you're with the First Prince?"

"Yes, the ships that are coming are our people. Today, everyone here will die and the humans will never return the Ninth Prince, he must be executed!"

"Are you so sure that you can succeed?"

"Who? Ah!!!"

The people then saw Lin Fan suddenly appearing behind Wade. Lin Fan grabbed the latter's right arm and disarmed him, while throwing him to the ground which made him scream.

Everyone looked at Lin Fan in shock, they were surprised by Lin Fan's suddenly display of skill.

But what they don't know was that Lin Fan's [Power] is 350, he is not just some ordinary person.

"Don't get conceited, even if you kill me, you will not escape the attack of the 5000 warships!"

"Okay, so this will not bother you?"


Lin Fan squeezed the trigger and ended Wade's life.

"Commander Adam, you don't mind, do you?"

"Of course not, but what should we do now? We don't have much time."

"Don't worry, in preparation for such cases, the space station is equipped with a propulsion system. However, I would have to ask Commander Adam to visit our Fleet. After all, I can't fly in the direction of your Fleet right now!"

"Hehe, that's fine, but what do you want to do with me when everything is over?"

"Don't worry, I will send you back when it's over."

"That's OK, I'll go with your suggestion!"

Lin Fan raised his hand and started to operate his wristband. Soon, the three hidden propulsion modules were exposed on the side of the space station and were activated.

Although the speed is not very fast, it is heading in the direction where the supporting mechas are coming from. They will rendezvous with the attacking mecha units.

"Commander Adam, from what I heard earlier, your subordinate said that one-third of the warships in your fleet betrayed you, right?"


"Then there may be a fierce battle and I may destroy your warships, I hope that you don't mind!"

Lin Fan smiled as he looked at Adam.

Adam also understood this very well. But since a battle is inevitable and they are already regarded as rebels, Adam doesn't mind.

Moreover, letting them die in the humans' hands is better than doing it themselves.

Six minutes later, the space station had rendezvoused with the attacking mecha unit, and continued to fly in the direction of the 101st Mixed Fleet.

The 9000 mechas divided into two groups, of which 6000 are left to meet the enemy and the other 3000 are escorting the space station.

After another five minutes, the warships of the Ochs Empire and the mecha units of the 101st Mixed Fleet met.

The mecha is the only thing that the humans'have that is more advanced than the Ochs Empire. In the defense of the Solar System it was the mechas that allowed Liang Xingchen to achieve a 1:10 record. Otherwise, no matter how great his tactics are, relying on just their warships will not lead to such incredible results.

As for oncoming Ochs Empire warships, although they are very advanced compared to the warships of the humans', they are from the flexibility of the mechas.

The rebel warships retreated after losing more than 2,000 of their warships.

Immediately after the opponents retreated, the mecha unit began to search the surrounding for their surviving comrades that had ejected.

Lin Fan, who returned to the Flagship, arranged the remaining 4 people of the Ochs Empire and the 5 people of Ed's negotiating team in a lounge, and went to the bridge.

"Huh? Where's Adjutant Liang?"

"Commander, Lieutenant Liang, she..."

"What's wrong, tell me?!"

"She personally lead the mecha unit to rescue you!"

"Who allowed her to leave her post without permission, where is she now?"

"We have just now received the report that Lieutenant Liang had ejected, but the mecha unit could not find her..."

"Damn it!"

That silly woman, you better have not gotten into an accident!

Lin Fan was a little flustered.

"Liang Xue, can you hear me? Answer if you hear me!"

Lin Fan called Liang Xue through the communicator.

"I can hear you... Sorry, I seem to have passed out and just woke up!"

"Turn on your distress signal immediately, we can't locate your escape compartment."

"It's opened!"

"Okay, wait there!"

After ending the call, Lin Fan connected to the mecha unit commander.

There are a total of 12 mecha warehouses on the Battlecruiser, one was the one lead out by Liang Xue, and there are still 11 more.

"Zhang Hu, take 9 pilots and me out for a trip, I'll come over immediately, get a mecha ready."


After that, Lin Fan looked at the members of the bridge command team. He made everyone join the Number 2 Command Channel so that he could command them on the road.

After that, Lin Fan ran out.

The command team members were left stunned in the bridge.

Lieutenant Liang left and now the commander?

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