Chapter 494: Zhuo Yuze. 

Xiao Luo would not stand being threatened, especially by this type of woman. He got up and walked to the balcony. He sneered into the phone, "Officer Gu, I have not seen you for a long time, and you have not changed at all."

"It's none of your business if I change. I warn you, do not touch my sister! Do you hear me?" Gu Qianlin said fiercely. 

"Just because you say don't touch her, doesn't mean that I actually have to listen to you and not touch her. Won't I have no face left to show if I really did that? How about this? I will ask her to bathe and then make her lie on the bed, bridal chamber style, with me." Xiao Luo coldly replied.

"Bastard, you dare?" Gu Qianlin flew into rage.

"I even dared to kill people. Do you think I will not dare sleep with a woman?" Xiao Luo asked.

Gu Qianlin on the other end of the phone felt that her lungs were going to explode from anger. She couldn’t utter a sound momentarily, only her heavy breathing could be heard.  

This was what Xiao Luo wanted, to infuriate her. He smiled and continued, "Your sister is much more feminine than you. Don't worry, I will be very gentle with her."

He deliberately created an image in Gu Qianlin’s mind. After he finished saying that, he didn't give Gu Qianlin a chance to speak and hang up. He was now in a jovial mood. He was sure that Gu Qianlin would be very angry and sleepless tonight.

He then turned around and found Gu Qianxue standing behind him. Her face was flushed red and shy. "Xiao Luo, you... You deliberately angered my sister, right?"

Ughh, she heard everything I just said?

Xiao Luo's face turned red. He said it to Gu Qianlin on purpose. Who would've thought that Gu Qianxue would hear everything. This was very embarrassing.

He tried to calm himself down and gave a gentle cough, "Yes, you don't have to worry, I won't do anything to you."

Gu Qianxue shook her head, "I am not worried."

"That's good... It's getting late, go to bed early. You sleep in the bedroom. I'll sleep outside. Call me if you have anything." Xiao Luo quickly changed the subject.

"Okay!" Gu Qianxue nodded.



It rained heavily all night.  The sky cleared up the next day and the air was exceptionally fresh.

Gu Qianxue’s physical endurance was always good, and after a night's rest, she was basically fine. Moreover, she got up very early and dressed neatly at six o'clock. Of course, the clothes she wore were Su Li's, which fit her very well.

Xiao Luo planned to take her sight-seeing around Xia Hai, and then he would send her back to Jiang City. He still had a lot of things to do, so he couldn’t accompany her every day, and it was also unseemly for them to live together.

"Xiao Luo, let's go." Gu Qianxue was very interested in the tour and was full of expectation.


Xiao Luo nodded. When he thought of Su Li’s opinion on their relationship last night. He dismissed the idea of explaining this to her and just left with Gu Qianxue.


When they arrived at the lobby of the hotel, a voice suddenly rang out.

On the sofa in the lobby, a man in his mid-thirties stood up and strode towards Xiao Luo with vigorous steps.

Looking at the man with a strong military aura in front of him, Xiao Luo frowned, "What's wrong?"

"Let me introduce myself. I am Zhuo Yuze, the commander of the Xia Hai Military Region. I heard that you have a good skill and I'm here to 'recruit' you on behalf of the country." The man spoke with a high-spirited expression.

"The commander of the Xia Hai Military Region?"

Xiao Luo squinted and looked at the man up and down. At the same time, two rows of soldiers with straight postures and camouflage uniforms marched in, carrying a submachine gun in their hands and wearing cold faces. The staff of the hotel became frightened.

And at the end of the line, Xiao Luo saw a familiar man with glasses. It was Zhuo Wei, the number 1 paparazzi in Xia Hai. On that day, Xiao Luo broke his arm. Xiao Luo immediately understood what was happening. 

"What is your relationship with him?" Xiao Luo looked at the man in front of him and asked.

"We're brothers." Zhuo Yuze's eyes became cold.

"Oh, I see."

Xiao Luo smiled, "Your age should be around 34 years old, and you're a senior colonel? Hmm, probably relying on some ancestral graves to climb up, right? Have you ever even attended a military academy?"

"Bastard, you still dare to be so arrogant when you're about to die? You're really filled with sh*t!" Zhuo Wei castigated in extreme anger.

But Zhuo Yuze raised his hand and motioned for him not to talk. He looked at Xiao Luo with cold eyes and sneered, "You know, you are the first person who dares to talk to me like this."

"You are also the first person who dares to talk to Xiao Luo like this." Gu Qianxue suddenly said indifferently.


What a pure and beautiful girl!

Zhuo Wei's angry eyes suddenly flashed a wretched glint. Little girl, after we clean up Xiao Luo, I'll make sure to accompany you. 

"What are you looking at? Look at me again and I'll dig out your eyeballs!"

Gu Qianxue was very disgusted with Zhuo Wei's lustful eyes. 

"Ha ha ha....."

Zhuo Yuze suddenly burst into laughter. "Such a spirited 'horse'. My brother especially likes spirited horses, they are more exciting to 'ride'."

When such vulgar words were spoken so openly, a cold light flashed across Xiao Luo's eyes. He looked at the group and saw the soldiers holding guns, and decided that he had to bear it for now. This was not a very suitable place to start a fight, especially when there were guns involved.

Although Gu Qianxue was simple, it was not like she was completely ignorant. She was red from anger but she needed to endure for now. However, when the time came, as long as Xiao Luo gave her the orders, she would tidy these scums up.

Zhuo Yuze stared at Xiao Luo, "Let's go, I invite you into the army on behalf of the country!"

His tone made no room for Xiao Luo to refuse.

Once Xiao Luo went along with them, it would only be a matter of minutes to kill Xiao Luo. Ever since childhood, Zhuo Wei and he had shared their ups and downs of life.  Therefore, the bond they have was deeply rooted. And now that Zhuo Wei was beaten until his arm was broken. He vowed to make the culprit pay a painful price.

"Can I refuse?" Xiao Luo only gave him a glance. He thought that there was no need to get angry at a person who was about to die. 

Zhuo Yuze seemed to have heard a funny joke and laughed wildly, "What do you think?"

"Bastard, don't get arrogant just because you have some skill. Also, did I ever said to you that marrying that b*tch Su Li is stupid? You really done f*cked up doing this to me. You have to come with us today. Otherwise, as long as my brother gives the order, that b*tch Su Li upstairs would be thrown out the balcony. And will be on tomorrow’s headlines, 'The national goddess Su Li committed suicide by jumping off a building because of depression’.  Hahahaha..." Zhuo Wei's arrogance right now was off the roof. 

Someone snuck into Su Li's apartment and captured her?! 

When Xiao Luo heard Zhuo Wei's words, he could not help secretly clenching his fists. Murder was slowly filling his heart.

But he decided to settle this slowly but surely, he would take down the troops first, "Alright, I will go with you."

"You're a person who really knows the situation you're in. I appreciate you for not being ignorant."

Zhuo Yuze smiled and ordered, "Tie him up for me!"

"You dare?" Gu Qianxue, who could barely endure, gave a warning.

"Don't worry, it's just going with them. However, go to the apartment opposite from mine. If you see anything 'dirty', then help me clean it up." Xiao Luo said to Gu Qianxue to ensure Su Li’s safety.  

"En, come back soon, you still have to take me sight-seeing." Gu Qianxue got the message.

Zhuo Yuze and Zhuo Wei obviously didn't think that Gu Qianxue was a martial arts Master, and completely ignored her threat. Instead, they were laughing at her naivety, she thought that 'Xiao Luo' would come back. She didn’t know that this bastard was only a step closer to death.

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