Chapter 490: Forced To Stop. 


Thunder roared in the sky, and under the abrupt flashes of lightning, one could see the dark clouds rolling like an avalanche. It was raining cats and dogs, and the temperature in Xia Hai dropped. The neon lights' illumination from various buildings could not spread far under the heavy rain. There was a misty feeling.

There were many passers-by taking shelter in various buildings, while those with raincoats and umbrellas were walking in the rain. The city streets were still busy and lively, but the speed of cars driving on the roads inevitably dropped for safety reasons.

"Can you not be so barbaric in the future? Many things can be solved through legal means. Violence cannot solve all problems."

Inside the car, Su Li was scolding Xiao Luo. In her eyes, this was the man who she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, but she really disapproved with how cruel he was to people. No normal woman would like a man with violent tendencies.

"Miss Su, I really commend how you can talk so calmly after you are taken advantage of." Xiao Luo just looked at the road and replied with a hint of irony.


Su Li was angry. She felt very hurt that the man never understood what she was trying to convey.

"Alright, alright, that's enough you pair of love birds. How about 'officially' signing the contract (marriage), aren't you two already living in the same apartment?"

Shen Qingyan chuckled. Although Su Li always complains about Xiao Luo not having a successful career, he was truly a qualified and outstanding man. Deep in her heart, Su Li held affection for Xiao Luo.

And judging from today, when Xiao Luo confronted Leon. If Xiao Luo also didn’t like Su Li, with his good amount of patience, how would he teach Leon a lesson without much reason? 

To put it simply, they liked each other.

"Who wants to live with her?!"

Both Xiao Luo and Su Li denied in unison. Their replies were in sync, as if they had rehearsed in advance.

The two people looked at each other, and then quickly looked away. Su Li's cheeks were slightly hot while Xiao Luo was deadpan.

"Hey... you can't continue to deny it... You know what? Let's see how long you guys can keep this up. Just remember to inform me when you're 'raring to go' so that can take Su Bei away while you act out your honeymoon life." Shen Qingyan laughed merrily. 

"What nonsense are you spouting?"

Su Li complained quietly, she then looked at the night scene outside the window. But, in fact, her heart couldn't calm down. She secretly glanced at Xiao Luo from the corner of her eyes. If only this man wasn't so violent, and was willing to make a successful career for himself... Well at least so far, he was the only man that could move her.

Xiao Luo joked, "Ms. Shen, it seems that you are very compatible with a friend of mine. If there is an opportunity, how about I introduce you to each other?"

"Oh, you want to act as a matchmaker for your boss? Alright, my request is not that high either. As long his face and height won't lose compared to you and, the most important thing, he gives me the feels, then he's in. I have no other requirements. I don't care if he has money. Anyway, I have money. " Shen Qingyan pulled her long hair.

"Ahem ... Ahem ..."

Xiao Luo choked and coughed a few times. He was actually referring to Zhang Dashan. It should be hopeless for Zhang Dashan to be with Huang Ruoran.  Shen Qingyan was a good woman, so if Xiao Luo could pair them, it would be a beautiful thing. But the requirements Shen Qingyan just said made him feel distressed. 

"Eherm, you can judge his face and height when he comes."

Shen Qingyan smiled and obviously didn't care much about it. She felt that it was too unrealistic.

"Beep... beep..."

At this time, several rapid horns honked from behind.

It was a car with its high beams on, signaling Xiao Luo to pull over and get out of the way, so it could overtake.  This was a narrow two-lane road, and there was a car driving on the left while a guardrail on the right. There was no extra space, therefore Xiao Luo couldn't get out of the way.

"Beep ... beep ..."

The owner of the car behind honked his horn again and again, and turned his lights high and low repeatedly to signal Xiao Luo to make way.

"Is that car a sicko? Can't he see the condition of the road? " Shen Qingyan said annoyingly.

"Ignore him, the driver of that car should just be road raging!" Su Li said. 

Road rage?!

Xiao Luo smiled. It was the first time he heard of this word, but it was quite an apt way to describe it.

Xiao Luo kept driving at a constant speed.  In addition, in order not to hear the blasting honking, he turned on the music inside the car and listened to a song, which happened to be a very popular song by Su Li.

"Two kinds of life~ Like a flower, recall the tenderness that once bloomed. It's been a long time... I'll still wait here even if my eyes are covered in dust... "

Sweet singing, very artistic lyrics, and overall soul touching... Xiao Luo and Shen Qingyan were absorbed while listening to the song.

"Li, what is it like to listen to your own song?" Shen Qingyan excitedly asked.


Su Li calmly said and simply answered.

Actually, she became popular with this song, but now her focus shifted from music to the film and television industry. She had not sung songs for a long time.

At this time, the car from the rear caught up to their car.  However, it didn't overtake and instead drove parallel to their Jaguar.

The window in the car's passenger seat rolled down, and a exotic man with earrings shouted loudly, "Damn you silly fool. Can you really drive? How many times have we beeped the horn to tell you to get out of the way, are you f*cking deaf or something? If it weren't for us being in a hurry, I would have stopped and kill you already, f*ck you!"

After scolding, he took out a bottle of mineral water from under the car seat and threw it hard on the Jaguar's window. Then the man gave them a middle finger, swearing out the window again, before their car accelerated and drove pass the Jaguar.

Su Li and Shen Qingyan were dumbfounded. They never thought that they would meet such a person. What could they even do in the first place? Obviously there was no extra space to make way!

"Who are those people? Scums..." Shen Qingyan was angry and her good mood got destroyed by those people.

"You sit tight!"

Xiao Luo’s voice was calm as he directed them, while looking at the rear view mirror. 

Su Li and Shen Qingyan subconsciously reached for the grab-handles and knew what Xiao Luo was going to do.


Xiao Luo slammed his feet on the accelerator, and the Jaguar sprinted forward like a beast, surpassing one car after another, finally catching up with the Audi car on a bridge in front. Xiao Luo stepped on the accelerator till it reached the bottom, and the Jaguar passed the Audi car like an arrow shooting off the bow. Xiao Luo then slammed the brake, blocking and forcing the Audi car to come to an abrupt stop.

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