Chapter 15: Preparation.

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"Wait, these things may come in handy!" Qian Lingfeng couldn't help but smile. He proudly raised his head in a forty-five degree angle towards the sky and the little beard stubble at the bottom of his chin slightly became visible.

He first moved all the furniture to the balcony. Of course, his movements were still as light as possible. If he makes a big movement which attracts the zombies and they start hitting the door, that would just implicate his already risky plan.

After that, Qian Lingfeng rummaged around and found all his friends' suitcases. He pulled out the clothes inside and threw them away. He then put the books on the desks inside the suitcases, as well as the books that's stored in the cabinets and shelves. The suitcases of the four people were filled with their respective books.

After three semesters, plus some textbooks and other books distributed in advance, everyone has a large pile of them in the cabinets, desks and bookshelves.

After filling everyone's suitcases, he then carefully dragged them to the door. Even with Qian Lingfeng’s current 16 points of Strength, he still feels the suitcases' heaviness.

But this was a good thing, because he'll be using them to block and prevent the shutter door from being broken by the zombies. The best obstacles were naturally the heavy objects.   

After finishing all these, he took out his phone and looked at the time. It was 11:56 am.  

He then took out the Lenovo phone and adjusted the two phones to the same exact time. After that, he put away his phone, and turned on the alarm of the Lenovo phone. He set it to start ringing after half an hour, and putting its volume at max! He bent down, crawled into the next single bed and carefully placed the phone on the side of the single bed that was closest to the wall!

This way, after the zombies come in, it would be difficult for the zombies to destroy the sound source in a short time. This means that the zombies that's a bit farther from the dorm would have time to be able to get in the dorm!   

As he crawled out under the bed, his clothes, hands, and face were naturally covered with dust; but these were nothing to Qian Lingfeng, who was already covered in blood.   

Since the world had practically ended, such things were not worth mentioning. It's the most important thing to survive. If you still insist on neatness and cleanliness at this time, then you were a real fool.   

With firm belief and gradually hysterical eyes, as well as a subtle and adaptive attitude, Qian Lingfeng carefully approached the front alloy door of the dormitory. He put a thermos bottle next to the door after he took a peek.   

The thermos would be used to create sound as a signal, once the zombies start barging on the door. 

This time, when he opened the door, he almost made no sound because the clicking mechanism would only sound if you're closing the door and not opening it. 

He then went back to the balcony and after closing the door, Qian Lingfeng immediately stacked the heavy suitcases that's filled with books and pressed them behind the door. 

There were seven suitcase in total, there were four at the bottom placed horizontally in two rows, and in the top were three placed side by side. The two layers of suitcases were almost one-third the height of the shutter door.  

But when he tested the door, he frowned.

"It's still not strong enough..." Qian Lingfeng pondered. Individually this setup would suffice, but if the zombies attacked together, the seven suitcases will definitely not stop them.

After thinking about it, he went back to his dormitory, filled his own and his dormmates' suitcases with thick and heavy books.

He dragged them to the balcony and continued to pile them in a bricklaying method. In the end, he managed to add two layers of insurance to the already stacked obstacles behind the shutter door!

Usually, a student would have one or two suitcases, so now there were almost fifteen in total.

For a suitcase full of books, with Qian Lingfeng's 16 points of strength, it felt a bit heavy to carry it, so these fifteen should be enough to withstand a lot of pressure. 

However, as cautious as he may be, he was still a little dissatisfied. Qian Lingfeng ran back to his dormitory again, and hurriedly filled the washbasin in the bathroom with tap water. He then slowly poured the tap water on this hill of suitcases!

Most of the suitcases were made of canvas, and the books were made of paper. These were quite absorbent things. After absorbing the water, these hills of books and canvas were pretty much solid obstacles.

As he looked at his "masterpiece", he can't help but feel a little bit emotional, "D*mn, such a large number of books and the price of each one being so high was really not worth it back then. But who would've thought that it would be useful in the apocalypse!” 

He looked at his phone. It was now 12:13 and only 13 minutes were left before the alarm would ring, then battle would officially begin. 

Qian Lingfeng hurried his pace and started moving the chairs and desks in his dormitory. Then he carefully started piling them and placed them in random order.

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