Chapter 2: The Beauty in the Freezer. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

Chen Xiao stared at the letter in his hand for quite some time before he finally snapped out of it. As if he didn't look carefully enough, he tossed and turned the letter several times, but he found no other content except these few words.

An indescribable absurdity welled up in his heart.

'A naked beautiful girl was delivered in a freezer?' 

'This is the most precious legacy left by my parents?' 

'She can't be an illegitimate daughter Mom and Dad 'made' while in America, is she?'

'Er... That isn't right either. Mom and Dad were a legal couple. Since they died, the immigration could've just handed my sister to me directly right? There's no need to cover it up and send her in a freezer.' 

When he looked at the receipt document for delivery, the address of the consignor was blank.

Then Chen Xiao thought for a moment. He picked up his phone and called the number that had called before. But even after a long time, no one answered.

Chen Xiao carefully sneaked near the freezer. The freezer's metal base has a row of strange buttons which he doesn't know the uses of. There were several scales-Chen Xiao only understood one of them and that was the temperature. 

'Uhhh...  Is she a clone made by mom and dad? But although Mom and Dad always acted like Dr. Frankenstein, they couldn't have gone that far, right?’ 

Chen Xiao, who had now calmed down a little, began to think hard. But when he looked at the naked girl in the freezer, he got distracted again. There was no other reason, it's simply because she was so...


Her eyelashes were like that of dolls. Although Chen Xiao didn't know whether she was refrigerated or was just sleeping, nonetheless, her quiet face carries a kind of beauty that Chen Xiao can't describe. Her small nose bridge and lips were as delicate as works of art. Her skin is also very white, while still maintaining a pinkish and rosy glow.

Chen Xiao turned his head away quickly. He felt that he was blushing.

This girl was not only beautiful in face, but she's also attractive figure-wise, which was enough to make Chen Xiao, who was still a virgin, beet red. Chen Xiao felt shame. He was well aware that the two pink buds on the girls chest had attracted his attention for more than ten seconds.

'How do I let her out? Which button to push?' 

Chen Xiao searched for a while, but in the end gave up. Although there were characters on the buttons, it was obvious that the characters were neither Chinese nor English. Chen Xiao knows that his mother was a language genius, proficient in English, German and Italian, and some other others.

The more he looked at the characters, the more he felt lost. At loss, he started speculating of this girl being a "clone" again.

He thought back to those sci-fi shows he had seen- 'If this freezer was the survival chamber for the girl inside, if he rashly touched it and broke it, will it hurt her?' 

'Damn... Why didn't this freezer have a manual in either Chinese and English!' 

After being lost in thought, Chen Xiao stood up, ran out and back to the room. He found a sheet of cloth and covered the transparent freezer with it.

Having a naked beautiful girl bared in front of him, made it really difficult for him to fully  "calm" himself.

For the rest of the afternoon, Chen Xiao just sat in front of the freezer in distress. He thought of all kinds of guesses in his heart, but it seemed that none of them could be justified.

His mom and dad asked a strange and secret person to send this "legacy" to himself. If anyone were to know of this, they would surely stumble and fall.

His hand was supporting his head while in thought as he sat there. Soon, a few hours passed and the sky gradually darkened, Chen Xiao inadvertently looked at the time.

"Oh, no! I almost forgot about the job (tutoring)!"

That tutoring job would be the source of his living expenses for the next few months, he can't mess it up. He quickly bolted into the bathroom and hastily washed his face. He then changed into a clean shirt and went out. But before he left, he couldn't help but look at the freezer covered with the sheet one last time thinking... 'What should I do?' 

'Alas! Let's put it aside for now. The job matters more.' 

After leaving the house, Chen Xiao subconsciously locked the door twice. He too was confused on why he did this. He seemed to have subconsciously thought that if the girl in the freezer was "alive", him securing and locking the door would stop her from running away.

Chen Xiao still has extraordinary psychological qualities. For his job, he forced his distractions to the back of his mind for now and rode his bicycle all the way to his employer's house. 

Chen Xiao found this job in the newspaper. A well-off family was looking for an  English speaking language teacher for their child, and the salary offered was rather generous. Chen Xiao, who was considering changing his job, naturally went to apply.

Two days ago, he had already met the lady of the house. She was a kind lady in her thirties, dignified and elegant in appearance, well maintained, and very cultured in manners. She was said to be a musician in an orchestra and her husband was a businessman.

It was probably Chen Xiao's clean appearance that left an impression on her. Besides, he was from a famous school, and spoke fluent American English, which was taught by his parents who studied in the United States since his childhood, he quickly got the job. He only needed to teach twice a week, but even though it's only two short days, his salary was much higher than that of working in the fast food restaurant! 

He really wanted to get out of the current situation he was in: the boss making him a free "lucky cat", to attract little girls to spend money in the restaurant.

