Chapter 20: Armistice.

Regarding Task 3 that has just been given by the System, Lin Fan had a lot of conjectures.

First of all, the System will never give meaningless tasks, nor will it give meaningless rewards.

For example the Mecha Piloting last time, this new Task's reward will upgrade it to A.

This made Lin Fan very concerned.

As a human with a high IQ and a highly developed brain, Lin Fan quickly thought of hundreds of possibilities.

However, Lin Fan believes that the most likely thing is that he will experience a certain situation in the future that will require the Mecha Piloting ability.

Though, this is not what Lin Fan what's most intrigued right now. He is much curious about the Commander of the Ochs Empire mentioned in the Task Description.

He remembered that what the other party had told them was that there were only ordinary negotiators. Lin Fan would not doubt the system and since the System had said it, it was certain that the other party was lying about sending only ordinary negotiators.

Soon, the personnel from both sides entered the temporary space station. A long table was arranged inside, with a row of 6 chairs on the left and right sides.

After sitting down, Lin Fan looked at the 6 Ochs on the opposite side, and quickly locked on the one sitting at the first seat.

Obviously, he can feel the aura of the superior from him. This should be the Commander-in-chief, Adam, that the System mentioned.

Feeling Lin Fan's gaze, Adam looked over.

"This mister shouldn't be a negotiator, right?"

After watching Lin Fan for a few seconds, Adam smiled and asked casually.

"Indeed, he is the Commander of the Fleet who's escorting me, he's not a negotiator. The negotiation is handled by the five of us. He is just an observer, you need not to care about him."

Ed, who sat in the opposite first seat, responded immediately.

But Ed is a little surprised. The other party is really keen, it seems that the negotiation will not be too easy.

"Alright, we'll do as what you say! We can now start!"

"En, today we are mainly talking about the handling of the Ninth Prince of your Empire."

"Huh, let's not beat around the bush, what are your conditions?"

"It's very simple. You withdraw from the Solar System. You have already occupied all of our alien territories. There is no need to occupy them all!"

"This is impossible. If I promise you that, I will be executed by the Emperor tomorrow. Let's change the terms!"

"The Federation's only has this one condition. If the Ninth Prince encounters an accident, I don't think you can bear it, right?"

"Likewise, if the Ninth Prince dies, the emperor will also execute me. So either way, the emperor will execute me. Hence, it is better for you to change to a more realistic condition, otherwise it will not be possible."

This is going to be really difficult, Ed thought silently in his heart.

Judging from the other party's expressions, Ed also does not think that they are lying and if this is the case, it will be impossible to make them leave the Solar System.

So where should be the line drawn? Ed was having a headache.

"In that case, how about changing the conditions to ten years of Armistice?"

At this moment, Lin Fan, who was sitting at the last seat, suddenly spoke. Ed and his team of four turned their heads and looked at Lin Fan in surprise.

"Sorry, but we need to discuss it internally first."

"Do whatever!"

In the space station, there is a room on each side, which is specially designed for this kind of situation.

After Ed's eyes motioned to Lin Fan, he immediately took the lead and walked to the room belonging on their side.

Lin Fan smiled bitterly and stood up, and followed him.

"Lin Fan, I remember saying that you are here to just listen!"

"Uncle Ed, I think it is necessary for me to give some opinion from a military perspective! Otherwise you might make the wrong judgment!"


After hearing Lin Fan's answer, Ed gradually calmed down and his unhappiness at the beginning turned to curiosity. 'Did he really miss any important aspect?'

"Uncle Ed, why do you think we can maintain a temporary confrontation with them at the moment?"

"It's because Liang Xingchen hurt them in the asteroid belt six years ago, they would not be willing to have another war with us in the asteroid belt before they are sure of their forces!"

"Yes, then, if the other party agrees to withdraw from the Solar System, does the Federation dare to go out of the asteroid belt? If not, what is the use of letting the other party to withdraw?"


Ed was stunned by Lin Fan's words. Indeed, even if the other party withdrew from the Solar System, would they dare to go out of the asteroid belt?

Apart from anything else, only the Fourth Fleet managed to survive.

Once they go out of the asteroid belt, the opponent both new and old can easily overpower them.

If it weren't for the asteroid belt, how could Liang Xingchen’s 20,000 warships deal with the enemy's 100,000 warships? Isn’t this going outside just looking for death?

In the space where there is no environmental terrain, what the two sides will compete is the performance of their warships, the formation of the commander, the ability of the artillery, and evasion.

If the capabilities of the two commanders are not far apart, then the performance of the warships would be the decisive factor, and everyone knows that the warships of the Federation are not as advanced as the warships of the Ochs Empire.

This is the reason why in Barnard and Tianyuan, they have never won.

The number and performance of their warships is not comparable to the enemy. No matter how good the Commander is, what can you do to win?

So, does it really make sense to ask the other party to withdraw from the Solar System now?

It is meaningless and not only that, they would also be wasting a card from their sleeves.

"Uncle Ed, you should know about the Warp Engine, right?"

Seeing Ed's expression, Lin Fan paused.

"I know, and it's for this reason that your old man is bragging at me!"

"Uh... So my old man also has this side... I really don't know about this... I digress. Anyways, what we need now is not the other party's exit from the Solar System, but time."


"Yes, once the Warp Engine is complete and installed, whe can begin our counterattack. Uncle Ed should also know about the industrial robots. With it, we can increase our shipbuilding speed by several times."

"So, what we really need is time..."

"Yes, time, nothing else makes any sense!"

"Alright, I understand, you're really good at everything kid..."

"Hehe, Uncle jests. Alright, let's go out!"

Soon, the two returned to the negotiating table.

"Sorry for the rudeness, let's continue!"

"Yes, but there is no need to mention impossible conditions, otherwise it will just be a waste of time."

"Then, we'll do as what Commander had said, let's replace it with a ten-year truce!"

"I can agree to this condition, but when are you going to return the Ninth Prince?"

"Naturally, he will be returned after the ten-year period has passed."

"Impossible, what if you threaten us with the Ninth Prince again in ten years?"

"Then what is your opinion?"

"If you want to return him later, I can promise five years at most, but if you return him now, I can promise ten years!"

"It's impossible to return him now. What if you don't follow through?"

"Sure, but only five years!"

Lin Fan no longer wants to listen, this was almost the same as bargaining in a vegetable market.

After all, it doesn't matter to Lin Fan whether it is 5 years or 10 years. What the two sides are fighting right now is nothing more than a ultimate diplomatic victory.

If the final negotiation is ten years, it will give people the feeling that this negotiation is Lin Fan's victory, but if the negotiation is five years, then it will feel like it's the victory of the Ochs Empire.

Lin Fan guesser that the two sides would settle between 7 or 8 years.

And as expected, the final agreement between the two parties was 7 years.

But when everyone was about to sign a formal agreement, an accident happened. 

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