Chapter 38: HP Crisis. 

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Maybe because she was aware of Qian Lingfeng's arrival, but the black cat, Neko, opened her eyes. Her originally hazy and lazy eyes from being a domestic cat had now turned bloody and tyrannical.

At the start of the apocalypse, she did not die. She had even become countless times stronger than she was before, then became the overlord of this area, though her original temperament had long been lost. Now there was no trace having once been a domestic cat at all, and was just now a slaughtering beast!

There was warning and killing intent in those tyrannical eyes, "Meow!" She snarled in a low voice, and her killing intent spread.

This seemed to be an attempt to warn Qian Lingfeng, but it was a pity that she was too weak, and this warning had completely lost its momentum. When it sounded in Qian Lingfeng’s ears, it just proved that she was weakening by the second from the lack of intensity it brought.

She's currently like a nearly burnt out candle, its remaining fire could be extinguished at any given moment. 

Knowing this, Qian Lingfeng was slightly relaxed. He gathered up his courage and finally came to the black cat. His spear shone with a cold light and killing intent, as it pressed against the cat's neck.

Feeling Qian Lingfeng's killing intent, the black cat wanted to stand up and struggled. She wanted to kill this ant in front of her that she could easily crush to death.

However when she attempted to do so, the kitten that's still stuck to her lower body shifted, she felt a violent amount of pain and fell down again weakly.

"Haha." Qian Lingfeng sneered. Looking at the powerless cat and thinking of the howl last night, Qian Lingfeng couldn't help but feel the impermanence of life. This cat was strong and lively just last night and now... 

He resolved himself: "Scream all you want. No one will rescue you, even if it breaks your throat!" 

After this sentence, he looked at the black cat who was still trying hard to stand up and struggling to survive, just like those stray dogs in the peaceful times. He felt sad considering he knows this cat and just the overall struggle in general. However, it was dangerous and was nonetheless on the brink of death already, she would die even without him killing her. But if he landed the final blow and killed this BOSS Level monster himself, he would get bountiful rewards. Finally the pity in his mind was wiped out. 

With the spear in his hand, he aimed at the black cat's neck and stabbed down! At this time, Qian Lingfeng put a lot of strength and effort behind the attack. What he wanted, was to pierce her neck and kill her directly!

However, not only did the spear not pierce through, it didn't even manage to penetrate. 

The fur of the cat seems to be her most reliable defense, and the tip of the spear, which is a fruit knife, can not break the defense of the cat's fur!

Qian Lingfeng took a deep breath and was speechless from such strong defense. The cat was literally lying down in front of him and just waiting for him to slaughter it. But he couldn't even break through her defense. If he really did fight this cat head on, he would've been crushed to death within mere seconds.

Unable to do anything about it, Qian Lingfeng thought of other ways and looked around. He then noticed the severely injured abdomen from before, where the intestines were hanging outside!

"I can use this as a starting point."

Facing her injured abdomen, Qian Lingfeng pierced the spear without any more mercy! He violently stirred inside the cat's body!

The cat’s fur's defense was indeed amazing, but her internal organs were still fragile. After some brutal motions, the cat's internal organs were almost completely stirred, like  a pot of porridge. A series of damage prompts sounded, and then finally Qian Lingfeng killed the cat.

[+2134 EXP] Floated in his eyes, and at the same time, two red light clusters dropped out from the cat's body.

He bent down and picked them up.


[Name: Intermediate Life Essence] 

[Description: After usage, increase EXP by 2000 points. It is the life essence of a powerful existence.] 


[Name: Neko's Resentment (Red)] 

[Type: Necklace] 

[Equipment Class: Rank 2]

[Description: When equipped, increases Agility by 10 Points.] 

[Special Negative State: Cat's Grudge]

[After the item is equipped, the owner will be marked. Any cat type creatures within a considerable range will hunt down the owner of this item in revenge!]

[Additional Effects: Howl Of Woe]

[Upon use, summon a cat phantom that howls, dealing 100 points of Basic Damage to enemies within a hundred meters. MP Cost: none. CD: 1200 minutes.]


Qian Lingfeng ate the [Intermediate Life Essence] directly and he got [+2000 EXP], while the kill just now gave a full 4134 EXP! 

With so many EXP reaped, there was no doubt that even if he does not count the dropped equipment, it was already worth killing He Jie for it.

Looking at his attribute panel, Qian Lingfeng was a little excited. At this moment, his current EXP totals to 4453 points.

The required EXP for Level 7 is 1100 points, so he immediately chose to Level Up.

When his Level had been raised from Level 6 to Level 7, the EXP he possessed have become 3353 points, and got two more free AP, while the required EXP for reaching the next level have become 1350 points.

He chose to Level Up again and became Level 8. His remaining EXP was 2003 points, and the required EXP for Level 9 was 1600 points.

He then Leveled Up for the third time and became Level 9. His remaining EXP was 403 points, and the required EXP for Level 10 was a full 2000 points!

Leveling Up 3 levels in one breath, from Level 6 to Level 9, and not stopping until he no longer had enough EXP to Level Up anymore, was really quite refreshing.

Now, he has 12 more free AP. After some thinking, Qian Lingfeng invested 3 in Stamina. As for his future plan for this attribute, he planned to allocate 1 point to it each time. 

His total HP was a little bit less, and he felt unsafe about it.

If he's just considering fighting with zombies, he would just avoid close combat and HP also doesn't matter because of the virus. But after the battle with He Jie plus the Howl last night, Qian Lingfeng realized that his HP was indeed too low and that he should start paying attention to it.

Last night, if it weren't for the [Small Health Potion]s, he would have died from the Howl! And just now, if it weren't for the [Blue Creek's Guardian Crystal Eye], he would've died in the battle with He Jie because of his small HP!

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