Chapter 496: White House Official. 

"What black magic did y-yo-you use?"

Zhuo Yuze was horrified. Xiao Luo crossed a ten meters plus distance in just a blink of an eye. This man in front of him was like a ghost, challenging his cognition of the world.

"Mr. Zhuo, weren't you so mighty just moments ago?" Xiao Luo spoke with cold mockery, and then slapped him on the face without hesitation.


Zhuo Yuze's tooth flew out with this slap. Blood spewed, and he turned half a circle before falling to the ground.

Burning pain swept across his face, and Zhuo Yuze screamed in pain. He raised his head and tried to maintain the majesty that a colonel should have, "You will pay for what you did today, you will..."

"Have you heard of the National Security Administration?"

Xiao Luo interrupted him, his cold eyes staring at him like a dead man.

'National Security Administration, NSA?' 

Zhuo Yuze's eyes widened. How could he not have heard of this special department? He heard that its members were capable people, and they were the most powerful fighters in China. Let alone the police, even the military would only rank second in front of the NSA.

He suddenly realized something and asked in horror, "Are you... are you from the NSA?"

"What do you think?" Xiao Luo's mouth curved into an evil smile. 


Zhuo Yuze took a deep breath and swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He looked at his younger brother Zhuo Wei, thinking, You're killing me, motherf*ker why did you poke a hornet's nest.?

He quickly smiled and said, "Brother, nice to meet you. The NSA and Xia Hai Military was under the jurisdiction of the central government. We are family. I didn't recognize Mount Tai, forgive me, ha... haha ..."

His awkward laugh became extremely embarrassing under the expressionless gaze of Xiao Luo.


Xiao Luo sneered. "You are really good at bullsh*tting. No wonder you can sit in this position despite being so young. I'm sorry, but today, you have to die!"

Although Xiao Luo had not killed anyone for a long time, it didn’t mean that he wouldn’t kill now. Zhuo Yuze and Zhuo Wei made two unforgivable mistakes; one was blackmailing him using Su Li, and the other was for giving him that slap.

Xiao Luo turned to Zhuo Wei and gave him a simple side kick that made the wind blow strongly. It was as fast as lightning.


Zhuo Wei felt as if he got hit by a truck. Pain immediately crept in his stomach and he screamed expecting to hit the ground. But even after he waited for a long time, he still didn't hit the ground. When he looked out, he couldn't help feeling scared to death. It turned out that he was over the cliff.

It's over!

These two words flashed across to his mind. His entire body started to fall accompanied by a desperate howl. It only lasted three seconds when the sound of something landing was heard.   

Below the cliff were hard rocks, so even without looking or thinking, Zhuo Wei had already turned into a pool of flesh.

At this time, even if they had deep relationship as brothers, in the face of death and this terrifying monster, Zhuo Yuze was full of fear and couldn't do anything.

"This place is your grave, this isn't too bad you know." Xiao Luo looked around the scenery of Wolf Mountain and sighed from its majesty.

"You can't kill me. I am a colonel. Even if you are an NSA, you don't have the power to kill me. You will be held in military court!" Looking at the murder-filled Xiao Luo, Zhuo Yuze was trembling with fear. 

Xiao Luo extended out his hand and drew a submachine gun from the ground into his hand, and then shot at Zhuo Yuze.

Bang Bang~

This was a submachine gun, which could be fired in bursts. When the trigger was pulled, dozens of bullets would be fired. After the gunfire stopped, Zhuo Yuze's limbs had been turned into meat paste by the bullets.  It was impossible to tell which ones were flesh and which ones were bones.

Looking at Zhuo Yuze, Xiao Luo said with a straight face,"So what if I kill you?"

Finished saying that, like kicking a can, he kicked Zhuo Yuze off the cliff. The cliff was the Zhuo brothers' grave.

Having finished these two, Xiao Luo took out his phone and dialed Ji Siying, and described the situation here.

"Mr. Xiao Luo, I will report to the higher ups and send someone to deal with this as soon as possible. Investigating senior officials is actually a job for our NSA to safeguard national security. Zhuo Yuze has already been on our blacklist as he took advantage of his position and wantonly embezzled his pay, and even privately gave his brother Zhuo Wei a gun license. Before this, he was not dealt with because of the people behind him. But since he has already been disposed of by Mr. Xiao Luo, it is time for the NSA to greet the people behind him." Ji Siying said.

"The people behind him?"

Xiao Luo suspiciously asked. "Is it a senior official?"

"En, he is from the White House in Beijing. He is the son-in-law of the White House. A deputy national cadre who is considered to be on an equal footing with our Director."

"So it'll be troublesome?"

"Yes, but don't worry, Mr. Xiao, our director will negotiate with the White House. I believe that with Zhuo Yuze's misdeeds, the White House will choose to stay silent.”

"OK, I see."

Xiao Luo nodded. He finally knew why Zhuo Yuze got promoted so fast.  In addition, he also finally understood why even after Zhuo Wei broke into so many stars' private lives, no one dared to go against him. It turned out that there was such a monster in the White House, that people could not dare to offend.

"By the way, tell Director Zhang that his younger daughter has come to Xia Hai and is with me."

"Okay." Ji Siying replied.

Xiao Luo suddenly found that she was a bit cold towards him, just like an AI without feelings. He could not help but ask her, "What's wrong with you?"

"I'm doing my job as a liaison. What does Mr. Xiao mean?" Ji Siying replied. She was even colder than when they first met. 

Xiao Luo was not ignorant and knew the root cause. "We need to talk. I will call you the next time when I’m free."

Ji Siying was silent and it took her a long time before replying one word, "OK."

She then took the initiative to hang up the phone.

Xiao Luo frowned, feeling a little bit complicated. He felt as if he was trapped by feelings.



"Xiao Luo, what to do with them?" Back at Su Li's apartment in Star Moon Bay Hotel, Gu Qianxue greeted him.

The people sent by Zhuo Yuze were knocked out by her and thrown in the corner.

Su Li and Shen Qingyan were both shocked. None of them thought that Gu Qianxue, who looked cute and petite, could easily subdue two strong men, and her strength was surprisingly formidable. She carried them to the corner herself. If they didn't see it with their own eyes, they would never believe it was true.

"I'll throw them out later." Xiao Luo smiled gently. Gu Qianxue never let him down. When he was still in Jiang City, the safety of his sister and brother-in-law was handed over to this girl.

"Are you hurt?" Su Li looked at Xiao Luo with concern.

Xiao Luo shook his head, "I'm fine."

Su Li asked another question, "Was it Zhuo Wei?"

"Yes, but everything has been handled, so don't worry about anything." Xiao Luo laughed.

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