Chapter 483: Poker. 

"If I lose, then I lose. It's no big deal."

Su Li held her own opinion and she would never listen to Leon. She continued on her play. 

"Sabrina, are you and your husband going to deal with me?"

Leon smiled and looked at Xiao Luo. "Mr. Xiao, it's your turn."

"Five million!"

Xiao Luo directly pushed a pile of gambling coins toward the pit, from one million to suddenly increasing it five times.

Although five million was nothing to everyone here, it would still be unpleasant to lose that amount of money when your gamble failed. 

Leon, Su Li and Shen Qingyan were all stunned. They looked at Xiao Luo's cards and couldn't help thinking: Is this guy really that confident in his cards? Otherwise why would he gamble such a big amount right off the bat. 

"Mr. Xiao is really confident. It seems that your cards are really good." Leon tried to read Xiao Luo.

"Don't look at me, you won't have any gains. It's up to you to decide your next move." Xiao Luo retorted.

"Of course."

Leon smiled and called the bet with 5 million gambling coins. He was certain in his victory. "I bet that you (Xiao Luo) are bluffing."

It was Su Li's turn again. She looked at Xiao Luo and couldn’t comprehend where he got this confidence from. 

"This is a duel between both of them, Li, let's just watch." Shen Qingyan suddenly whispered in her ear at this time.

"Listen to her and just fold." Xiao Luo turned his head and smiled at her.

Su Li said, "Don't try to show off, don't risk..."

"As I said, I 'may' not lose since gambling is based on luck." Xiao Luo smiled calmly.

Su Li saw that the man was determined and knew that he was 'stronger' than Leon: "OK, I will fold."

Likewise, Shen Qingyan also chose to fold and be a spectator.

"You can rest assured, just stay there and be good." Xiao Luo smiled.

'Be good?' 

Su Li's face suddenly turned red, she suddenly felt irritated. Is this dead guy coaxing me as if I'm Su Bei? However, although she was angry, she also felt sweet.

"Mr. Xiao, it's your turn. Will you follow or not?" Leon was very angry. They were flirting in front of him! He vowed to teach this little bastard a good lesson.


Xiao Luo pushed all his gambling coins into the pit. It formed a mountain and exuded a weirdly majestic atmosphere. He said with a cool smile on his face, "All in!"


The dealer swallowed a mouthful of saliva and thought to himself, Sh*t, what is this nouveau riche? He easily went all-in with twenty million, this guy really had some big 'balls' (courage). Nevertheless, he didn't forget his work, and immediately performed his job. He dealt them their last cards.

Leon's was 8, and Xiao Luo's was also 8.

Follow or not?

Leon hesitated. He tried hard to read something from Xiao Luo's micro-expression, but he couldn't see anything except that calm smile. He had a pair of Aces and a pair of 6s, plus an 8, while the other (Xiao Luo) had a pair of 8s, plus a 7 and a 9. Therefore, it was impossible for him (Xiao Luo) to get a 'straight’.  To beat his hand, Xiao Luo would need to have another 8, a total of three 8s (three-of-a-kind), which would be higher than his hand.

"Mr. Xiao, your card can't be another 8. Three 8s have already appeared, so the probability that the fourth 8 to appear in your hand is too low." Leon said.

"Then let's wait and see where I really put all my money into." Xiao Luo then asked the staff in the private room for a glass of water.

Su Li and Shen Qingyan looked at him unblinkingly, sweating in their hearts for him. This was a gamble with 20 million at stake. No matter how wealthy they were, it was still very uncomfortable to lose 20 million at once.

Leon glanced at his card and confirmed that it was indeed a pair of Aces, but he couldn't figure out what Xiao Luo held in his hand. If it was really another 8, he would lose. And if he lost in front of Su Li in the very first game, that would be really shameful. 

Thinking up to this, he chose to abandon his cards.

"Mr. Xiao, you won this game."

"Good game."

Xiao Luo then proceeded to collect all the gambling coins on the table.

Su Li, who was sitting next to him, looked at his card. She couldn't help crying out in astonishment, "A 10 of Clubs?"

Leon almost spat out a mouthful blood when he heard this. He was a veteran casino player, and yet he was cheated by this bumpkin! 

Shen Qingyan smiled lightly.  "Xiao Luo, you are too good at lying. A pair of eights just beat Mr. Leon's pair of Aces."

"I didn't see it clearly just now. I really thought the card was the fourth 8." Xiao Luo innocently waved his hand, denying it. 

Didn't see clearly your sister!

Leon almost swore out loud. He felt so humiliated, but his impression of Xiao Luo also slightly changed. He no longer despised and underestimated him as much as before. 


Xiao Luo originally wanted to call Su Li, ‘Miss Su’, but since there was a hateful guy here. He immediately changed it. "Wife, Boss Shen, you should also sit out the next game (e.g. not participate). I'll play stud poker with Mr. Leon."


Su Li was stunned, her cheeks were burning and red. She felt like drums were beating inside her chest.  

"Okay, we are really not that interested in gambling anyway, so we'll just watch you two on the side." Shen Qingyan knew that this was a duel between men, so it was better not to get involved.

Su Li didn't speak, the man’s single utterance, “wife”, still echoed in her ear; her heart was jumping around like a frightened rabbit.

"Mr. Xiao, are you sure you want to play against me?"

Leon laughed. He had won billions of dollars overnight, and his opponent was the oldest casino master in North America, so dealing with this nameless boy, whom he would never have heard of if it weren't for Sabrina, would be as easy as killing a chicken. 

"Why? You don’t dare?" Xiao Luo asked. 

Leon snorted softly, "Why won't I dare? Deal the cards!"

The dealer did what he was told and started the game, he dealt out five cards for himself, and four cards to each player, but the cards were faced down and could not be seen.

It was interesting and coincidental that the two players’ cards were very similar to those of the last game. Leon's four cards consisted of a pair of 7s and a pair of Aces, while Xiao Luo's cards are a pair of 8s, a 6 and a 7.

Leon looked at his own card, which was an 8. If Xiao Luo's cards were to be higher than his, it must also be 8, overall making up three 8s. But everyone knew that there were only four eights in a deck, and one was already in his hand, and the other party already had two. Hence the probability that the remaining one appearing in the other party's hand was quite low.

"Five million!" Leon threw out a bet.

"I follow!"

Xiao Luo pushed 5 million gambling coins, and then added, "In addition, I will raise another 9 million."


A mountain of gambling money was pushed forward.

Leon's face was a bit gloomy. He only exchanged 20 million, and he just lost 6 million, leaving only 14 million in his hand. The addition of 5 million by Xiao Luo made the pot 14 million. This was clearly forcing him to bet all his money.

"Mr. Xiao, it's good to use the trick once. But not twice. Do you think I will be fooled by you again?" Leon, with a contemptuous smile, shoved all his money forward.

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