Chapter 492: No Need To Explain. 

Shen Qingyan drove into the underground parking lot. Since it was raining so heavily, she naturally would stay over at Su Li’s apartment and wouldn’t go back tonight.

When they returned to the apartment, they happened to meet Xiao Luo coming out of his own apartment.

"Ms. Shen and Miss Su, can I ask you a favor?" Xiao Luo awkwardly asked. 

"Change that girl's clothes, right?" Shen Qingyan asked.

Xiao Luo nodded, "Yes."

"Oh... you are quite upright, and at the same time you don't know how to seize such a good opportunity to take advantage of something."

Shen Qingyan's eyes showed a little appreciation, but then shook her head. "You should just call 120 yourself and send her to the hospital."

She was standing on Su Li's side. A rival in love suddenly appeared out of nowhere, if she were Su Li, her heart would definitely feel stuffy too.

Xiao Luo frowned/ "It's just a little cold, there's no need to go to the hospital, she'll just take some antipyretics."

"Xiao Luo, why can't you understand? This isn't the time to say taking some antipyretics." Shen Qingyan was anxious for this guy, thinking, Your relationship with Li has finally made a little progress, but now you do this? Isn't this just making your relationship go back to zero?

"What is your relationship with her?"

Su Li who had been quiet, suddenly asked Xiao Luo.

Xiao Luo blurted out, "Friends!"

He and Gu Qianxue were indeed just friends. Although the nature of a man would prompt him to have a favorable impression of this simple girl, it was only up to the extent of a favorable impression. In his heart, Gu Qianxue was closer to a little girl who needed guidance more than a lover.

"Ordinary friends?" Su Li asked again.

"Yes, we met in Jiang City." Xiao Luo answered truthfully.

Su Li didn't continue to ask. After staring at Xiao Luo with complicated eyes, she went into Xiao Luo's apartment. At the same time, she said while sighing, "Qingyan, go to the closet in my room and get her a clean set of clothes."

"Yours?" Shen Qingyan asked in surprise, thinking, Is she this generous?

"Of course it's mine. She is about my size and should be able to fit it."

Su Li turned back and said, "Also bring some towels. There are new ones in the closet."


Shen Qingyan sighed. Since the person involved acted as if nothing had happened. How could she have opinions about it? 

Xiao Luo stood in the same place with his mouth slightly agape. Su Li's reaction was somewhat unexpected. He muttered to himself, "This woman is quite good."



The drying of Gu Qianxue's hair, feeding her the antipyretics and changing her clothes were all done by Su Li. After she finished these tasks, she returned to her apartment without saying a word. Shen Qingyan naturally wouldn’t stay in Xiao Luo's apartment and left with her.

"Li, how can you be so calm? She came here to find Xiao Luo from Jiang City. Even if Xiao Luo has no feelings towards her, that girl certainly has feelings for him. Now imagine, a lonely man and a single woman staying in the same room... This is like dry wood and fire. It is very dangerous."

Shen Qingyan was anxious and spoke to Su Li, who was sitting on the sofa and quietly reading a book.

"I believe him." Su Li replied without looking up. 

Then she coldly continued, "If he really did something out of the line, I will dissolve the marriage with him and set him free."


Shen Qingyan was completely stunned, she could only smile helplessly.  "Well if you think so, then I am very relieved, but you definitely won’t think so. Maybe at the moment when you got the license with Xiao Luo, it was just because you had an inexplicable relationship with him. But now, you can't lie to me, you like that man."

Hearing this, Su Li was dazed and her eyes momentarily drifted off into the distance.

Seeing that she had no response, Shen Qingyan waved her hand and said, "Forget it. If I talk too much, it will look like I'm gossiping. I will go take a shower. I also have to see if there are any documents from the company that I need to sign."

She then went to the bathroom upstairs.



Xiao Luo got a hot towel and put it on Gu Qianxue's forehead. She already took antipyretics, in addition, Gu Qianxue herself was a martial artist so her physique was not bad. She woke up after half an hour.

"Xiao Luo." She gave a cry.

"You are awake."


"Don't just stay in the rain next time. Your body is not made of iron." Xiao Luo preached in the tone of an elder. 

"Tianshan is much colder than here. But I have never been sick in the rain there." Gu Qianxue was a little confused.

Xiao Luo said, "It seems that you have stayed in this bustling city for a long time, and your physical quality has declined."

Gu Qianxue thought about it and said seriously. "Maybe that was the case."

"Drink some water." Xiao Luo handed over a cup of hot water.

Gu Qianxue sat up and took a sip. She looked out of the window: "It's raining hard."

"Yes, from the way it's going, it's not going to stop anytime soon. Fortunately, I came back tonight, otherwise..."

Xiao Luo didn't say more. If this silly girl really did stay in the rain all night, let alone Zhang Gu,  even that annoying Gu Qianlin would come to Xia Hai directly from Jiang City to cause trouble for him.

"Xiao Luo, I'm hungry!" Gu Qianxue looked at him expectantly.

Xiao Luo suddenly remembered a girl who also sat in front of a building in order to find a boy. At that time, the girl said the same thing.

[TL: I have no recollection about this thought, it's either an event in the story that I forgot or a reference, please let me know so that I can fix it.] 

"Wait, I'll make something for you."

Xiao Luo got up and prepared to go to Su Li's apartment. After all, he couldn't make food without kitchen utensils and ingredients.

Suddenly, Gu Qianxue grabbed hold of his shirt.

"What's the matter?" Xiao Luo looked back and asked with a smile.

"Don't leave me alone."

Gu Qianxue miserably said. She didn't tell Xiao Luo about the hardships that she encountered when she came to Xia Hai against Gu Qianlin's will.  Furthermore, she didn't tell him that she had encountered a terrible mishap, her phone and wallet were stolen. By the time she came to Star Moon Bay Hotel, she was already dizzy with hunger and without funds. If she didn't wait for Xiao Luo, then she didn't know what else she could, this was the main reason why she even ignored the rain and waited at the gate.

"I'll just go to the opposite side to make you something to eat, I won't leave." Xiao Luo gently removed her hand, then turned and went out.

When he walked into Su Li's apartment, he found Su Li sitting on the sofa reading a book elegantly and quietly. Xiao Luo went up to greet her, "Thank you for just now."


Su Li simply replied, not really showing much concern about this matter.

"Her name is Gu Qianxue, and she is a good friend of mine in Jiang City, but I can assure you..." Xiao Luo started explaining. He didn't know why he was like this, but he was afraid that Su Li might misunderstand.

"You don't need to explain these things to me. Don't forget that our marriage is just a paper contract." Su Li interrupted.

She deliberately did this, hoping to see this man get angry, and then tell her that their relationship was more than contractual. She even hoped that this man would arrogantly and forcefully declare that she belonged to him.

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