Chapter 31: The Bane of Zombies. 

An unspeakable sense of urgency filled Qian Lingfeng's heart.

"This feeling is really uncomfortable! I must increase my strength as soon as possible."

Qian Lingfeng's eyes radiated a trace of anger and determination. He decided to kill much more zombies and much harder than yesterday. 

Yesterday, he was too conservative, too cautious, and it took him too much time to kill the zombies.

Originally this was for safety reasons, but after he witnessed what happened outside, if he doesn’t increase his strength as soon as possible, he will probably die sooner or later! Rather than taking it gradually, it's better to just step forward!

Of course, he did not completely give up his concerns about danger.

If he encounters an existence like that of the dead high-level zombie and the Mutant cat, he also won't be stubborn and face them unreasonably. At least not yet before he's strong enough.   

"Fortunately, I won't easily bump into those guys without noticing them!" Qian Lingfeng has [Sage Eyes] and he can identify monsters from afar. He can avoid strong monsters in advance.   

He went directly to the third floor while maintaining a certain degree of caution. 

But alas, Qian Lingfeng was speechless because when he arrived at the third floor, except for a handful of powerful individuals, the other zombies had already died.

Looking at their exploded eyeballs, brains streaming out of their ears, mouth and nose, it is not difficult to deduce that these little guys were all killed by the mutant cat's meowing. 

[Howl Of Woe] is similar or is a sonicboom-like AOE attack, which has a certain degree of direct attack in the brain. Such a skill is simply the nemesis of the zombies who's vital part is their head and brain!

What even more depressing was that since the zombies were killed by the mutant cat, possible EXP was gone and some of the possible equipment drops were also gone.

The only upside is that they still dropped the soft milky white [Life essence]!

"Damn, such a waste!" Qian Lingfeng sighed while picking the [Life Essences] up.

Only three of the zombies in the corridor on the third floor survived. One of these is a Level 7 ordinary zombie.

However, unlike what he originally imagined, this guy did not recover its HP even after a whole night's rest and was basically half-dead. It's HP was already less than 30.

"What's the matter?" Qian Lingfeng was surprised. 

He thought of the [Elementary Devour] skill of the zombies, which stated that after zombies swallowed flesh and blood, they could restore their health. And he suddenly realized that this was the reason why this zombie was on the brink of death. 

Zombies can restore their health by swallowing flesh and blood, but if they there is no flesh and blood to eat, then I am afraid they will not be able to restore their health!

This also means that apart from this skill, the zombies have no self-recovery ability. 

Qian Lingfeng was ecstatic! This means that zombies will definitely be easier to deal with, than what he thought, in the future!

For some terrifying zombie BOSSES, he can choose to slowly chip their health away if he's at a disadvantage head on! As long as they can't eat flesh and blood, they can't evolve, not to mention restore HP!

Qian Lingfeng then pierced the head of the zombie with the DIY spear after he was done with his thoughts 

[-69] Damage was dealt, instantly killing the zombie with less than 30 HP left. 

After killing it, he got 22 EXP. No items were dropped.

The remaining two zombies was a Level 3 Light Red Zombie and a Level 5 Light Red Zombie. These two are considered to be BOSS level zombies.

But since they are greatly weakened already, Qian Lingfeng has no problem in dealing with them. He didn't even use [Super Smut]. He just relied on his agility to kill these two.   

The Level 3 zombie gave 30 EXP and dropped an EXP Pill that can increased EXP by 100 points. As for Level 5 Zombie, it gave 50 EXP and dropped a Blue Eyeball.   

When killing the Level 3 zombie, it was as smooth as butter. However, when it came to the level 5 zombie, Qian Lingfeng had a bit of scruple since this guy unexpectedly had a passive skill called [Undead Will].

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