Chapter 488: Make You Fall. 

Soon, the subordinate brought two pairs of red boxing gloves.

Leon further explained to Su Li, "These are 284 grams of boxing gloves. With its protection, it will never hurt Mr. Xiao, so Sabrina, you can relax."

Su Li didn't bother to explain what she just said to Xiao Luo and stopped making any noise.

"Since it is a free fight, it is inevitable that there will be accidents. If we accidentally hurt each other, this is understandable. Am I right, Mr. Leon?" Xiao Luo's mouth curled upwards into a cold smile. 

Leon immediately laughed, "Yes of course. It seems that Mr. Xiao is a professional. Indeed, no one can guarantee that one will not really hurt the other party in the process of 'learning'."

However, he was cursing in his heart, Silly fool, I was just wondering what reason should I tell Sabrina after I cripple you?. But now it seems that it is not necessary. Your explanation sets up your own demise. 

Thinking up to this, he couldn’t help roaring with laughter.

Xiao Luo kept silent as he took the pair of boxing gloves from Leon's subordinate and put them on.

After they put on gloves, they moved to the lawn next to them.

"Li, how long do you think Mr. Leon can hold out under Xiao Luo?" Shen Qingyan squinting, laughed.

"I don't know, but I hope Xiao Luo won't be too heavy handed." Su Li bit her lips. Although Leon was very despicable, he was not heinous.  He only needed a little lesson, so there was no need to be heavy handed.

"I don't know~ Seeing that Leon took advantage of you, Xiao Luo was obviously angry. The consequences will be serious."

Shen Qingyan curled her lips and said, "Let's give a moment of silence for Leon!"


Su Li was stunned. Is he really angry because she was taken advantage of?

Xiao Luo and Leon were standing about three meters apart. The latter took off his suit and threw it to his subordinate. The collar of his shirt was open, and one could see his thick chest hair. His sleeves were rolled up, revealing his strong arms. In addition, Leon stood at 1.8 meters, physically towering. Especially when he assumed an offensive expression, it gave people a feeling of aggressiveness.

Xiao Luo, who stood at 1.7 meters, was slightly shorter than him. In addition, his muscles weren’t as bulky. As a result, when the two people stood next to each other, tose who weren’t familiar with Xiao Luo would naturally think this ‘human stick’ (Xiao Luo) was just overreaching.

"Mr. Xiao, are you ready?"

Leon smiled coldly, his eyes looked like a beast staring at his prey.

"You can start at any time." Xiao Luo laughed.

"You'll fight like this?"

Leon looked at Xiao Luo who was neither in a defensive or offensive stance, full of openings.

"Yes. What's the problem?" Xiao Luo scratched his itchy chest.

"Ah there's no problem, no problem at all, he he..."

Leon smiled.  However, within the next instance, a cold expression was shown on his face, and his body burst forward being compressed to the extreme. With a loud roar, his body was like a sharp arrow that was pulled taut and then let go, it shot forward in Xiao Luo’s direction.

Rushing forward wildly, the distance of three meters was closing in a blink of an eye. Leon's left foot stomped on the ground and used it as an axis, making the lawn tremble, and he kicked using his right leg. He was aiming straight to Xiao Luo's head.

Move like a tiger, shaking the mountains and rivers!

Su Li and Shen Qingyan were stunned. They finally understood why Leon was so confident. Just with this momentum and skill, there should not be many people in Xia Hai who could be his opponent.

His simple kick was like a tsunami!

However, Xiao Luo only tilted his upper body slightly back at a certain angle, and dodged it. Leon's feet barely missed his face, and a strong breeze brushed at his bangs.


Leon paused for a moment. But immediately after his failed attempt, he immediately bombarded Xiao Luo with punches. It was very fast and raining down on Xiao Luo heavily. 

However, no matter how fiercely he attacked and how speedily he delivered his punches, Xiao Luo was still able to dodge them with ease. He easily avoided Leon's big fists with only one simple action at a time.

Leon's subordinate wasn't some layman either and was keenly aware that Xiao Luo was not as simple as he made it seem to be. His young master never stopped attacking and even put his entire body into it. But he couldn’t lay a finger on the other party's hair. There was definitely something wrong with this. They were conned. This man named Xiao Luo must be a terrifying master.

"Whoosh whoosh~"

Leon's punches increasingly became faster, stirring up the howling wind. Nevertheless, his fist that was wrapped in powerful forces couldn’t even touch Xiao Luo's body, and only touched the air. He gradually became more and more furious.

"Do you only know how to dodge?" He screamed and growled, and aimed a kick at Xiao Luo’s chest.

Xiao Luo crossed his arms to protect his chest, and this kick landed on his arms. He only took a step back before he stabilized his body; whereas, Leon who delivered the kick was pushed back eight steps, almost falling to the ground. It was the result of the counterforce of his kick.

The two men now confronted each other five meters apart. Xiao Luo was still calm, but Leon suffered severe physical exhaustion. He was breathing heavily and hot sweat soaking his body. 

"He's really on another level!"

Shen Qingyan was surprised. She could see that Xiao Luo was just toying with Leon. Despite Leon putting out his best effort, he could not lay a finger on Xiao Luo's body.

Su Li on the other hand didn't speak. She merely looked at Xiao Luo, who stood straight like a pine tree on the lawn. After that night, she felt that this man was incredibly powerful, but she really couldn't figure out why Xiao Luo was so strong.

At this moment, Leon's subordinates ran up and said, "Master, don't fight again, you are no match for him."

"He is a terrifying Master!"

His subordinates tried to persuade him. As bodyguards, they believe in their intuition, that the man named Xiao Luo had terrifying strength.

"Go away! If you dare talk nonsense again, I will destroy you!"

Leon's anger completely clouded his remaining reasonings. He pushed his two subordinates away and shouted at Xiao Luo. "Mr. Xiao, why are you always dodging? Are you just a little puss*-head? Come on, fight with me. If you don't fight with me, you are a dog!"

"Then I'll use one move. One move and I'll make you fall!" Xiao Luo smiled.

Leon flew into a rage and beat his chest muscles like a gorilla. He screamed, "Come on, let me see how you can make me fall. If you can't, then get away from Sabrina!"

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