Chapter 3: Is there any morality?

Edited by: Mochiusagi

Chen Xiao and the girl stood face to face in the doorway for ten seconds before he finally reacted. He immediately closed the door! Otherwise, if a neighbor happened to pass by the staircase and saw a naked girl standing in the door of his house...

This girl simply looked at Chen Xiao quietly in the dark. Her eyes were so pure, that there was no trace of impurities within them. She was curious about Chen Xiao.

"You..." When Chen Xiao turned on the light, he immediately saw the girl's naked body that was as delicate as ivory.

He subconsciously took a breath, his heartbeat sped up, and quickly turned off the light again. He rushed to the living room, grabbed the sheet on the freezer, walked back to the girl, and handed the sheet over to her while trying to look the other way: "You put this on." 

One second passed... No response.

Five seconds... Still no response.

Chen Xiao sighed: "Miss, don't you know that by being naked, you can easily...catch a cold?" He originally wanted to say "...attract a pervert", but for some reason he changed it to "catch a cold."

"Cold...what's that?"

He finally heard the freezer girl speak for the first time.

Her voice was soft like cotton and sweet like pudding. The girl's beautiful ice blue eyes looked at Chen Xiao curiously.

"A cold is..." Chen Xiao smiled bitterly, and looked at the girl weirdly: "You have never had a cold, have you?" 

Since the girl didn't take the sheet, Chen Xiao had to do it himself and draped it randomly on the girl.

Whilst doing so, his fingers touched her skin. It was cool and very glossy. Chen Xiao felt his heart flutter a little and quickly withdrew his hand.

Without the visual temptation and shock, Chen Xiao finally breathed a sigh of relief.

He turned on the light again, thought for a moment, and ran to the window sill to close the curtain.

In this day and age, there are a lot of people who have a hobby of "voyeurism". Since there was a naked beauty in the house, it would be troublesome if she's seen by a peeper.

The girl looked curiously at the sheet draped on her body. Chen Xiao was speechless with this and couldn't help but think, 'Is she naive or just stupid?' 

"This..." The girl pointed to the sheet on her. Although her voice was still very soft, it was very serious at the moment: "This has not been sterilized."


Hearing this, Chen Xiao was in a daze.

This is my spare bed sheet, not some hospital surgery gown!

"You...ah! We should sit down and talk." Even though Chen Xiao was precocious and could tolerate more than his peers, he couldn't take it anymore.

He realized that the "big trouble" he encountered, seemed to be "bigger" than he originally thought.

The girl glanced at the simple sofa in Chen Xiao's living room and seemed to hesitate.

"Don't worry, although the sofa hasn't been 'sterilized', it is very clean." Chen Xiao saw what the girl seemed to think, and helplessly reassured her.

"Alright, now tell me, who are you?" Chen Xiao looked at the girl sitting down in front of him seriously, but he suddenly blushed. 

It's because the sheet on the girl's body slipped off a bit, which happened to expose the pink bud on her left chest. Although Chen Xiao didn't want to stare at it, he was young after all. His eyes still couldn't help but glance over...

"God! Why are you testing me like this?" 

His heartbeat continued to accelerate! He coughed twice and quickly looked away!

"Your face is blushing." The girl looked at Chen Xiao with her innocent, almost silly eyes. There was also a hint of doubt in her eyes. Her beautiful eyebrows were slightly frowned, she said: "Your heart rate has also increased by 19%."


Chen Xiao began to wonder if the girl was fooling him.

It's not strange for her to see him blush. But to say that his heart rate increased by 19%, 'do you think you are a heart rate monitor...? It seems that you have a sense of humor after all!' 

'But... She should have no reason to fool him, right?' 

"Who are you? What is your name?" Chen Xiao regained composure.

"YaYa." Chen Xiao nodded, he had already seen the name from the letter.

(Tl: Did he? Maybe I mistranslated, I probably accidentally deleted 伢=Ya, it's really a weird name. Sorry for the mistake 🙏) 

"What about your surname?"


Chen Xiao smiled bitterly: "You don't have a surname, don't you?" 

The girl turned her head and thought about it seriously, then shook her head. Her blue eyes were confused: "I don't know."

'Does she have the kind of amnesia that is often played in the 8 o'clock TV Dramas?' 

Chen Xiao frowned and continued to ask: "So...where did you come from? Do you at least remember this? I mean, where did you live before? Do you remember?"

'Finally, a positive confirmation!' 

Chen Xiao was pleased, but after hearing her answer, he was stunned.

The girl replied in a serious voice: "Bio Warehouse No.16"

"Bio Warehouse?" 

Chen Xiao began to wonder if he was really talking to a human. But she didn't seem to be fake (a clone) by just looking at her.

With patience, Chen Xiao continued to ask: "Where is this Bio Warehouse No.16? Uh... Why are you shaking your head? Don't you remember? Do you remember what it looks like at least?" 

The girl thought for a while, and turned her head to the freezer. She pointed and said: "Bigger than that."

'Bigger? Does she usually sleep in a freezer?' 

"How big is it?" Chen Xiao asked naturally and completely subconsciously.

The girl thought about it again: "This is a Micro-Bio Warehouse. The one I lived in before has about 668 times the space."

'668 times?!' 

This number is so specific... Did she calculate the number (distance, width etc.) with her eyes? If so, then was her math calculation also so good to be able to do it that fast?

