Chapter 37: If I Don't Kill, Wouldn't I Need To Share Half Of The Cake With Him? 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

An invisible blade suddenly shot out. He Jie's pupils shrunk and a strong feeling of danger filled his heart.

This invisible blade attack was Qian Lingfeng's and it was aimed towards He Jie's head! The intention was to kill him directly with a headshot!

He Jie's face contorted, he twisted his body abruptly. His fast response made him avoid getting hit in the head, but the strike still hit his shoulder. Blood splashed and he received [-89] damage. He howled in pain, his whole left arm was cut off!

At the same time, He Jie's [Freezing Wind] hit Qian Lingfeng.

[Freezing Wind] is He Jie’s strongest Skill. As the name suggests, it's an explosion of cold air. With Qian Lingfeng’s current attributes, if he was hit by this Skill, he wouldn't last more than one or two seconds.

But before [Freezing Wind] could really hit Qian Lingfeng, the [Blue Creek's Guardian Crystal Eye]'s effect was activated, and a light blue translucent shield blocked the attack.

The surrounding air was instantly frozen, and when the Skill hit the shield, ripples appeared on the shield's surface, and it seemed to become covered with frost like a bubble in winter!

[-115] Damage was dealt and it was instantly deducted from the total 150 points of capacity of the shield! It was conceivable that if Qian Lingfeng was really hit by this attack, I am afraid that it must not be underestimated!

By relying on the [Blue Creek's Guardian Crystal Eye], Qian Lingfeng managed to injure He Jie while escaping unscathed. 

Not only that, right after shooting out that sharp invisible blade, [Super Smut], Qian Lingfeng immediately followed it up by rushing towards He Jie. 

He then took out the DIY spear from his [Inventory]. The spear was like a mad dragon coming out from the sea, ready to spread its wrath, and it plunged itself into He Jie's right shoulder!


With this attack, Qian Lingfeng originally aimed for He Jie's throat, but the latter avoided it like the first attack, so it just hit his right shoulder. Nonetheless, he now crippled both of the opponent's arms!

"Ahhhhhhhh!!!" He Jie gritted his teeth and fierceness flashed through his eyes. He was like an injured desperate wolf!

Enduring the pain, he roared wildly and counterattacked, shooting two Ice Arrows towards Qian Lingfeng's head!

He just used [Freezing Wind] and depleted a lot of his MP, he was just barely able to shoot these two Ice Arrows.

It's a pity that the Ice Arrows just hit the shield. It had no effect other than depleting the protection value of the shield.

Qian Lingfeng was startled slightly, but then sneered. A mocking smile surfaced in his mouth. Taking advantage of this opportunity, he attacked once more. This time He Jie couldn't avoid it, and the spear plunged into his abdomen. The entire tip of the spear was in him!


After being hit with this attack, He Jie's HP turned zero. He felt powerlessness surge through the depths of his soul. His eyes were filled with resentment and unwillingness as he glared at this man named Qian Lingfeng. Soon He Jie's eyes fully went dark and then fell to the ground.

"You! I'll be waiting for you in h3ll!!!" He Jie accepted his fate and left this sentence. Meanwhile, in Qian Lingfeng's eyes floated a prompt of [+55] EXP.

After killing He Jie, Qian Lingfeng chose to ignore the former's dying threat. Instead, he sneered at the former as he wiped the tip of his spear on the corpse's clothes.

This is Qian Lingfeng's first murder; killing a real person.

When killing someone for the first time, it's described as people would feel sick; however Qian Lingfeng didn't feel anything at all, as if what he just killed was a zombie.

Maybe it was because he killed so many zombies, that killing people was just the same as killing zombies now. In the end, both were just the same, killing them means making them stop moving.

As the saying goes, when you kill for the first time, you will feel unrest and nausea. However when you kill the sixteenth time, it would have already become as natural as eating and drinking water, and killing a hundred people will develop a bloodthirsty aura around you. 

There's also the possibility of succumbing into madness, you get addicted to killing. You will feel sad if you don't kill, and you can't help but seek the pleasure from killing! At that point, killing was basically like drug addiction!

Though Qian Lingfeng still hasn't caught this murdering addiction habit and blatant disregarding the value of life. 

He turned his head and looked at the black cat that was not far away. It seems that its weakness has finally reached its bones, and its life was at its end.

Cats have extremely sensitive hearing and the battle just now was definitely, by no means, quiet. But even so, it was still not able to attract her attention, her strength already having left her body.

In fact, Qian Lingfeng didn't actually need to turn on He Jie for the time being, but the benefits brought by the dying black cat had caused a fight between them.

This mutant cat was able to kill the Second Stage Evolved Zombie, the attacker. It was conceivable that she is very powerful, and is at least an existence of the same level as the zombie!

And taking into account of her being a [Red Elite], one can just imagine the level of her Strength, which was certainly above Level 25! The one who can kill her would certainly gain a lot of improvement!

With this level of existence, if Qian Lingfeng can land the final blow, then the EXP he will gain may be enough to raise one or two levels at one go! And there would be great items that could drop! 

Qian Lingfeng only learned some information from the short messages. But from this experience, he confirmed that people like He Jie, can also get something similar to EXP if they kill monsters. 

One to two levels worth of EXP, plus the top quality equipment that might be dropped, these two points were enough for Qian Lingfeng to kill.

Moreover, when he saw that all of the [Life Essence], with a number that would be no less than the amount he got in the building, in the area had already been eaten by He Jie; he had already decided to murder the latter.

Of course, since it was already eaten by He Jie, he couldn't do anything about it.

However, there's still other dormitory buildings that haven’t been searched yet. Such as the current Building 6, where the zombies may also have died, and many of the [Life Essences] were just waiting to be picked up!

'If He Jie didn't die, wouldn't he need to share half of it with him?!' 

"Humph! He should've thought of this the moment we met." Qian Lingfeng's face was dark.

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