Chapter 478: Fear. 

Feng Zhiqiang arrived in a group of approximately fifty people, all of whom were muscular strong men in black vests. Most of them also had tattoos on their bodies looking fierce. A suffocating tension suddenly filled the atmosphere in the bar, the guests who came to just have fun were frightened. They dared not make any noise and just sat frozen.

"This is a police operation, don't interfere. Otherwise we'll bring you all back to the station with them!" Luo Shuang warned as she showed her police badge to Zhiqiang. 

"Officer, you can eat food indiscriminately, but you can't talk indiscriminately. We are just here for fun. I can sue you for slander if you continue to frame a good person such as I..."

Feng Zhiqiang took a deep puff of his cigarette, then threw its butt on the ground, then lifted his foot and trampled it. His face showed a sinister smile, and his temper suddenly shifte. "However, I have never been warned by a woman ever since I was born. Although you are a police officer, you are still a woman. If you dare tell me off like this, I might find some opportunity to kill you."

His eyes stared straight at Luo Shuang, just like a beast staring at its prey. From being a Hall Master of Dragon Gang in Jiang City to coming here to Xia Hai, he had struggled through many obstacles, but still managed to come out in one piece. And now, a mere police officer dared to yell at him? His ego would not allow that. If the police didn't have their guns drawn at the moment, he would've already ordered his men to and chop them all up. 

Qiu Yuanjie and the other officers immediately became furious by his words.

"What did you just say? Say that again!"

"It seems that you want to go into the 'dark room'."

"Apologize, apologize to police officer Luo immediately!"

More than ten officers with guns reproached Zhiqiang.

At the same time, the fifty people in Feng Zhiqiang’s group advanced toward them simultaneously, each person holding a knife in their hand. Under the lights, the knives reflected a dense cold chill, making people's scalps tingle. 

"Officers, you have guns while we have knives. If we fight, which side do you think will have a better chance of winning, huh?" Zhiqiang playfully asked Qiu Yuanjie. 

Damn! This group is too awesome.  They even dare to threaten the police!

The people were dumbfounded, they all thought these black society’s members were really awesome. The police had guns, yet they still dared to pull out their knives. This was just like a scene in Hong Kong films.  However, the only difference was that it was just a movie while this was a real life interpretation … too shocking.

Qiu Yuanjie clenched his fist. As a policeman, he took an oath to arrest the wicked. But at this moment, the wicked were obviously more dominant than their force. If they really fought, they would be outnumbered despite having guns.

"What do you want?"  Qiu Yuanjie suppressed his anger and asked. He already lowered his pride when asking this question. 

"I don't want to do anything. I just came here to do something. I just happened to meet you cops here, though I got very upset, specifically because that female officer dared to tell me off."

Zhiqiang was obviously referring to Luo Shuang, his eyebrows tightly wrinkled. He then shouted in a booming voice, "B*tch, don't think that it's great to be a ‘smelly’ policeman. So what if you have a gun? Do you dare to shoot? If you make this boss unhappy, believe it or not, I will slaughter your whole family, and then completely gut you like a pig!"

"You... you..."  Luo Shuang gnashed her teeth in anger. She pointed her gun at Feng Zhiqiang, but her hand was trembling excessively. She really didn't dare to shoot. Feng Zhiqiang's momentum completely overpowered her.

"Remember, my name is Feng Zhiqiang. I already gave you face by calling you 'police officer'. But you? You didn't give me face! You are just a b*tch in the eyes of this boss. Who the f*ck do you think you are?" Feng Zhiqiang arrogantly said.

The rest of the policemen didn't dare to utter a word, and although Qiu Yuanjie really wanted to shoot this b*stard, he knew that he couldn’t do this. He could only shoot under certain circumstances. What's more, once he took the shot, their side would probably be hacked to death by these people.

"Don't be too arrogant!"

A faint voice suddenly was heard, causing Qiu Yuanjie to brighten up like he had found his savior. It was Xiao Luo who approached from the bar.

When Feng Zhiqiang saw Xiao Luo, he couldn't help blinking his eyes several times. He appeared to be confirming whether he was dreaming or not. And then, when he was sure that it was indeed Xiao Luo, his mind immediately replayed the bloody scene of this lone man killing their entire Dragon Gang in Jiang City. There was also that night, where he and his hundreds of brothers were beaten up and sent to the police station by just mere four people. 

The devil police!

Fear instantly occupied Zhiqiang's mind, and cold sweat started to form on his body. His breathing also became very unnatural.

"Boy, you came at the right moment. Where's the little girl? Where has she gone? Are you not with her?"

The flower shirt man came out from behind Feng Zhiqiang, he was very insolent and shouted at Xiao Luo. "Tell me where she is, otherwise, be hacked to death!"

Feng Zhiqiang's body suddenly felt chills when he heard this. Turned out that the little girl his cousin wanted had something to do with this devil.

I ~! @#¥%……

It seemed that he hadn't read the bible when he went out today and got so unlucky. And then without saying anything further, he immediately slapped the flower shirt man in the face.

The crisp “Pa~” resounded, the slap was very hard. The flower shirt directly stumbled and fell to the ground. An entire hand print appeared on his face at the speed visible to the naked eye.

This scene immediately made people stunned, thinking, What is this situation?

The flower shirt man was too confused, he asked: "Cousin... Cousin, you... Why did you hit me?"

"Damn you. Who told you to talk to Mr. Xiao like this? Believe it or not, I will tear you apart alive."

Feng Zhiqiang was so angry that he rushed forward and started beating up the man, screams like that of a pig being slaughtered echoed in the venue.  

"WTF, what is this?"

Guan Tong was puzzled. 'Mr. Xiao’? Do these people know Xiao Luo?

Qiu Yuanjie also had doubts. When the other party (Zhiqiang) saw Xiao Luo, his expression obviously changed. Is Xiao Luo so scary?

"Do you know me?" Xiao Luo asked squintingly.

Feng Zhiqiang hurriedly wiped the sweat from his forehead with a towel, turned around and put up a cajoling face. He greeted Xiao Luo respectfully, and even bowed in a 45° angle. "Mr. Xiao, I... I used to be in the Dragon Gang..."

Despite him already wiping off his sweat, cold sweat continued to drip down while Feng Zhiqiang was talking.  Others might not know Xiao Luo, but how could he not? This was the devil police who dyed their villa red with a river of blood.

Dragon Gang?

Xiao Luo suddenly remembered. "No wonder you feel so familiar, you also came to Xia Hai?"

"Yes, I can't stay in Jiang City anymore, so I can only return to my hometown." Feng Zhiqiang answered respectfully.

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