Chapter 23: Race Against Time. 

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After selecting [Confirm], Qian Lingfeng could feel it immediately. The most obvious change was that his mind became clearer, and it seemed that he became a little smarter than before. At least in a way that his thinking was a little quicker when he would be reading.  

"So this is the added effect of the intelligence stat. But I didn't expect it to be actually related to IQ. This should involve development of the brain."  Feeling his quicker thinking and the clarity of his mind, Qian Ling Feng thought like so.

As for the effect of the stamina, Qian Lingfeng could feel that there was something 'more' in his body. It felt as if his body was filled with vigour. It also seemed that he had become more resistant to exercises, aka he became stronger.

"Stamina should be the physical constitution of the human body." Qian Lingfeng thought.

In addition to feeling these changes, Qian Lingfeng's HP and MP correspondingly increased by 10 points each, turning 90 points and 120 points respectively.

In fact, such an increase was to be expected as long as you played some RPG games and knew how stats work. 

But of course, that was after all guessing. It was still best to experience it yourself. This was the way to really understand the role of each stat, and not just based on his own assumptions.

As for the remaining two AP, Qian Lingfeng added one point to strength and one point to agility. 

After a sensation similar to dizziness, Qian Lingfeng, who was paying close attention to changes, immediately felt the increase in his whole body's strength. In the same way, his movements were more dexterous, agile, and light. 

He chose to add the remaining points to strength and agility because during this short amount of time, strength and agility were the most optimal.

Because in this period of time, he would only be dealing with zombies. These guys had low intelligence and his current 12-point intelligence was enough to crush them. Moreover, the increase in intelligence would not be too obvious in these short combats. 

As for the corresponding increase in MP, if he upgraded intelligence, he currently only had [Super Smut]. So at least for now, it was not that important.

Moreover, the CD of [Super Smut] was a long 120 minutes. It was impossible to continuously release the skill, and basing on how infrequent he was using the skill right now, his current MP was enough to sustain him.

As for the stamina relating to HP, it would be useful if he was fighting against another type of monster. Unfortunately, all his current enemies were zombies with viruses! HP was useless if he was bitten even once with the 90% infection rate. 

Speaking of being bitten, he must never get bitten. He must do sneak attacks and not fight head on. 

Overall, compared with intelligence and stamina, in fighting with zombies, strength and agility were relatively more important in this short time.

Strength could increase his lethality against zombies, and agility could ensure that while killing zombies, he could also avoid the attacks of the zombies. And at the same time, take advantage of their slow speed.

Basically, killing the zombies while ensuring that he would not be injured.

After resting for a while, Qian Lingfeng's exhaustion was gone, and his fighting spirit was restored. He thought to himself that it was time to work again! This time, the goal is the fifth floor!.

The time limit for the Task was three days. So within that time, he must walk out of this D9 student dormitory building.

Well, if you really wanted to calculate the time; he was currently on the fourth floor, and cleaning the zombies all the way to the first floor and the entire dormitory building could be done at a leisurely pace within these three days. There was absolutely no need to race against time. 

But even so, according to Qian Lingfeng, the most important thing with his current world right now was awareness, especially the awareness that he was always in a dangerous situation!

Although the System fairly gave him plenty of time, he couldn’t really enjoy it even if he wanted to. 

Apocalypse was upon them and death would come haunting him sooner or later. Therefore, it was the most important to seize as much time and strive to improve his strength. Who knew when he would encounter a terrifying situation!

In any case, if he wanted to survive, he must be able to come up with the strength to cope with the crisis during critical times.  Otherwise, he could only die tragically! To seize every bit of time, and to be ahead of time, was what a smart person would do!

This dormitory building had a total of six floors. For some reason, the sixth floor was unoccupied and the majority of students only live on the fifth floor. The floor where Qian Lingfeng lived was the fourth floor, just below the fifth floor.

If he just went according to the Task given by the System, he wouldn’t really need to take the fifth floor into consideration since all he needed was to get out.  In addition, the fifth floor was not in his way unlike the fourth to ground floor. If he did this, he could save time, and complete the task much quickly.

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