Chapter 36: Neko. 

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Led by He Jie, the two slowly approached the "Jin Gofu" supermarket in a very comedic manner. Their backs were hunched over and their heads were sticking out, looking ahead. They were just like thieves in cartoons.

Considering that their target was a mutant cat that does not carry a virus, and there was no possibility of getting infected, He Jie finally took off his raincoat for better mobility.

Originally in Qian Lingfeng’s narrow mind, the He Jie covered in a raincoat, should have a crooked face, with acne all over his face, and/or a big mole on the corner of his mouth, or two moles on top of each other.

But alas, Qian Lingfeng's expectation couldn't be more wrong. When He Jie took off his covers, Qian Lingfeng was shocked by the former’s appearance and he even almost choked himself to death with a mouthful of water.

He Jie was very handsome, well... at least more handsome than Qian Lingfeng.

Qian Lingfeng has always considered himself handsome, and even named himself "Handsome Qian". But all this was just out of self-pity. In fact, he belongs to the type that is hard to find in the crowd, aka very plain looking.

He Jie was about the same height and body shape as Qian Lingfeng, he was about 1.75 meters tall. But he was of just the right type, and his appearance was 'better' compared to Qian Lingfeng.

Loose bangs covered his forehead, and on his handsome,  small face with a fair complexion,  was thick black-framed eyes that added a touch of a 'smart' person. He seemed and looked a bit shy, which would certainly sell very well among girls! Such a man was just superb!! 

Their journey was very straightforward. When they arrived at the supermarket, they didn't even need to look for the cat as it was located right in front of their eyes.

Qian Lingfeng was slightly surprised. The cat was a little different from what He Jie originally said. The condition of this black cat was not only as miserable as He Jie said, but it was also worse. Looking at it, even if they didn't come or came late, the cat would've died nonetheless.

As what He Jie said earlier, this black cat the size of a leopard suffered a serious injury. It’s abdomen was cut open by something. There was blood all over its body, and even a ball of intestines was hanging out if it's body!

And these were not even the most important thing. The most important thing was that the cat seemed to be pregnant, and now was in the middle of giving birth.

A small black cat was wrapped in a white translucent viscous liquid, it literally had just been born. Its body was the size of a normal adult cat from the peaceful times, and there was another small black cat waiting to be born!

But unfortunately, maybe because the mother was injured too badly, but she does not have enough strength to give birth to this second one, or maybe this kitten was too big. Moreover, the fetal position was not correct, its head was inside instead of outside. This little cat was stuck there!

This kitten was not born successfully. The little guy just half drooping there with no movement. It may have died already. And now, its mother who was already seriously injured, was also about to die faster because of childbirth.

Qian Lingfeng used [Sage Eyes] and looked at the cat's attribute panel.

[Name: Neko (Three-Tailed Mutant Cat) (Red Elite)] 

[Mutant Beast] 

[Level: ???] 

[HP: ???] 

[MP: ???] 

[Strength: ???] 

[Intelligence: ???] 

[Agility: ???] 

[Stamina: ???] 

[Skill: ???] 

[Equipment: ???] 

[This is a powerful cat variation mutant, its speed and agility are extremely high. It has extremely sharp claws that can easily tear its prey to pieces. It can also use elemental attacks. If you encounter one, it is recommended to avoid it immediately! - Steel Shell Survival Manual] 

As Qian Lingfeng silently read the black cat's attribute panel, the series of question marks undoubtedly represented endless horror. If this was a normal encounter, Qian Lingfeng would've ran as far as he could. But currently, that's another matter.

If they go by humanitarian thinking, Qian Lingfeng and He Jie should go forward and help the black cat give birth successfully; then according to the development of the plot, in most novels, they will get the kittens as a 'reward' for their good deeds. 

But alas, it's a pity that facts are always different from ideals. Despite the black cat's drifting life, there was hostility in its eyes as it looked at them. 

"Ah~ Qian Lingfeng, look, this black cat is about to die."

"En, yeah, it does look like it will. Do you want to help her?"

"Help her? Why? Even if we help her, look at her appearance, she won’t be able to survive the catastrophe anyway. Also, mutant beasts don't distinguish between enemy and help. You see, it's better to just send her off as soon as possible (aka kill the cat). Isn't that also considered doing a humanitarian deed?"

As soon as this sentence was said, the two of them went silent for a moment, but the hostility in the eyes of the black cat gleamed even more powerfully.

"Do you really think we should just send her off?" 

"En, don't worry, I will do it. I'll take on the sin from doing this."

As he said so, he had a holy look on his face. At this moment, He Jie seems to have really become a descending angel, full of love and justice! 

"Humph!" Qian Lingfeng sneered in his heart, he said with a smirk, "Hey, you are really 'interesting.' You said that [Life Essence] can help you evolve, but it seems that it's more than that..."

"Hehe, I also know one thing, you System owners can also get stronger by killing enemies. Qian Lingfeng, I also didn't expect you to be 'interesting' too. You want to deal the last hit? Indeed, we Evolvers can also enhance our abilities by killing the same way you can level up by gaining EXP from killing."

The two confronted each other, their eyes showing hostility. 

"Then in that case, let's do it fairly and not hurt our brotherly relationship. How about this, whoever wins, gets the black cat!"

"Yes, that's reasonable, you're not so bad after all." 

The two people laughed, followed by a tacit understanding. Immediately after, the two suddenly became very serious, and like a boxing match, there was a silent countdown: 




Instantaneously, the two people's eyes flashed with killing intent and both quickly released their strongest skills. 

"[Freezing Wind]!!" 

"[Super Smut]!!"

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