Chapter 64: Yin Family's Move. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

"By the way, what do you think we should name the pill and the scar removal liquid?" Ji Xueqing suddenly remembered this question. 

Yin Xiu shook his head. He hasn't really thought about this point. "I can't pick a name. You should see what name is more appropriate."

"The name of the products should be easy to remember and make people hear it easily. This will help us to better open up the market..." Ji Xueqing pondered for a moment, and continued: "I guess we'll just use beauty pill and scar gel, and then add our company's name as prefix. When the popularity of these two products increases, the popularity of our company will also increase. This will help us especially when we develop other types of products in the future.... "

"OK! That name is simple and easy to remember." Yin Xiu nodded. 

"Then it is decided! But do you think we should register as a new company or just use the current company?" Ji Xueqing asked.

Yin Xiu thought for a while, "Let's use 'Xianzi'. This name is actually quite good, and it also fits the positioning of the two products we are gonna be launching. The product will be marketed with 'Xianzi' as the brand..."

"Okay. Then I will settle things in a few days." Ji Xueqing nodded: "Wait, let's talk about equity..."

Yin Xiu didn't really care very much, so he just responded casually.

He also talked with Ji Xueqing about the company's future products. They had finally finished at about one o'clock in the morning.


Yinhai University.

Yin Zhaowu, Yin Houde and Yin Huzhao stood together in the shade in front of the second teaching building of Yinhai University. Yin Tianlei did not come, he stayed with Yin Chongwen in the hotel.

"Grandpa, Fifth Grand Uncle, wait a moment, I'll call my friend to see which classroom 'he' is in." Yin Zhaowu said.

Yin Houde and Yin Huzhao came to Yinhai University today. The 'he' Yin Zhaowu talked about and their goal of this trip, was naturally Shen Ao.

Of course, if it is only to teach Shen Ao, there was no need for Yin Houde and Yin Huzhao to go out in person. As long as Yin Zhaowu recovers from his injury, dealing with a mere student like Shen Ao is easy. The main focus of Yin Houde and Yin Houzhao personally coming is to let Shen Ao take them to the Shen Family's house, to save them the trouble of finding it.

Yin Zhaowu called Lin Kexin.

Lin Kexin and Shen Ao are classmates. Otherwise, Lin Kexin would not have easily gone to the party with her classmates that night, got drugged by Shen Ao and was almost defiled.

Lin Kexin was still in class when she suddenly received a call from Yin Zhaowu. She hurriedly put her head down and whispered under the table after answering the phone.

"Kexin, which classroom are you in? Is Shen Ao there?" Yin Zhaowu asked on the phone.

Lin Kexin replied in a low voice: "We are in Classroom 402 of the third teaching building. Shen Ao is also here. Zhaowu, what do you want to do?"

Lin Kexin knew that Yin Zhaowu would not ask her whether Shen Ao was in the classroom or not for no reason. She was a little worried. Yin Zhaowu was wounded that day, and the injuries on his body were serious. She was afraid that Yin Zhaowu would be hurt by Shen Ao if a conflict would arise.

Yin Zhaowu heard Lin Kexin's worry for him, and comforted her: "Kexin, don't worry, my grandpa and grand uncle are here. Today, we'll settle the scores with Shen Ao and the Shen family. Since my grandpa is here, no one can hurt me."

"Okay, that's fine. Anyway, be more careful about what you are going to do." Lin Kexin relaxed a little. Since it is Yin Zhaowu's grandfather, then she has nothing to worry about.

"Well. How long do you have left before class is over?" Yin Zhaowu asked.

Lin Kexin said: "There are still more than twenty minutes."

"Okay. Then I'll hang up first. I'll take Grandpa and Grand Uncle over to the third teaching building, I can't let that bastard slip away..."

Yin Zhaowu hung up and then said to Yin Houde and Yin Houzhao next to him: "Grandpa, Fifth Grand Uncle, let's go. He is in the third teaching building. Let's wait there and catch him after class."  

"Okay! Let's go."

Yin Houde answered and followed Yin Zhaowu to the third teaching building.

The third teaching building was actually not too far, it’s just a few minutes away.

Yin Zhaowu led Yin Houde and Yin Houzhao up to the fourth floor and waited in the corridor. After all, there was still a class going on now. If they just barge in, they will disturb other students.

Time flew by quickly, the twenty minutes had passed and the bell rang.

Yin Zhaowu stared at the door of classroom 402, and when he saw students coming out from inside, he said: "Grandpa, let's go over, class is over."

"En." Yin Houde nodded, following Yin Zhaowu to the front 402 classroom.

Students came out of the classroom one after another. Yin Zhaowu stood at the door and looked around, and soon found Shen Ao who was still in the classroom.

"Grandpa, the one over there with the split hair and wearing a striped shirt is Shen Ao!" Yin Zhaowu pointed to Shen Ao in the classroom and said to Yin Houde and Yin Huzhao.

Yin Houde and Yin Huzhao followed Yin Zhaowu's finger and immediately saw Shen Ao.

"Got it."

Yin Houde and Yin Huzhao responded. But they didn't rush into the classroom to catch him, they just stood at the door.

Yin Zhaowu leading Yin Houde and Yin Houzhao to the door of the classroom, unavoidably attracted the curious eyes of many students. But no one knew what Yin Zhaowu and the other two were here for, so after looking surprised, they just left.


Lin Kexin found Yin Zhaowu who was standing guard outside the classroom and squeezed out quickly. When she saw Yin Houde and Yin Houzhao standing next to Yin Zhaowu, her pretty face couldn't help blush slightly.

Just now Yin Zhaowu called her and said that his grandpa was here. Actually he is technically also her grandpa, given her relationship with Zhaowu.

Lin Kexin was inevitably a little shy.

"Zhaowu, how about introducing your Grandpa?"

Yin Houde looked at the beautiful Lin Kexin in front of him and couldn't help but smile.

Yin Zhaowu had mentioned his and Lin Kexin's relationship before, and Yin Houde naturally guessed that the little girl in front of him was the Lin Kexin girl that his grandson had mentioned.

Yin Zhaowu scratched his head, laughed twice, and quickly introduced: "Grandpa, Fifth Grand Uncle, this is my... friend, her name is Lin Kexin."

"Kexin, this is my grandfather, and this is Fifth Grand Uncle..."

Lin Kexin, still a bit shy, bowed to Yin Houde and Yin Houzhao, and said with a blushing face: "Hello, two Grandpas! I am Kexin. I am very happy to meet you."

"Okay, okay. Haha..."

Yin Houde smiled happily, looking at the very well-behaved Lin Kexin, and nodded in satisfaction.

Yin Houzhao, who was next to him, also grinned and joked with Yin Zhaowu, "Zhaowu, this little girl is pretty good. If you have time, take her back to meet your great grandfather."

Yin Zhaowu was a bit embarrassed, but he agreed with this. 

Lin Kexin didn't expect Yin Zhaowu's great grandfather to be still alive. Apart from the faint shyness on her face, she also showed surprise.

Although Yin Zhaowu had told her things about his family before, Lin Kexin still didn't know many things.

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