Chapter 43: *So Funny!*

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After drinking so much milk, [San Mao's Hunger] became 90 points.

And as for the most important thing, the Skill Proficiency, Qian Lingfeng was speechless from the result. He fed the little guy five boxes of milk. But the Skill Proficiency only had a symbolic increase, it just changed from 1 to 2 points.

"WTF, so little Proficiency?! And I'm supposed to get a hundred points of Proficiency?! This is just the first f*cking level for God's sake!" 

Qian Lingfeng felt a headache, but he, nonetheless, admits that he indeed overthought and expected too much. 

"Ah, whatever... Who cares if it's only a little bit? I'll just accumulate them gradually. Anyways, it would be all worth it in the end." Qian Lingfeng helplessly shook his head.

After accepting the little guy as a pet, the little guy became more attached to himself. Wherever he went, the little guy would follow.

And it’s also sorta bit mysterious. Qian Lingfeng felt that he seems to have a sense of communication with this little guy. He can give out simple orders to the little guy, and it would be able to execute it. Of course, this is other than acting like a spoiled child. But still, this made him overjoyed.

A pet that can understand its owner's commands, was obviously ten times better than a pet that does not. When fighting, a pet with the same mind as its owner can cooperate more closely with each other!

As for being clingy, Qian Lingfeng not only didn't feel annoyed. On the contrary, he was quite happy.

Because this way, he can increase its loyalty, and at the very least, he doesn't have to worry about the little guy betraying him.

Qian Lingfeng took a backpack and put the little guy inside it. He also ordered it to be careful and not move around, otherwise it would fall.

After doing this, he hugged a few of the boxes and immediately began working on the task that he had been planning to do before getting suddenly sidetracked. He moved the food from the supermarket back to his dorm.

There were dozens of boxes in total, and he can only carry four to five at a time, so he had to make multiple trips if he wanted to transfer all the boxes.

After going back and forth, up and down so many times, Qian Lingfeng was so tired that he stuck out his tongue gasping for air, like a dog. 

After all of the boxes of food was moved back to his dorm, Qian Lingfeng piled them up like a hill at the entrance to the balcony, occupying almost a quarter of the dorm space.   

He sat on his single bed and rested for a while, his face and forehead were wet with sweat.   

Seeing its owner sitting there, San Mao, who was scurrying around the boxes, suddenly seemed to have discovered something particularly interesting, and immediately ran over.   

It pulled on Qian Lingfeng's trousers like last time. However, unlike last time where it only used its mouth, this time it used both its mouth and paws. It seems that this little guy had an innate interest and curiosity towards Qian Lingfeng’s jeans.   

Seeing the little guy's actions, his eyes flashed and his face darkened. He then grabbed its neck and brought the happily playing San Mao to his eyes. He deliberately put on a fierce look, "San Mao, I'm warning you now. You are not allowed to bite my pants! Otherwise, I won't  give you food!"   

"Meow~" "Meow~" (Don’t~Don’t~)

San Mao's cute little eyes were in tears. It lifted its head and made an extremely cute action with its two paws (think of what the cat did in ‘Puss In Boots’).


Damn, what is its 'charming' level? 1000?! No man nor woman, both young and old, basically all of the people on earth, none would be able to withstand it!   

"Bah, stop acting cute. I tell you, it won't work this time!" He sneered, "Don't think that your cat’s charming skills are invincible in this world, at least it doesn't work on me."

After finishing his narration, Qian Lingfeng then proceeded to rub the little guy's head vigorously.

"Meow~ (Don't ahhh~!)"

Considering the safety of the dormitory area, the entire campus was surrounded by iron fences. Although it really just caused more traffic than normal. 

But now in the apocalypse, the iron fences became more useful as the zombies inside cannot get out, and the zombies outside cannot get in the campus.

This provides the possibility of clearing out a safe zone.

There are a total of ten dormitory buildings in Area D, from Building 1 to Building 10. These ten dormitory buildings are divided into two rows from North to South, with five dormitory buildings in each row.

Building 10 and Building 6 are located in the Southernmost part of the entire dormitory area. Building 1 and Building 2 are located in the Northernmost part of the dormitory area. There's also gates in the North and South, while the rest was surrounded by the iron fences. On the edge of the dormitories of Area D, after crossing a main road, that's where the campus is. 

Honestly, the numbering and order of the buildings; 1 to 5 and 6 to 10, was really dumb. Such god-like architectural layout is really just flattering. The leaders were really great at doing their jobs, so much wisdom. (*strong sarcasm)   

Qian Lingfeng can still clearly remember when he first just came to this school. It was so damn hard to find his dorm, and he had two suitcases with him as he wandered around all day looking! 'Do you know how tiring that was?!'   

At that time, he really regretted that he rejected a welcoming senior's offer of help.   

"Senior Sister it’s fine! Isn't it just a dormitory? I shouldn't have much problem with it, I appreciate the offer!" 

No wonder that Senior Sister glanced at him worriedly...

(Tl: I skipped a good amount of jokes near the end of the chapter. I am incapable of translating it properly and some just don't make sense to me. I'm really sorry for my incompetence 🙏) 

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