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Chapter 96: The Imperial Palace.

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Su Qin agreed to Su Yueyun’s suggestion.

His purpose in coming to Chang’an City was to find new Sign In areas. Looking at the entire Chang’an City, only the Imperial Palace can have a large number of Dao Accumulation.

After all, only the Imperial Palace has been retained to this day throughout the Ten Dynasties.

Although with Su Qin’s strength at the moment, unless there is a Legend in the palace, going there is as simple as eating and drinking.

But anyway, it’s good to have some identity. At least Su Qin will have a reason to go in and out of the palace freely in the future, and not just in secret.


“I’ll talk to His Highness when I go back tonight.”

Su Yueyun was very concerned about the affairs of her Third Brother, and after returning to the East Palace, she mentioned this to Crown Prince Li Sheng.

Crown Prince Li Sheng naturally agreed without the slightest hesitation.

Moreover, Su Qin is Su Yueyun’s Third Brother, meaning that he is Li Sheng’s Brother-in-law.

The next day, Su Qin moved into the East Palace.

In order to “please” Su Qin, his Brother-in-law, Crown Prince Li Sheng even arranged servants to Su Qin.

“It is worthy of its reputation, regardless of the layout or its other aspects, it is almost perfect…”

Su Qin was standing in the attic as he looked at the entire Imperial Palace, slightly nodding in his heart.

Compared to the ancient feel of the Shaolin Temple, the Imperial Palace has majesty.

“I hope you will not disappoint me…”

Su Qin’s eyes flashed with expectation.

One month passed in a blink of an eye.

In this month, Su Qin visited a small part of the palace.

Sure enough, as Su Qin expected, he can Sign In at the Imperial Palace.

To Su Qin’s surprise, the number of Sign In Areas in the Imperial Palace was much more than that of the Shaolin Temple.

In the Shaolin Temple, only the Demon Subduing Tower, Scripture Pavilion and Bodhi Court were eligible for repeated Sign Ins. At the Imperial Palace, there were at least five places.

He's said at least, because there's still a lot of places that Su Qin did not Sign In yet, the palace was too big.

Currently, the places where Su Qin had Signed In includes the Long Life Temple, Stargazing Building, Primal Chaos Palace, White Jade Square and Crop Altar.

For example, at the Long Life Temple, Su Qin obtained a volume of [Longevity Secret Art].

[Longevity Secret Art] is a Taoist Divine Art which claims to be able to prolong one’s life.

Every hundreds of years, there will be reports of some lucky person who had obtained [Longevity Secret Art] and was able to live longer for decades, even hundreds of years.

The only pity is that the [Longevity Secret Art]'s barrier of entry is too high and it requires the Eluding Physique. Because of this, it is hard to get close to the stage of ‘One with Heaven and Earth’ in [Longevity Secret Art].

How rare is the Eluding Physique? There is only one in a million people who have it, it's even rarer than a Grade 1 Great Grandmaster.

In other words, even if someone else gets [Longevity Secret Art], it is likely that they will not be able to get started.

But Su Qin is different.

With the System, the so-called entry threshold of [Longevity Secret Art] can simply be ignored.

On the night of obtaining [Longevity Secret Art], Su Qin had already started Cultivating it.

In the following month, Su Qin relied on his Arhat level and quickly Cultivated [Longevity Secret Art] to Great Accomplishment, extending his life by 200 years.

“200 more years…”

Su Qin was full of joy.

200 years plus his original 800 years, Su Qin can now live a full 1,000 years as long as he doesn't die in some accident midway.

And this was based on the premise that Su Qin will not make any further progress in the next 1000 years.

“A 1000 years…”

Su Qin looked somewhat emotional.

Even the Tang Empire has only been around for more than 500 years. Su Qin is basically equivalent to two Tang Empires.

“Not bad, not bad.”

Su Qin was extremely satisfied.

The only regret is that the [Longevity Secret Art] entry barrier is too high to be popularized. Even if Su Qin had already cultivated it to Great Accomplishment, it was impossible for others to learn it.

In addition to obtaining [Longevity Secret Art] at the Long Life Temple, Su Qin also obtained [Star Traction Technique] outside of the Stargazing Building.

[Star Traction Technique] can use the power of billions of stars to either kill the enemy or for the user's protection.

Of course, [Star Traction Technique] also has very high requirements for users, and one must at least be Grade 1 with Divine Sense to be qualified to Cultivate it.

And even if it is a Peak Grade 1 that uses it, he can only use a few stars at most, and the effect would not be too great.

“It has the same effect as the [Lunar Body Refining Technique].”

Su Qin touched his chin and a thoughtful look flashed in his eyes.

[Lunar Body Refining Technique] can draw the Power of the Moon, while the [Star Traction Technique] can draw the Power of the Stars.

Perhaps other people think that the moon is the moon and the stars are the stars, the two are not the same thing.

But Su Qin knows for a fact that the moon, even the sun, is just a star.

The difference between them is only the distance, that’s all.

Apart from this.

Su Qin Signed In at the White Jade Square and obtained the [White Jade True Body]. He also obtained Innate Spirit Liquid from the Crop Altar and so on.

[White Jade True Body] is a Body Refining Technique similar to [Invincible Vajra Divine Art].

So Su Qin was not interested in this. With his current Body, even if he Cultivated [White Jade True Body] to the Great Accomplishment, there will be no improvement.

Instead it was the Innate Spirit Liquid from the Crop Altar, which made Su Qin delighted.

Innate Spirit Liquid is a magical liquid formed between Heaven and Earth. It is extremely rare. It is often only found when an Arhat or Legend travels all over the world to find it and if you're lucky, you'll get two drops.

Despite only getting a drop, the effect of Innate Spirit Liquid is very large. It can greatly improve the progress of Cultivation at the Arhat level.

Su Qin tried to drink a drop after obtaining it and the result was a sudden increase in strength. If it weren’t for Su Qin’s timely suppression, he would've broken through unintentionally and he would've been at the 4th Heavenly Layer right now.

“One drop of Innate Spirit Liquid is probably comparable to ten Glazed Golden Cores, but it is easier to absorb.”

Su Qin was amazed.

With [Past Amitabha Sutra], a Glazed Golden Core will take Su Qin several days to fully absorb it.

But the Innate Spirit Liquid is different. Not only is it ten times more effective than a Glazed Golden Core, it also saves Su Qin a lot of refining time.

This then leads to terrifying Cultivation speed!

“Sure enough, it's the best choice to go out and explore.”

“If I continued to stay in the Shaolin Temple, I wouldn't have obtained such treasures…”

Su Qin couldn’t help but smile.