Chapter 39: Kitten. 

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Qian Lingfeng's current attributes were a bit unbalanced. His Intelligence was a bit low compared to other stats, but it had little to do with his strength, so it doesn't matter for now. His current brain power is enough, and he also does not have enough Skills to worry about MP consumption. 

However, he must right away pay attention to Stamina, as raising it up is related to his own life.

His HP cannot be too low either. Otherwise, he'll just become too focused on Strength and Agility, but if he's hit even once, he'll be dead.

It's okay if he's just dealing with garbage zombies, but if he's dealing with some more powerful existences, then this will definitely become his fatal flaw!

As he walked out of the dormitory building, Qian Lingfeng knew that in the future, he will have a greater chance of encountering things other than zombies, and his HP would not be so useless like before.   

Instead it's usefulness and importance have come up, and it was time to put some points into it.   

His Stamina changed from 9 points to 13 points, and his HP also increased to 130 points. As for the remaining 8 free AP, he added 4 to Strength; from 24 points to a full 28 points, and the other 4 to Agility; from 24 points to 28 points.   

Currently, his Strength and Agility have approached the 30-point dual Attribute mark!   

After all the 12 free AP has been added, from the obvious changes in his body, Qian Lingfeng can feel that his strength has, once again, improved a lot. Stamina, Agility, and Strength were all improved, and only Intelligence was left at 12 points.   

Although Intelligence is somewhat related to the Damage Output of [Super Smut]. But before he reached Level 10, Qian Lingfeng had already decided to not add it for now.

Level 10 is a Watershed, while Level 0 to Level 9 is the Foundation. After Level 10, is the Second Order. At the beginning, Qian Lingfeng heard about this from the BX137768 Steel Shell Elf.

[Tl: changed Stage to Order] 

The story of the Steel Shell Elf is quite simple. She just said that in every tenth Level, there is a pivot. There will be a Class Change and the Skills will be slightly different, and new Skills will appear.

From this simple point given, Qian Lingfeng understood a lot of things.

He was currently at Level 9, and the Second Order was just in front of him. When he reaches the Second Order, his Skills may not necessarily change, but he will have other offensive Skills.

Therefore, only after the specific situation of the Second Order became clear, it was better to wait until after he's done so, before he starts increasing his Intelligence.

"Hehe, two of my attributes are approaching the 30-point mark. I should be considered as barely able to protect myself and survive in this apocalypse." Since his strength rose by a lot, Qian Lingfeng became a little confident.

But then, looking at the cat's corpse next to his feet, he took a deep breath, shaking his head and immediately taking back such thoughts. 

"Not enough, ah, still not enough. My strength is too weak and small! If I only meet ordinary guys, there will be no problem; but if I encounter these tough guys, I'm afraid that I won't have enough strength to protect myself, much less others (parents)."   

However, thinking of the [Intermediate Life Essence] that he had just eaten and looking at the red necklace in his hand, Qian Lingfeng's eyes lit up. Once again, his confidence was boosted and he gave himself a pep talk.   

"But if I can be promoted to the Second Order, and get more equipment, then by wearing this necklace, even though I can't say that I will be completely safe, but at least this strength should be enough to finally go out!"

At this point, Qian Lingfeng thought of his original plan of going to Haicheng to find his parents, which was originally impossible because of his lack of strength back then. But now, in a blink of an eye, in just a day's work, he was already at Level 9. 

After all the zombies in Area D were cleared up, no matter what, he should leave the area.

This necklace [Neko's Resentment] directly increases his Agility by 10 points, and it also comes with a powerful AOE attack skill, making it absolutely the best piece of equipment.

A Second Order’s Strength with dual attributes that have broken the 30 point mark, along with other new Skills, this top-quality necklace, and some other equipment; even if he can’t beat some terrifying BOSS like this mutant cat at his feet head on, he can at least escape. 

Thinking of this, Qian Lingfeng also felt a little at ease in his heart, and he also got a little excited.

He was currently at Level 9, and to reach Level 10, he needs 2000 EXP; which obviously requires a lot of EXP. But if Area D was cleared, then it was estimated that there is no problem.

And by that time, he will definitely be able to harvest a lot of equipment and supplies, such as red (HP) and blue (MP) potions! These were all important aspects of improving one's own strength.

He temporarily stored the necklace into [Items], and then Qian Lingfeng was also ready to pack up the materials here.

Inadvertently, Qian Lingfeng also noticed the little black kitten at his feet and next to the black cat's body that hadn't opened its eyes.

This little guy was the first child born from the belly of the black cat, while his brother/sister's failed birth indirectly killed his parents. So only this little guy was still alive.

But even though it was alive, it was weak. Its body was covered with a viscous coating brought from its mother, which was present when many mammals were born.

This layer of coating entangled the kitten tightly, making it sticky and wet, and its young body was pressed to the ground.

This was originally intended to be licked off by its mother after it was born, but unfortunately at that time the cat was already weak and died right after, so how could it help lick this off? 

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