It's his first day of work tonight, so he can't be late. Soon, he arrived at the employer's house, which was in a high-grade residential area. After entering the door, the kind lady was very polite and even brought Chen Xiao a cup of tea.

Unfortunately, Chen Xiao soon discovered that this job was not easy.

His "student" was a 13-year-old girl, who was in the first grade of junior high school. She was not willing to come out to meet her tutor, and it was only after she caught sight of Chen Xiao that her eyes changed. They immediately began to shine!

"Wow! You are the handsome boy in the fast food restaurant!" The little girl almost screamed. She pulled Chen Xiao into her room, and her pair of eyes had stars in them.

The girl looks cute with her big eyes. She was wearing a homey T-shirt printed with a Snoopy dog on it. Obviously, her flat chest was far from a mountain. Her wrist was full of bracelets, tinkling as she ran.

"You... know me?" Chen Xiao wore a wry smile.

"Of course! I often go to the fast food restaurant where you work! " The girl looked pleasantly surprised that she's with him right now.

Chen Xiao paused. When he applied for the job, he heard the lady mentioning the school where her child went, but it was far away from the fast food restaurant he worked in.

"I specially go there to see you." The girl seemed to see Chen Xiao's doubts and was very much excited to clear them for him, she continued: "I really didn't expect you to be my tutor! We are predestined! My name is Angie."

Stars... Her eyes were full of stars...

Over the next two hours of tutoring, Chen Xiao finally began to wonder for the first time, whether it was a wrong decision to give up his job in the fast food restaurant and become a tutor.

Working in the fast food restaurant, he only has to deal with a group of girls lining up and staring at him. On the other hand, as a tutor, he has to deal with the girl's "harassment." This Angie seemed to be more interested in chatting than learning. 

Although Chen Xiao was only eighteen years old, he has been paying attention to exercise since he was a child, and his motor nerves were quite developed. In the past two years, he worked to earn money to support himself and did some physical work. Chen Xiao's body was considered very strong, but his face was rather pale because he often works late into the night and lacks sleep, which makes him look weak.

"Teacher, you are so handsome."

"Teacher, do you know that many girls in our class like to go to the fast food restaurant to see you?"

"Teacher, how old are you? Do you have a girlfriend?" 

"Teacher, they said that you used to be a rich boy, is that true?"

"Teacher, you are so handsome, why don't you become a star? You'll surely be scouted!" 

"Teacher, are you a virgin?"

Chen Xiao: "................................................................................................................................................................................" 

Fortunately, Chen Xiao soon thought of a way to deal with her.

Chen Xiao smiled calmly. "I can answer all your questions... However, there is a premise. All personal questions you ask me in the future must be in English. I won't answer unless you asked correctly." 

"But I'm bad at English..." Angie looked depressed.

However, the following tutoring session was surprisingly smooth.

It's not that this girl was unable to learn English, it's just a matter of whether she has motivation or not.

At 9 o'clock in the evening, Chen Xiao finally finished his first day of tutoring. When he left, Angie seemed reluctant to see him go, and repeatedly said: "Teacher, remember to come on time the night after tomorrow! You must come!"

Fortunately, Chen Xiao has accumulated a lot of experience in dealing with this kind of little girl, and he calmly made a proper response. Although on the inside he wanted to run away, he still kept a polite smile on his face.

Just after leaving her room, he suddenly heard that the kind lady was talking on the phone in the living room, and the content of the conversation made Chen Xiao feel embarrassed.

"Parties! Do you have dinner parties every night?! Do you think I don't know what you are doing outside?! You... What did you say? I'm paranoid? I'm being unreasonable? Fine, don't come home!"


She hung up the phone. The lady's eyes were red, she was sobbing. She suddenly looked up and saw Chen Xiao standing in the living room, she subconsciously stretched out her hand over her mouth and forced the tears back.

"Er... I'm sorry, I, I should go." Chen Xiao coughed and tried to keep calm.

The lady forced a smile and said nothing. She nonetheless personally saw Chen Xiao out of the house, but before closing the door, she said, "I'm sorry, just now."

Chen Xiao shook his head, although his eyes were calm, there was a soothing gentleness in them: "I didn't hear anything just now."

Seeing the lady relax, he turned to leave. 

'Should I change jobs or not?' 

Chen Xiao was thinking about this problem on the way, but as he got closer to home, he stopped thinking about this "small problem".

After all, at home, there was still a "big trouble" waiting for himself!

He was a little nervous as he opened the door. The lights were off, and it's still dark. He's subconsciously relieved to see that the 'freezer girl' didn't come "alive".

But the next moment, he froze!

In the dark room, a figure suddenly flashed out of the living room. The slim figure loomed in the dark corridor. Walking quietly, like a ghost from the darkness...

'Ah! No, no, no! A ghost can never be so beautiful!' 

Chen Xiao hurriedly shook his head hard, but the naked girl had already stood in front of him.

Her eyes were ice blue.

"You! You're alive? Ah, no, you woke up?" 

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