Chapter 479: Can't Blame Me. 

Qiu Yuanjie, Guan Tong, and the bar guests were astounded and felt that this was too surreal, like a dream. No one thought that this arrogant and dominating underground boss would be so servile at this moment. He was acting as if he was Xiao Luo's subordinate.


It was really hard to believe!

Xiao Luo was really so terrifying?

An underground boss who initially didn’t even give a f*ck about the police suddenly acting like a mouse that saw a cat. 

"I thought that all the people in the Dragon Gang were in prison. I didn't expect a fish to manage to slip through the net." Xiao Luo frowned.

Feng Zhiqiang was terrified to the point of trembling, he showed an unnatural smile, "Mr. Xiao, I was arrested by you before 'that incident' happened, and I managed to get out through some connections."

Cold sweat involuntarily gushed out from every pore of his body. He was really afraid that this ‘devil’ police would suddenly attack and send him to see his long deceased boss. 

"I see."  Xiao Luo nodded.  Then he suddenly directed his gaze toward the flower shirt man on the ground, "By the way, what is the relationship between this man and you? I seem to have heard him call you... cousin?"


Feng Zhiqiang was sweating buckets, gulping a mouthful of saliva. "He's a very distant relative of mine, he's not technically a relative at this point." 

He turned around and glared at the flower shirt man, and then kicked him. "@sshole, who told you to offend Mr. Xiao, apologize to Mr. Xiao!"

"Cousin, I..."

"Who the f*ck is your cousin? Don't try to get close to me here. Apologize to Mr. Xiao quickly!"

Feng Zhiqiang kicked him harder this time. His kick hit its marks and blood started to flow out from the flower shirt man nose and mouth.

Looking at the rather ferocious Feng Zhiqiang, the flower shirt man was very confused. What happened? He is his cousin. Is he out of his mind, what is he doing?

"Still frozen there like an idiot? This boss already asked you to apologize to Mr. Xiao.  Didn't you hear me?"

Feng Zhiqiang really wanted to kill this boy. If Xiao Luo was unhappy, all of them would die. 

"I’ll aploglize … I’ll apologize.  Please... don't hit me again!"

The flower shirt man quickly struggled to get up, walked to the front of Xiao Luo, and bowed deeply to him. "I'm sorry..."

His voice choked as he burst into wrenching sobs from the pain.

"Motherf*cker, kneel down!"

Feng Zhiqiang delivered another kick to the flower shirt man again and shouted angrily.

The flower shirt man’s knees hit the ground as he fell heavily to the ground. The pain was unbearable, the tears and snot mixed. He dared not oppose the orders, he even slapped his own face as he begged for forgiveness, "I'm sorry … I'm sorry … I'm sorry..."

He was a miserable sight as he kept repeating “I’m sorry”.

"Mr. Xiao, are you... are you satisfied?" Feng Zhiqiang put on a smile and tentatively asked.

Xiao Luo originally wanted to teach the flower shirt man a lesson because he dared to take advantage of Chu Yue, but seeing that there was no need anymore, he just waved his hand.  "Just forget it. Also, there is nothing for you to do here so don't obstruct the police. Take your people away quickly."

"Yes, we're leaving, we're leaving!"

Feng Zhiqiang quietly breathed a sigh of relief, and took the flower shirt man to leave the place in a hurry.

F*ck, who the hell is this guy?

He actually made this underground boss, along with his fifty subordinates, to leave just like that?

At this moment, all the people in the bar stared at Xiao Luo. No one regarded him as an ordinary person.

"Mr. Xiao!"

Qiu Yuanjie came up and greeted Xiao Luo. His tone was obviously much more respectful than before.

The other police officers also greeted him with respect and admiration, especially Luo Shuang. When she remembered her first encounter with Xiao Luo and her attitude towards him, she felt her cheeks burn as if she had been slapped. 

"Captain Qiu, since the situation is under control, you can handle the remaining tasks. Don't forget to extract information about 'Fog' during your investigation." Xiao Luo said.

"Don't worry, this matter will surely be investigated. If there is any news, I will report it to you as soon as possible." Qiu Yuanjie nodded heavily.

Xiao Luo replied, "OK, since this mission has already been going for a long time. I want to conclude it post haste."

After dealing with the MLM organization in Xia Hai, he was planning to meet with Khun Sa from the Blackwater Company. Khun Sa has been hanging over his head like a sword every day. No one could guarantee that Khun Sa wouldn’t suddenly send mercenaries to find trouble for his family.  Moreover, although there were NSA people monitoring his parents, there was always negligence, so it would be better to solve this trouble early.



"Weak soul, are you a police inspector?"

After Qiu Yuanjie left, Guan Tong turned to ask him in amazement.

Xiao Luo gave him a look. "You are out of your mind. Don't you know that I am the boss of Luo Fang? How can I also be a policeman?"

"If you are not a policeman, then how are you so familiar with those undercover police?"

"I know their captain."


Guan Tong suddenly understood. However he thought of something else and asked, "That’s true, but how can that underground boss be so afraid of you? Who the hell are you?"

"Do you need 100,000 reasons? Why do you have so many questions? Just go and drink!" Xiao Luo deliberately used drinking to block Guan Tong's mouth, keeping him from asking more questions.

The music in the bar soon recommenced, and everyone slowly re-entered their previous 'party' state. The only difference was that gorgeous women would always came to strike up a conversation with Xiao Luo. They were very interested in the person who could make the underground boss shiver, unfortunately they were all driven away by Xiao Luo.

At this moment, another woman approached him. She was wearing heavy makeup, only had a rose colored bralette covering her upper body, she also wore an ultra-short black leather skirt. She held a cup of amber wine in her hand as she stumbled along her way.

"Hey handsome, can you buy me a drink?" Her sexy voice was enough to make men's sperm rush to their brains. It could make any man's bones feel limp. 

"Sorry, I'm not interested in women who are drunk and in heat. Why don't you ask my friend and see if he would like to buy you a drink?" Xiao Luo threw this stunner to Guan Tong.

Guan Tong gave him a thumbs-up quietly, What a good brother!

He quickly said, "Miss, can I buy you a drink?"

"I'm only interested in this handsome, so forget it!"

The woman immediately turned sober. She was not drunk at all right now, completely the opposite from when she was stumbling her way over. She had a disgusted look when she caught a glimpse of Guan Tong. As she turned to leave, she didn’t forget to toss a flying kiss towards Xiao Luo, 

"Weak Soul, weak soul.. The gap between us is really too big. I just want to pick up a girl but the girls don't like me. On the other hand, beautiful women take the initiative to hook up with you. Oh, my God, let me die already. Huhu." Guan Tonga's heart was greatly injured and he complained bitterly to Xiao Luo.

"I can only help you to get the girls come here. So you can't blame me if you can't succeed in making them stay." Xiao Luo said while waving his hand.

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