Chen Xiao was stunned. He took a look at the freezer and then at the house.

'More than 600 times bigger than my house...' 

'Did this poor girl live in a large cold storage before?' 

He really wanted to continue to ask, but the girl suddenly frowned. She said timidly, "I am a little uncomfortable."

"Uncomfortable? Where?"

Chen Xiao, at this moment, really couldn't help but think of his "clone" speculation. 'Did Mom and Dad really leave such a "legacy" for me?' 

"Here." The girl's beautiful face showed distress.

Chen Xiao saw that she's pointing to her stomach.

"Does your stomach hurt?" Chen Xiao was a little surprised.

Fortunately, he quickly understood right after, because he clearly heard two "grrr" coming from the girl's stomach.

"Ah, you are hungry." Chen Xiao stood up and sighed: "You came out of it (the freezer) this afternoon? That's several hours and you haven't eaten anything. Wait a minute, I'll get some food." 

But as Chen Xiao stood up, the girl's next sentence left Chen Xiao completely speechless...

"Excuse me, but what does 'hungry' mean?"

'Good god!' 

No matter how good Chen Xiao's mental quality was, he almost collapsed when he heard this!

He took a pack of instant noodles, put it in a bowl and poured boiling water over it. He then put it in the microwave. 

Chen Xiao turned it on, and when he looked back, he saw the girl standing at the door of the kitchen. Her soft eyes, clearly full of curiosity, looked at the various utensils in the kitchen.

Chen Xiao's face went a little red again-he really wanted to kindly remind this girl that most of the sheet on her body had slipped off, and her "sensitive parts" were all exposed to Chen Xiao's eyes at this moment.

It's a pity that just as Chen Xiao hesitated on whether to speak of it or not, the room suddenly went dark and the lights went out. The microwave also stopped.

In the darkness, Chen Xiao sighed. Before he could speak, he heard the girl gently ask:

"Excuse, is there insufficient energy?"

Chen Xiao really can't with this girl. 

'Insufficient energy... Why does this "phrase" sound so weird?' 

He glanced outside the kitchen window and suddenly found that the surrounding buildings were still brightly lit.

"It seems that it was not a blackout, it should be the fuse here that's broken." Chen Xiao thought for a moment: "There are no spares at home, so I'll go out and buy some. You wait here for a while."

"What is a fuse?"

Chen Xiao sighed. Still in the darkness,  he was finally a little impatient, and he said in a very serious tone,: "Miss Ya, I don't know who you are or where you are from. I... honestly, I am so overwhelmed right now, that I can collapse at any time.” 

The girl named Yaya was silent, and then whispered: “Do you need this thing called a fuse to keep the energy running?" 

'Keep the energy running?'  Chen Xiao was speechless.

'You know what, fine!' 

Ever since Chen Xiao was sixteen, he has had enough experience in dealing with little girls, but he has never encountered a stranger like this!

This girl seems to take it for granted that everything should be "sterilized"-even the sheet and sofa.

She doesn't know what a "cold" is.

She doesn't know what "hungry" means.

She called ordinary electricity, "energy".

'She... She couldn't be an alien, right?' 

Just when Chen Xiao didn't know how to answer, Yaya asked softly, "Can I help you?"

"Help? Do you want to buy the fuse for me?" Chen Xiao looked at the girl with a very distrustful look. He even wondered if this girl knew that there were places like "convenience stores" in this world.

Considering her series of weird performances, Chen Xiao feels that this worry was very likely to be true!

But alas...it seems that he still "overestimated" her with that!

Because, Yaya looked at Chen Xiao with her big innocent eyes and skipped the worry of the so-called "convenience store", and instead asked embarrassingly: "Excuse me, what does 'buy' mean?"

'What does "buy" mean?!' 

Chen Xiao was really annoyed.

Just when he wanted to get angry, Yaya gently walked to Chen Xiao's side, stretched out her hand, and pressed on the microwave.

The next moment, Chen Xiao immediately swallowed back his anger. 

In fact, he did it so abruptly that he spat! 

The microwave light flashed a few times before fully lighting up!

With a beep, the microwave restarted and started spinning again!

Even the TV in the living room, that's obviously turned off, turned on automatically! A Chinese Mobile advertisement was being played on the TV by this woman. Jay Chou pointed at the camera proudly on the screen and announced loudly: "I am M-ZONE~"


Chen Xiao shocked!

He was stunned.

He widened his eyes!

'What just happened? Wasn't there a power outage just now?' 

He looked at the girl and asked with great effort:

"You, really, are you a human or a ghost?"

But soon, his eyes widened more!

Because suddenly, he saw the lights of the surrounding buildings fall into darkness!

The entire neighborhood, all fell into darkness at the same time!

The whole community was dark, and only the window of Chen Xiao's house was lit.

And the girl standing by the microwave... Her body was shining with blue light like electric currents! She was just like... a firefly! And she's getting brighter and brighter! The electric currents seemed to be condensed on her body, blue light flickered on her...

This scene was certainly something Chen Xiao had never seen before.

In such a situation, the atmosphere was very strange. Suddenly, he heard the neighbor who lives downstairs sticking his head out the window and yelled in anger, with a voice like that of a broken gong.

"What's going on! No notice was given in advance that there is a power outage!!! Is there any morality?!!!"

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