Chapter 30: Second Stage Evolved Attacker. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

As Qian Lingfeng was thinking about the lighting problem, he saw a faint light on the windows of an opposite dormitory building! The light was being flickered on and off. 

"There are still people alive!!" He shouted in his heart. "I should find a way to get in touch with that person!" 

After such an incident, those cowardly that survived, would usually just shrink in some corner and they would definitely not come out to check the surroundings! Apart from that person being brave enough, it's another life, why could Qian Lingfeng possibly not care?

The person was shaking and flickering the light in the window. It's obviously a signal to tell other people that that person was still alive, and that person wants to confirm whether the other people were also alive, possibly to get in touch with other survivors!

"That person is smart and bold!!" He complimented. 

But the dilemma, on why Qian Lingfeng didn't turn on his flashlight in the first place, still stands. And that person might have just put himself in danger by turning on his light.

Some time passed, but the mutant cat still didn't appear and ripped that person into pieces. Maybe... That Mutant cat is gone, maybe it left already! 

Of course Qian Lingfeng could've tested it himself but he wouldn't risk it, knowing the consequence was his own life. 

He deliberated on whether he should reply to that person or not. He admits that although the current risk factor should be low, based on the fact that the cat still hasn't appeared even after that light flickered for so long, would it be worth it though? After all, he's been acting cautious all this time and he isn't willing to just break that easily. 

And even if he did meet with that person or other survivors, it would still be a gamble. Because all people need to eat, drink and survive. If he happens to find someone who's incompetent, he would have to take care of that person and decrease his own chances of survival. Whereas, if he's by himself, with the System, he can continuously increase his strength without worrying about others!

After a moment of silence, Qian Lingfeng decided to just return inside. But when Qian Lingfeng was sleeping, he didn't take off his clothes like the last time; in case another crisis would arise, it also saved him from the need to use a quilt anyways. He also did not dare to sleep too soundly like last time. That previous crisis was a wake-up call, telling him that there are dangers everywhere and can appear at any time, he must be vigilant, ALWAYS!   

The sky started lighting up. After getting up, Qian Lingfeng ate something and filled his empty stomach. After he replenished his energy, he immediately ran to the balcony to see what was happening below.   

The situation downstairs was amazing!

It was as if a super super typhoon just passed and messed everything up. There were broken trees everywhere. The ground was full of cracks, there's a lot of broken stones and bricks. Many zombies' corpses were lying on the ground, some were cut into pieces and some were stomped into meat paste.

There were also many terrifying claw marks! And paw prints were deeply embedded in the ground! The sharp and crisp incision on the concrete made his scalp tingle.

But what shocked Qian Lingfeng the most, was that among the large number of zombies lying on the ground, there was one zombie that was about three to four meters tall; it was like a little giant, also laying there.

Its horrifying explosive muscles bulged, and it seemed to be as strong as a Super Saiyan in DBZ!

Even though it was clearly already dead, just looking at it can make you feel the power it has!

Its body was full of scars, some of its flesh was even cut off. There was also a huge opening in its abdomen and its intestines were dragged out. Its head was bursted open like a watermelon. Obviously, the last one was the most fatal injury.

Qian Lingfeng used [Sage Eyes] and was immediately stunned. 

[Name: Tough Attacker (Second Stage-Evolved) (Red Elite)] 

[Zombie Type Creature] 

[HP: 0/???? (DEAD)] 

[MP: 0/???] 

[Strength: ??] 

[Intelligence: ??] 

[Stamina: ??] 

[Agility: ??] 

[Equipment: ??] 

[Skills: ?] 

Except for the name and classification, the rest of the stats were all question marks. Meaning that this zombie was definitely at least Level 15!

And with it being a [Red Elite], it's strength should be at least equivalent to the existence of a normal Level 25 Zombie!

Level 25! Thinking of this, Qian Lingfeng's instinctively felt chills going down his spine towards the soles of his feet. 

"Where's the cat?!!!" Qian Lingfeng felt a little heavy when he thought of the existence of such a feared existence in this dormitory area, and frowned slightly.

Knowing the existence of a Mutant cat that even killed such a terrifying zombie, Qian Lingfeng felt that his life was not in his own hands.

Without saying a word, he retreated to his dorm. The existence of a terrifying monster, made him feel that there was a sharp sword hanging over his head that could chop him at any given moment. 

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