Chapter 486: Four of a Kind. 

"Mr. Leon is really proficient in Chinese, you've even learnt a very popular 'exclamation' from our country. You really are amazing!" Xiao Luo gave Leon a thumbs-up and deliberately 'praised' him.

Leon was livid with anger, but he had to squeeze out a smile. "Mr. Xiao jests. Chinese culture is profound, I am deeply fascinated by it. I even feel hatred for myself for not being born in China."

"You can choose to immigrate. With such an excellent talent like Mr. Leon here, China will definitely open its arms to you with enthusiasm." Xiao Luo warmly 'invited'. 

This motherf*cker!

Leon was fuming in anger. He had wealth and status in his country. Even the current president was elected through the connections of his family. So why the hell would he immigrate to China. He’s out of his mind if he does!!

He looked at Su Li and immediately responded, "If Sabrina can divorce Mr. Xiao and marry me instead, I think I will join China without hesitation."

"Then just stay in your country!" Su Li retorted coldly. 

Shen Qingyan chuckled, "Mr. Leon is joking. Ms. Li and Mr. Xiao already have a child. So how could they get divorced?"

A child?

Leon's eyes widened. Undoubtedly, this piece of news had blindsided him. The goddess that he loved actually married someone else and gave birth to a child! This was not something that he could easily accept.

At this time, the exchanged gambling coins were pushed in by two carts. The staff stacked the new coins, making the already big pyramids of coins larger than before. 

"Continue to deal cards!"

Leon shouted at the dealer with a sullen face, gnashing his teeth as he stared at Xiao Luo. His eyes burned with anger. Xiao Luo on the other hand was leisurely drinking tea, ignoring Leon's existence.

The dealer continued to deal cards. Leon got a Jack of Hearts while Xiao Luo got an Ace of Spades. The next card, Leon got a 10 of Hearts, while Xiao Luo got a 3 of Diamonds.


The gambling money in front of Leon was shoved forward. He stared straight at Xiao Luo as he chuckled, "Mr. Xiao, do you dare to follow?"

His chuckle was paired with gloominess. His expression was a bit ferocious...

Two hundred million, plus the previous one hundred million for a total of  three hundred million; and all of it was pushed toward the pit! The atmosphere in the room suddenly became stagnant, whether it was the staff, or Su Li and Shen Qingyan, all of them were feeling slightly suffocated. 

"If Mr. Leon holds a King of Hearts and a 9 of hearts, that would make a flush. But if I have four Ace's, I would win." Xiao Luo said. 

Leon's smile got wider, "The analysis is good, but it is all nonsense. I will ask you again, do you have the balls to follow?"

Xiao Luo smiled lightly, "Why won’t I dare?" He then pushed all his gambling coins forward. 

Su Li and Shen Qingyan's expressions underwent drastic changes. The probability of getting four Aces' was too low. From the objective analysis of this game, the situation was greatly unfavorable for Xiao Luo.

Seeing Xiao Luo go all in again, Leon was slightly shaken. Three hundred million was not a small amount. According to what his subordinate had reported, if he lost the three hundred million, his family's higher ups would be disappointed in him and he would not inherit the family's huge industry.

He said coldly, "Mr. Xiao, if you lose 300 million yuan, I'm afraid you have to work hard all your life to clear your debts."

"It's a small amount, a small amount. It's nothing!" Xiao Luo replied with the same words Leon used.

When Su Li and Shen Qingyan heard his words, they almost collapsed. 300 million is considered small? Then what is considered big then?

'Continue, continue to fake it. Let's see how long you can keep that up!' Leon smiled coldly, then shouted at the dealer: "Deal!"

This was the last card... When Leon unveiled his card, he slowly slid it towards him. In the short process, sweat dripped down his forehead, and he didn't dare to take a breath. When he flipped his card and saw that the corner said it was a 7, his mood suddenly fell to the bottom of the valley. But when he saw that this was 7 of Hearts, he couldn't help letting out a sigh of relief. 

"Although it is not a straight flush, it is still a flush and that should be more than enough. By the way, what is your last card? Why don’t you turn it over?"

"That's because I am afraid that your heart might not be able to take it."

Xiao Luo turned his last card over with a smile. It was an Ace of Clubs! He already had three Aces and this gave him the fourth Ace, which meant his cards were bigger than Leon's. 

Leon only felt his throat going dry. His body was sweating like a waterfall. He mumbled himself, "Don't tell me this lucky bastard...!"

No, it's impossible!  Even if he already had three Aces in hand, the probability of getting the last Ace as the river card was too low.  No matter how lucky could a person be, he couldn’t get four Ace's. This probability was lower than low, and even tens of thousands of people may not be able to get one. He turned his card over, a King of Hearts and said in a loud voice to conceal his panic, "Don't hide it, show your card, I don't believe it is an Ace!"

Su Li and Shen Qingyan looked at Xiao Luo unblinkingly. This was the decisive moment, if it was an Ace of Diamond, then Xiao Luo would win; if it was another card, then Leon would win. Although they were not playing personally, they were more nervous than the actual person playing at the moment.

"The probability of four Ace's appearing in my hands is really low, but it can still happen. Even if the probability is low, it is not impossible."

Xiao Luo already knew what his card was. In fact, all of this was planned from the very beginning. He turned his card over and it was indeed an Ace of Diamond. "My Four of a Kind against your flush. It seems that Mr. Leon loses this one."

Impossible, how is that possible!

Leon slouched against the chair with empty eyes. He gazed at Xiao Luo as if he was a monster. His face was full of undisguised disbelief.

"Mr. Leon, are you all right?" Shen Qingyan saw that Leon's complexion had changed, and she couldn't help feeling worried, so she asked. 

"I'm... I'm fine, thank you Miss Demi for your concern..." Leon bowed his head, eyes red and heart was bleeding.

Xiao Luo on the other hand felt very comfortable. He didn't forget to add salt to the wound, "Mr. Leon is wealthy, three-hundred million is merely a trifle, a small amount. This little amount won't bother Mr. Leon, right? It's just for fun."

For fun?


Leon almost vomited blood. He swore that he didn't expect such a result before coming to the casino. What he wanted was to take all of Xiao Luo's money and then turn them over to Su Li, thus forcing her to realize his purpose was to belittle Xiao Luo.  Consequently, raising his gentleman image. But now... “F*CK …  F*CK … ASSI!” He let out curses.

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