Chapter 32: The Survivor He Jie. 

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Qian Lingfeng originally didn't care much about the Skill, but because of that, an accident almost happened.

After stabbing the zombie's head, he slightly relaxed because this guy should have been dead. But it suddenly rushed towards him and he was caught off guard. 

Fortunately, preparations were made beforehand for bite prevention! Although this zombie caught him off guard, when its teeth met his thick clothes, it couldn't bite down into his skin. 

The thickness of the jacket and the bunch of clothing saved Qian Lingfeng's life!


Qian Lingfeng ate the EXP Pill and the [Life Essence] immediately. 

As for the blue eyeball, after looking at its attribute panel, he was ecstatic.

[Name: Blue Creek's Guardian Crystal Eye (Light Blue)] 

[Level Requirement: Level 5]

[Description: Equipping this item grants protection from the mysterious power of Blue Creek. When attacked, automatically generates a light blue transparent shield. The shield can take up to 150 points of damage. The shield can withstand all attacks, and all special damage effects. Once the damage taken has surpassed the limit, the shield will disappear. CD: 300 minutes.] 

The shield can take up to 150 points of damage, it's basically Qian Lingfeng's second life. And more importantly, it can block special effects, which means that he does not need to worry about the virus of the zombie anymore before the shield is broken!

"Good stuff!! What a good day it is! With this thing, I don't need to be afraid of getting infected!" Amidst extreme excitement, Qian Lingfeng immediately equipped the item.

But he can't exactly wear an 'eyeball'. Fortunately, the pocket of Qian Lingfeng's jacket is zippered. He put the eyeball in his pocket and closed the zipper, that way he doesn't need to be afraid of it accidentally falling out.

Since most of the zombies on the entire third floor were already killed, he had not been able to get too much EXP. Fortunately he still got some EXP given by the [Life Essence] dropped.

The most positive effect of last night's ordeal was that those who survived were the stronger ones and now they were half dead, he can take this opportunity to easily kill them, harvesting the equipment and items dropped!

Furthermore, he can now easily walk out of the D9 dormitory and complete the [Novice Guidance Task (Part 2)]!

At that time, he should get a substantial amount of EXP.

And even if many zombies in this dormitory area have been killed, he can always go to other places. 

'It's the apocalypse for goodness sake, how can there be not enough zombies?' 

Even so, Qian Lingfeng did not dare to be careless. The shock last night and the body of the huge Evolved Zombie Attacker he saw this morning reminded him of the cruel reality.

Continuing on to the second floor, Qian Lingfeng was a bit speechless. The zombies on the second floor were all garbage, except for a Level 5 Ordinary Zombie. Because of its higher physical attributes and higher health, it survived. But other than it, no other zombies survived. 

After this guy was killed, it only gave 17 EXP!

"What bad f*cking luck!" He couldn't help cursing inwardly.

Fortunately, the amount of [Life Essence] dropped was not less than that on the third floor. After picking them up, he immediately ate them. 

Without stopping, he continued down to the first floor.

But after going down the stairs, he was shocked because the entire first floor looked like a street in Iraq.

Many of the dorm walls were destroyed and full of big holes, a whole section of it even collapsed! The corpses of the zombies were basically blood and meat paste!

Such a tragic situation relentlessly hinted at the intensity of the battle last night!

"Classmate!" Just as Qian Lingfeng was surprised by this scene, a voice rang from behind Qian Lingfeng. 

He quickly turned his head and saw a person wearing a red-colored thick snow-proof raincoat and rain pants, that was worn out of safety considerations. The other party even had a hat on his head, and he even wore a mask.

He felt the body shape of the man familiar, and Qian Lingfeng was soon relieved.

This man was called He Jie, he's originally from the electrical department.

When the apocalypse descended, He Jie and one of his roommates' other two roommates suddenly became zombies. They were caught off guard and got bitten. After making a decisive call, they then retaliated and killed their now zombie roommates.

He Jie originally thought that he was as good as dead and was just waiting to also become a zombie himself.

Half an hour later, his other roommate indeed became a zombie, but he... Got lucky. Not only did he not become a zombie, he also evolved because of being bitten. He gained abilities, he was able to control cold air, and was able to shoot sharp ice similar to arrows but made with ice!

Hearing such a story, Qian Lingfeng couldn't help but sigh about this guy's good fortune. But what slightly surprised Qian Lingfeng, was the chance and coincidence that this was the same guy who was flickering the light last night. 

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