Life in Another World as a Maid Mage
Volume 1 - Daily Life of A Maid Mage

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15 – Search for lost kids services available. (Afterword)

Translator: KynKatan | Proofreader: Dilandau

Note this is a story about that black R-like creature.

Author's Note: Please note that this afterwords story is about the "black, crusty, moving creature" and the "creature that turns into a butterfly or moth when it hatches". (If you don't like it or are eating, please be careful.)

TL Note: It's a side story about roaches. You have been warned.

Zack was confronting it. The former S-class adventurer, who was praised as "peerless", now had a look of fear in his eyes. His hand trembled as it held on to something.

The shiny black intruder, who had brazenly climbed into his sanctuary ('His Room'), wriggled in front of him while swaying its long antennae erratically.


There was a terrible scream, but he was the only one here right now. There was no one who would blame him if he shuddered and screamed in fear to the fullest. But that also meant there was no one here to help him. That was why he was forced to face it alone.

This thing was not supposed to breed in cooler climates. It seemed some individuals of this species had stowed away aboard the cargo ships coming from the warmer climates and had adapted to the colder climates, then bred.

Zack, who was deathly afraid of it, had a hard time defeating it. This creature had appeared in the room and, as a result of him going half-mad, he had busted it in half with his beloved sword. While half-weeping, his beloved sword cut open its body, coating the blade with its bodily fluids in the process. It was the most traumatic experience of his life. It was a memory that far surpassed the shock of being caught by a Carrion Crawler's (Giant Caterpillar) legs and the horror of nearly being eaten when he was just starting out as an adventurer.

It was fortuitous that there were no giant versions of this thing he was facing; a monster like that did not exist, like the Giant Spider or the Giant Centipede. If ever came the day when a larger version of this creature appeared in front of him, Zack was confident he would die just catching sight of it.

How did anyone get rid of this scuttling creature? He once wondered and had asked his companions, but Clemens had muttered something barely distinguishable and looked away, reluctant to discuss it. "I'll drive it away and get it out of the room somehow."

Nadia had said something unhelpful like, "This sort of thing, I'll extinguish it as charcoal with my fire magic," and so on.

When it came to his lovely sister-by-heart Shiori, she had said with a cool look on her face such unworldly and frightening things as, "Grab it with your hands and some soft paper. It's the most reliable way to do it."

So, in the end, to drive it away he would go into a frenzy and crush it with a rolled-up newspaper and then afterwards clean it up with teary eyes.

But, the other day, he had overheard an extremely effective solution and he was now attempting to put it into practice. He had a sprayer filled with soapy water in his hand. It was the most powerful and handy weapon that could kill a large swarm of spiders in a matter of seconds if you could make large enough quantities of it.

(Now, let me show you the power of the strongest weapon!)

The hand holding the atomizer tightened. The thing was scuttling around in a hurry, but then stopped for a moment.


He didn't miss his chance and instantly pulled the lever of the atomizer. With a clean and fluffy scent, a mist of soapy water was sprayed onto it. It flapped its legs as if it were struggling, body wriggling as it tried to escape in its foam-coated state. However, its normally swift movements were gradually slowing down. He sprayed it again just to stop it. It quietly shuddered still until there wasn’t a single spasm left.

"… Awesome," Zack muttered involuntarily. This certainly worked. The effect was immense. It really took him less than a few seconds to get rid of it. Let's just rely on this from now on. After thinking so, he noticed it.

In front of him, that thing was now coated in soapy water and was completely out of commission.


It didn’t matter how soon the fight was over, the cleanup would remain the same. Realizing this fact, Zack stood there stunned for a moment and then fell to his knees in dismay.

"Grab it with your hands and some soft paper. It's the most reliable way to do it." Shiori's words flashed through his mind.

"… That gal, is amazing…"

If he lived with her, would she take care of getting rid of the atrocity…?

It was the autumn of his 40th year when Zack began to seriously consider moving in with his sister figure for a very trivial reason.

Author's Note: I grab them by hand using a tissue. It's the most reliable way. ('∀')

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