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Chapter 477: Arrest. 

Lie Wen parked their car in a nearby parking lot...

Chu Yue's body was not that heavy, about 90 pounds so it was very easy to carry her. She still carried a lingering scent, and it felt very comfortable. When they walked to the parking lot, Xiao Luo got inevitably into high spirits (aroused). Of course, this was just a normal man's reaction.

"When she wakes up, tell her that she just got involved (almost) in a pyramid scheme. Her 'venture capitalist' will be arrested tonight if no accidents occur. If she does not believe it, then say that I said it." Xiao Luo gently put her in the back seat of the car and then said to Lie Wen.

Lie Wen nodded, "Mr. Xiao, thank you very much. In fact, boss Chu also knows that this is a scam, but he doesn't want to dampen Miss Chu's enthusiasm, and still allows her to come. However, I don't think Miss Chu came to Xia Hai without any gains. At least she met you."

Xiao Luo didn't know what to say. He could only smile in response to his words.

At this time, Chu Yue, who was sleeping in the seat suddenly started to sleep-talk. "Phony... Xiao Luo... You idiot... I like you..."

She was talking in her dream, but this dream was tear-jerking.

Have a good sleep!

Xiao Luo looked at her and sighed in his heart. What should be cut off must be cut off, he should not be entangled with her.



"Weak soul, it seems that I was wrong about you!"

When Xiao Luo returned to the bar, he was met by Guan Tong's angry words. "Such a pure and beautiful sister, and yet you hurt her! You're too cruel."

Xiao Luo was too lazy to dawdle with him and just drank his drink in one gulp, "Isn't it time to leave?"

"Leave? It's only nine o'clock, it's still so early." Guan Tong replied. 

Nine o'clock?

This reminded Xiao Luo about the file Qiu Yuanjie sent. The file contained information; including name, age, photos and other information. Xiao Luo glanced around at the bar and found that the target was sitting on the circular sofa in the northeast corner. The target was a 30 plus year old man who wore glasses, looking easy-going. Just by looking at his temperament, he exuded the aura of a successful person. And beside him was a group of lost lambs that were tricked into investing money.

Shi Deben, this was the name of the MLM general manager level personnel!

Xiao Luo's eyes then looked around the circular sofa again and located Qiu Yuanjie, dressed in plain clothes. He was quietly lurking among the others. The arrest operation was about to begin.

"What are you looking at?" Guan Tong asked.

"Nothing, waiter, give me a cup of iced tea." Xiao Luo was in no hurry to participate. He would have a look first.

Approximately ten minutes later, Qiu Yuanjie signaled the start of the operation and more than a dozen police members pounced like tigers. They quickly encircled Shi Deben who was being long winded.  

Shi Deben seemed to sense something was wrong and like a frightened rabbit, tried to make his escape. However, he wasn't able to run very far, a disguised policeman caught him and threw him to the ground.  Another police officer instantly twisted his hands on his back.

This arrest operation immediately caused quite a stir in the bar. The guests who, moments ago, were talking and laughing were shocked by the sudden commotion; they froze on the spot. The victims, who Shi Deben succeeded in brainwashing, saw that Shi Deben was caught, immediately surrounded Qiu Yuanjie erratically.

"What are you doing? ReleaseTeacher Shi!"

"Where did you come from? Why are you rude to our Teacher Shi?"

"If you don't release him, we will call the police!"

This group consisted of more than twenty people, who had been brainwashed by Shi Deben, were very supportive of ‘Teacher Shi’.  All of them stared at Qiu Yuanjie and the others with ill intentions in their expressions.

Luo Shuang took out her police badge and showed it to these people, "We are the police that you're talking about. This 'Teacher' Shi of yours is engaged in pyramid scheming. You were deceived by his hypocritical side."

The people looked at each other, obviously unable to believe the fact.

"Bullsh*t, you must be fake policemen. Don't be fooled by them! We can't let them take away Teacher Shi." a boy exclaimed loudly.

"Yes, Teacher Shi didn't break the law so how could the police arrest him? You must be fakes!"

"Say, what is your purpose for pretending to be the police and taking our teacher Shi away?"

"Teacher Shi, you can rest assured that we will never let these people take you away."

The group exploded in fury, and with sleeves rolled back, they rushed towards Qiu Yuanjie dangerously.

"A group of fools!"  Luo Shuang was very angry. She said while gnashing her teeth. "Not only do you lot don't know that you were scammed, you also protect a MLM personnel. Ridiculous!"

"Stop, let me try talking to them instead." Qiu Yuanjie, in fear of worsening the situation, made Luo Shuang step down.

He put up a smiling face and laughed, "Friends, we..." But then~

"Bang ~"

A fist suddenly smashed towards him and cut him off mid sentence. He was caught off guard and he took a direct punch to the nose, it made him stumble three steps back.

"Brothers and sisters, save Teacher Shi quickly. Never let these wicked people take him away!" The man who just punched Qiu Yuanjie shouted.

The others then pounced like the demented and became entangled with the policemen.

"Friends, don't get too agitated … Listen to me …  Listen to me..."

Qiu Yuanjie was trying hard to resolve this situation in a peaceful way, but his patience was soon depleted. He was now furious, he pulled out his pistol, pointed it to the ceiling and pulled the trigger.


The jarring gunfire sounded like a thunderbolt, shaking people's eardrums.

The bar instantly engulfed in quietness, the noise was cut-off, and the guests were all terrified as they looked over the scene. Those brainwashed guys also got frightened and were petrified on the spot.

"Hold your head down, hurry up, hold your head down!" Qiu Yuanjie shouted loudly.

Luo Shuang also withdrew her gun and told these mobs to squat down with their hands above their heads.

Under the threat of guns, these brainwashed people had to pay heed and give up resistance, thinking, This is really a police operation!

"Oh, what is this? Why did someone suddenly shoot and disturb the guests? Do you have any sense of public morality?"

A voice suddenly sounded from the direction of the door, and then a large group of fierce men filed in, their faces looked grim. The voice came from the mouth of a fat man wearing a white cloth and a gold chain around his neck. The fat man held a cigarette in between his fingers.  He was obviously a heavy smoker, his teeth stained yellow and black.

"It seems that there is an underground boss here!" Guan Tong felt his throat dry as he said in a trembling voice. 

Xiao Luo looked at the fat man with the gold chain and frowned, because he felt that the man was familiar and seemed to have seen him somewhere before...

Well, if Xiao Luo did remember, he would certainly know that this was one of the Hall Master of the former Dragon Gang, Feng Zhiqiang. Xiao Luo met him when he swept away the forces of the Dragon Gang in the Red Light District of Jiang City. Unfortunately, he didn't have any other information in his mind except that the fat man felt a little familiar.

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