Chapter 484: Courageous. 

This guy really dared to play!

Su Li and Shen Qingyan looked at Xiao Luo with a nervous face. It was luck that he was able to bluff Leon just now. So it was just wishful thinking if he thought he could bluff him again this time. Leon was not so stupid to fall for something twice. 

"Mine is a pair of Aces and 7. If you want to be bigger, your card must be 8."

Leon turned over his card and shouted angrily at Xiao Luo, "I don't believe your card is 8!"

Xiao Luo shook his head. "Mr. Leon, the probability that the last 8 is mine is small, but it doesn't necessarily mean that it won't happen."

After he finished saying that, he slowly turned his card over,…  and it was ... 

It was the 8 of Clubs!

When he saw Xiao Luo's card, Leon's eyes almost popped out of their sockets. He really couldn't believe it and abruptly stood up.

Su Li and Shen Qingyan were equally dismayed...

"Is this all right?"

Shen Qingyan showed an unnatural smile. She thought that Xiao Luo was feigning confidence again this hand, but who would've thought that it was actually genuine! This kind of play, to turn your opponent confused as if you could read them like a book, was the most terrifying. It seemed that this guy was really excellent at everything.


Leon slammed the table. He pointed at Xiao Luo and accused him, "Say, are you cheating?"

"I can vouch that this gentleman has not cheated!" The dealer chimed in.

"Who are you to vouch for him?" Leon sneered.

The dealer took out his certificate: "Sir, you can insult me, but please don't insult my professional ethics. I am a gold medal dealer, and no one can escape my eyes."

"Bullsh*t, give me that..."

"Leon, if you can't afford to lose, I'll let my husband return the money to you."

At this time, Su Li suddenly spoke up in a cold voice. 

Leon immediately snapped out his anger and tried to laugh it off, "Sabrina, that's not it. It's only 20 million. I don't care about this little amount of money. I was just carried away a bit there..."

He may have said this, but in fact, he was raging in his heart. He lost 20 million in less than ten minutes, and most importantly, he lost to a bumpkin! If those guys in the States knew of this, they would laugh at him till all their teeth fall off.

"Mr. Leon is a giant (aka very rich), and 20 million is as insignificant as a hair on an ox. Am I right?" Xiao Luo suddenly asked.

"Right, right, it's only a small amount, a small amount..."

Leon could only endure the pain in his heart as he had to generously nod to Xiao Luo's question.

"Mr. Leon really speaks Chinese very well. Do you want to play again?" Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows and laughed.

"Yes, I only played two games, and I haven't enjoyed them yet. Let's continue."

Leon gave his black card to one of his subordinates and ordered, "Go and help me exchange 100 million gambling coins." Leon's eyes also turned frigid. 

One hundred million?

Su Li's eyebrows slightly wrinkled. One hundred million was not a small bet. It seemed that Leon was determined. 

"Mr. Leon, the amount seems a bit large." Shen Qingyan laughed.

"Hehehe... Ah it's just a small amount, small for me." Leon smiled. "Mr. Xiao, I have 100 million gambling money, but you only have 45 million at the very most. You still lack 55 million to match me. I wonder if you have that much money?"

His tone of ridicule was obvious. This action of his blatantly stated that Xiao Luo's status and riches were below him, and that Xiao Luo had no qualifications to be arrogant in front of him.

"Mine is for you!" Su Li gave all her bets to Xiao Luo. 

Shen Qingyan also said with a smile, "I have exchanged so much but won’t be playing anyway, so I will lend you mine too. I am rooting for you."

Leon deliberately raised his voice as he said, "Still short twenty millions."

"Don't worry, I have it here."

Xiao Luo handed his card to the staff in the room. "Please help me exchange 20 million gambling coins."

"Yes, sir." The worker nodded, bowed respectfully and turned away.

"How come I know that you have so much money?" Su Li looked at Xiao Luo surprised.

Xiao Luo smiled and replied, "You never asked me."

Su Li asked again, "Where did it come from?"

"I earned it when I was in Jiang City." Xiao Luo simply replied. 

Jiang City?

Su Li froze and said, "If you have so much money, why do you still live in that shady neighbourhood?"

"Xiao Luo, you are becoming more and more mysterious. I am very curious about what you have experienced in Jiang City." Shen Qingyan said.

Ever since she first saw Xiao Luo, she felt that this man was very different. In front of Yang Hongzhi, he was supercilious and calm. This was not something that ordinary people could achieve. It was either he had experienced a lot of things, or he had equal status. Obviously, the possibility of the former was much more probable.  Nonetheless of the reason, she became interested in what Xiao Luo experienced in Jiang City. 

Xiao Luo smiled but didn't respond.

Before long, the gambling money was exchanged.

One hundred million gambling coins were placed in front of two people, stacked neatly, just like two pyramids.

"Deal!" Leon glared at Xiao Luo as he couldn’t wait to win all of his money. 

The dealer extended his hands, "Two gentlemen, please pay the bottom gold first."

"Since there are 100 million, simply raise the bottom gold by one million. Mr. Xiao should have no opinion on this, right?" Leon squintingly laughed.


Xiao Luo also threw in one million gambling coins.

'F*cking bastard, just wait and see if you can still act so proud at the end of this!' Leon gnashed his teeth and threw his own one million bet.

The dealer then started to deal the hand. He first dealt a card to each player, before dealing the second card. Leon's card was a 9 of Diamond, while Xiao Luo's card was a 8 of Diamond . According to the rules of stud poker, the player with the largest card goes first.

Leon looked at his own card, 2 of clubs, with an impenetrable smile on his face.  "5 million!"

After he said that, he threw out five million gambling coins.

"5 million."

Xiao Luo also threw out 5 million gambling coins, but then he wasn't satisfied and followed it with, "I add 95 million, all in."


He then shoved the mountains of gambling coins forward without hesitation.

What the f*ck?!

The dealer and the staff in the room were stunned. It was the first time they saw this kind of game being played. It's really... Unique? 

Leon got a fright from Xiao Luo's very-Very-VERY ballsy move. 

Su Li and Shen Qingyan were also frightened. Only two cards were dealth at this point of the game so why go all-in? Who gave this guy this much courage? This is not some meager amount of money too, it's a hundred million for God's sake! If you lose, a hundred million will be gone!

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