Chapter 481: Jealous.

When Su Li heard Lion asked her this question, she couldn't help looking at Xiao Luo and everything that this man had quietly done for her came to mind. He was always guarding her.

She turned around and replied, "Leon, it's not a specific thing, but a feeling. I think when you meet the person in your life, you will understand what kind of feeling it is."

"Oh? If it is a feeling, then I think I should have felt it by now, because the person in my life is you, Sabrina." Leon grabbed Su Li's hand and kissed it gently.

No one expected that he would make such a bold move. When Su Li realized what had just happened, she quickly pulled her hand back. Her face showed her displeasure: "Leon, please pay attention to your behavior, I don't want my husband to have any misunderstanding."

"No, no, no, this is not a misunderstanding, but a real one. Sabrina, I have always liked you. If I were to describe it using Chinese idioms, then 'we are the perfect match, and you and I are a match made in heaven'."

Leon completely ignored Xiao Luo's existence as he boldly declared his love to Su Li. He then pointed to Xiao Luo. "Before I set foot on 'your China', I had already investigated all the people with status and power in Xia Hai. Xia Hai had many very powerful people, but this Mr. Xiao was not on the list, so please don't tell me that he is just an ordinary Chinese citizen. If he is, I will be very puzzled and I will not be willing to just accept that fact.”

His tone became louder as he spoke, almost roaring when he reached the end.

Xiao Luo frowned at this instinctive hostility from his 'rival in love’.  He didn't really care nor give much of a damn about Leon before. But now that Leon started belittling him to this point, his mood naturally turned sour.

"Leon, it seems that my husband was right. You didn't really come to participate in the shares at all..."

Su Li said coldly, "Let's go!"

Leon's expression instantly changed completely. He quickly rushed forward to stop Su Li and put away his agitated expression. Now, his face was smiling like the sun, he said, "Sabrina, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that. I apologize. I really am sincere about the Liyue Media’s shares.  Otherwise I wouldn't have flown from my country to China."

Su Li didn't speak, Xiao Luo wouldn't reply either.

"Mr. Leon, business meetings should be about discussing business while talking about private affairs are done in private. We currently are doing the former, this is not the behavior that a successful businessman should have. What's more, your personal emotions have been brought into the discussion so how are we supposed to talk about cooperation?" Shen Qingyan eased the atmosphere in the room.

Leon nodded again and again. "Yes, Miss Demi is right. It's my fault. I didn't control my feelings well."

Even if he really wanted to pull Su Li to his side, he was also aware that all he could do for now was endure it temporarily.

"Li, go back to your seat and sit down. Mr. Leon is willing to participate in shares. This is a good thing for Liyue Media. Let's sit down and talk about cooperation." Shen Qingyan was playing the peacemaker. She knows her best friend's temper well.

Su Li thought twice before finally returning to her seat.

"Sabrina, your character hasn't changed at all." Leon was relieved, and he tried to adjust the embarrassing atmosphere between them.

"Well, you have changed." Su Li rebuked.

Leon laughed and joked, "Where have I changed? Did I get more handsome? "

"Your face has become thicker." Su Li blatantly replied.

"Ha … ha ah..."

The atmosphere in the room suddenly fell again. Leon could only spit out two quick awkward  laughs.

"Li, you will have no friends if you speak so straightforwardly." Shen Qingyan joked to clear the atmosphere again.

"No, this is Sabrina; true, kind and beautiful, without the hypocrisy of most Chinese people."

Leon did not hesitate to support Su Li. He turned his head and suddenly diverted the topic to Xiao Luo. "By the way, I don't know what does Mr. Xiao do?"

"Sales, Miss Demi is my boss." Xiao Luo replied.

F*CK, how could he be a salesman?

Sabrina married a salesman?

Leon's heart was feeling unjust to the extreme, but his face continued to maintain his smile. "Mr. Xiao must be very skillful in sales, how much annual salary do you get?"

"I get a monthly salary, not an annual salary." Xiao Luo was getting more and more uncomfortable. This guy obviously wanted to belittle him in front of Su Li.

"Oh~ You get paid monthly? I thought... I mean it's okay. Work hard, and you will definitely get better in the future. The man who Sabrina fancies will definitely not be bad." Leon 'comforted' Xiao Luo.

Shen Qingyan couldn't stand it any longer, and said, "Mr. Leon, Mr. Xiao is already very skillful. Not long ago, he helped my company win a big order, and the commission alone was 17 million."

"Did he? Then that's really good. That's comparable to one tenth of what I earned by investing in a movie. Mr. Xiao is just an ordinary person and doesn't have a big network of people so it's really not easy to achieve this. Come, Mr. Xiao, I propose a toast to you. " Leon smiled and raised his glass.

Xiao Luo snorted. "I have to drive, I can't drink."

He was beginning to get a terrible impression of Leon.

"This is a 1988 Lafite. It's not very strong so it's okay." Leon deliberately persuaded.

"Drunk driving is illegal in our country, less about flowery things Leon. We should officially talk about the equity in your participation." Su Li doesn't like to watch Xiao Luo being belittled.

"Well, let's talk over dinner!"

Leon put down his glass and shouted at the waiter outside the room, asking them to serve the food.

As they talk, Xiao Luo just focused on eating. Not to mention the food made in this luxurious place is very fragrant and delicious, and he was also hungry. So he didn't try to fake anything. He just ate in his own way and pace. He chewed and drank, and even made noises.

This noise caused Leon, Su Li and Shen Qingyan to gape at him!

"Don't care about me, you continue!"

Xiao Luo picked up a piece of braised wild pork and ate it with relish under the gaze of three people, as if they didn't exist.

"Sabrina, did your husband, Mr. Xiao, just got released from jail?" Leon deliberately quipped.

Su Li's cheeks were burning hot, she stared at Xiao Luo with murder in her eyes, hoping that this man would stop this rude table manner, but it was obviously ineffective, which made her ashamed. It was too embarrassing, why couldn't he just eat properly? But then, she suddenly felt that there was something wrong. Xiao Luo usually didn’t eat like this at ordinary times. What happened today? It can't be... Is he jealous?

"Xiao Luo, are you crazy? You're eating like a hungry ghost." Shen Qingyan coughed a few times.

"Don't worry about me, you continue talking about your business." Xiao Luo raised his head.

To tell the truth, he was actually a little angry, especially when he saw Leon and Su Li being so close with each other. It was as if there were claws scratching at his heart, the feeling was very uncomfortable.  He was eating 'savagely' as a subconscious way of reminding Su Li to not get too close to Leon.

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