Chapter 59: Jade Exchange Meeting.

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The next morning, Yin Xiu did not go to work, instead he went out with a backpack on his back. Inside the backpack was a superb piece of jade, the size of a porcelain plate.

He promised Ji Xueqing to supply the remaining seven million yuan, so he planned to sell a piece of jade like the last time. Yin Xiu believed that selling such a large piece of jade could generate at least seven or eight million yuan.

Yin Xiu didn't choose to go anywhere else to sell the piece of jade and still went to the Ronghe Jade Workshop where he sold some jade the last time.

"Manager Qin, please take a look at this piece of jade and tell me how much it is worth."

When Yin Xiu met Manager Qin from the last time, Yin Xiu took out the piece of jade from his backpack.

Manager Qin looked at the piece of jade that Yin Xiu had taken out and his eyes lit up immediately. He looked at Yin Xiu in surprise.

"Mr. Yin, your piece of jade is very unique!" Manager Qin couldn't help but exclaim. He quickly took the jade from Yin Xiu and looked at it carefully.

After a while, Manager Qin raised his head, and then said with both admiration and regret in his eyes: "Mr. Yin, your jade is indeed a first-class jade. Whether it is the jade luster or texture, it is better than the piece you brought last time which was already rare. And this large piece of top-quality jade is even more rare."

"Mr. Yin, you are also an expert, so I won’t beat around the bush. This piece of jade... I want it very much! Unfortunately, because the quality of this jade is so good, with the value being at least 20 million upwards, I can't afford it right now."

After a pause, Manager Qin sighed with great regret: "If I had known that Mr. Yin was going to sell such a good piece of jade, I would have returned without buying that batch of goods a few days ago."

Manager Qin, some time ago, just bought a batch of goods that took up a majority of his funds. So even though he very much wanted Yin Xiu's piece of jade, he can't procure so much money on such short notice.

Yin Xiu secretly used the mind-reading technique to clearly know the estimated price of the jade piece in his hand. 

Manager Qin said twenty million but in his mind, it was worth more than 25 million, and even 30 million or more.

Although Yin Xiu didn't care much about the amount of money, he also didn't want to sell the jade too cheaply.

"Manager Qin, since you don't have enough funds to buy this piece of jade, is there anyone you know who is willing to buy this?" Yin Xiu asked.

Manager Qin asked: "Does Mr. Yin want to sell this piece of jade immediately?"

"Yes." Yin Xiu continued, "I need the money, so I want to sell this as soon as possible."

"In that case..."

Manager Qin groaned slightly. He said: "Mr. Yin, I suggest that you wait for a few days. Four days from now, a private antique jade exchange meeting will be held in Yinhai. Although it's called a meeting, it is actually a place where you can sell stuff. I can take you into the venue. You can rent a booth and display your jade there. I believe many people will be interested."

'This is a good idea.' 

A few days shouldn't matter, since Ji Xueqing still has things to get done. And it will take her at least ten and a half days to find a suitable factory building, production line, and the like. By the time all those tasks are finished, the money will already be available. 

"Alright! Manager Qin, please let me know when that happens." Yin Xiu replied.

Manager Qin smiled, "No problem. I will also go to the event anyway."

Yin Xiu gave Manager Qin his number and then thanked him, before leaving with the jade.

After Yin Xiu left, Manager Qin looked at the door and couldn't help sighing: "It seems that this little brother is indeed not ordinary. Such a top quality piece of jade can be said to be impossible to find. And accounting from the last time, he should have more than just two pieces of jade."

"Unfortunately, the funds in my hand were all taken up by the previous batch of purchases, otherwise I would've bought it. It’s not a big problem to make at least three to five million yuan profit from it..." Manager Qin was regretful. 

In fact, the reason why he wanted to make connections with Yin Xiu was that, in his opinion, since Yin Xiu has the ability to bring out such rare, top-quality pieces of jades one after another, he is very worthy of his friendship.

After leaving Ronghe Jade Workshop, Yin Xiu went to a Chinese Medicine Shop.

Although the jade piece was not sold today, it would be in a few days. Yin Xiu naturally wouldn't worry that the piece of jade could not be sold. And if it really comes to it, he can just sell it at a lower price. It does not matter to him.

When he arrived at the Medicine Shop, Yin Xiu bought some of the ingredients from the two formulas he showed to Ji Xueqing. Both formulas are made from pure Chinese medicinal ingredients and do not require other chemical additives.

After buying all the ingredients at the shop, Yin Xiu went on to buy some necessary utensils, and then returned to his residence.

It was a little before twelve o'clock when Yin Xiu arrived home. After patting Xiao Man's little head, who was watching TV in the living room, Yin Xiu started to make the two products.

This is a simple matter for Yin Xiu.

The corresponding medicinal ingredients were refined according to the steps and the proportions. The process of extracting the essence was done through Yin Xiu's direct use of spells, which was simple and fast.

He only needed to make some samples. As for the equipment needed in the actual production process, not the spells, it was natural to buy them when the production line will start operating.

A strong medicinal smell permeated in the kitchen and living room. It took only about three hours for Yin Xiu to finish the scar removal and beautifying products.

The scar removal product was contained in a small bowl and was in a transparent thick liquid state. On the other hand, the beautifying product was in the form of brown pills that's about the size of a nail. They were also put in a small bowl.

There was no scent in the scar removal liquid, but the beautifying pills have a faint medicinal fragrance.

Yin Xiu looked at the two finished products he had just made, and immediately found some plastic wrap to seal the bowls. He then put them in the refrigerator. He will show them to Ji Xueqing when she comes back from work in the evening.

After all this was done, Yin Xiu was free. It was only 3:30 in the afternoon. However, Yin Xiu didn't rest for long. At about four o'clock, Yin Zhaowu called...

"Yin Xiu, my great grandfather has arrived in Yinhai."

Yin Xiu's spirit was lifted. He quickly said, "Where is your great grandfather now? I'll go over and see him right away!"

Yin Zhaowu didn't seem to expect Yin Xiu to be so impatient, and couldn't help but freeze. After recovering, he hurriedly said: "Great grandfather has just arrived in Yinhai, and is now driving over to Yinhai University."

Yin Xiu took a deep breath and calmed himself down, he said: "Alright, let him settle first."

Yin Zhaowu said:" Actually, Great Grandfather told me to ask where you are, he says he'll come and meet you."

"You may not be able to find where I live. How about this, there's 'Huadu Restaurant' on the street outside the main entrance of Yinhai University, right? I'll wait there."

"Okay! Then I'll book a room and then send you the room number. I will call Great Grandfather later, and ask them to go directly to 'Huadu Restaurant'..." Yin Zhaowu responded.

"Okay, let's do that."

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